The Flight of Cowards

A View From My Bay



I stood at the pane transfixed and amazed, as I watched an evil most foul, partaking in a meal of human innocence, fleeing what was to become holed ground.


  19 cowards to my home they are bound, bringing a false gospel through the air.

 They preach a word that cannot be heard by most any civilized ear.

 Little boys transporting endless shame to their worthless and empty names.


 The Towers are down.

 The Pentagon Attacked.

 Shanksville turned into a burial ground.


 We will not forget, you demented wretch.

 From these cowardly acts, we will rebound.


 Hear this sound even from the grave, you and your cohorts will all be found, 19 and counting down.


American, I proclaim without any shame, color not my claim to fame.

 19 cowards easy to sway, allowed yourselves to be molded like cheap store-bought clay.

 Not a Soldier among them, not a man in sight.

 19 cowards, you boarded the wrong flight.


Eternal hate is your check-in gate.

 There will be no applause for your dastardly cause.


Four planes in flight, 19 cowards in sight.

 Each making false claims of morality.


With feckless thugs claiming a right to blood, supported by God above.

 Haven’t you heard that God is love?


Hiding behind curtains, claiming credit from afar, devoid of honor, dignity and a true sense of who you are.

 Soulless puppets hanging from a dead tree, this is all they can ever hope to be.


Feet of clay with manhood left wanting.

 Misdirected boys growing up with no toys.


Bereft of the valor that it takes to be a man, knowing no honor, your words a joke, on every syllable, I pray you choke.

 All you have done is bring shame to your State.

 Flying cowards your only fate.


Cowardly spawns that speak of lust and virgins waiting in the sky to ease their boyish urges.

 Seeking sex, not love, with shameful indifference, as if blessed from above, this truly isn’t.


What god above would proclaim this as just?

 Living day to day seeking only lust.


Foolish cowards, you have sealed your fate, chained to your followers living eternity in hate.

 I ask you weak and rudderless thugs, how many must die before you open your eyes, and realize that you and your kind are living a lie?


I have an extra bit of news for you intruders; your daggers of hate will never penetrate the God inspired gates of the United States.


I challenge all cowards of your similar ilk; make your case to this determined face.

 Meet me head-on let’s settle our fates.


I challenge you, come from behind the curtain, step to the gate, pick any date, look me in the eye and let’s seal our fates.

 Let’s see who blinks first and is just living a lie.

 Let’s see who blinks first and who must die.


What honor is there in what you have done?

 Where is the victory in your demon ways?

 Show me, coward, what have you won?

 Tell me, coward, why do you continue to run?


Your empty sacrifice was not the means to an end.

 Your misguided direction, not true to any cause.

 19 Cowards flying limp and blind, into an eternal fate of hate.

 Into a rapid decline.


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Tears Are Blue


.....(photo is of the Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon, Arizona,

deep within the crevices of the Earth, in the United States Of America)...




Watching it all drifting away,

I am frozen, remembering her pain.


The rapists had come and gone,

Taking her beloved twins into the darkness forever,

Cutting the hearts from the children that were left,

The dagger of death,

Forcing them to witness, over and over again,

As the helpless babes tumbled into the earth from whence they came.


Dust to ashes, …ashes to dust.


And the words drift across my mind illusively,

Like a hologram,

Escaping from the crevices where the meaning of it all resides…

     ….the place where real freedom truly abides.





Copyright 2002


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in 2001, actually. It is a part 3 of 3 parts. I was inspired to post it after reading Astral_Tides poem: http://www.postpoems.org/authors/astral_tides/poem/962615

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Mystic Law


A new day begins and I wonder,

Will this heartache be part of my life?

Seems the whole reason that I existed,

Was in hopes of becoming your wife.

At the day’s end it’s so awful lonely,

As I turn the sheets down on my bed,

Cause your love is felt here with each heartbeat,

And your memory left here in my head.

In this midst of confusion I’m frightened,

With the rug pulled out under my feet,

And the challenges that stand before me,

I pray God grants me courage to meet.

And I’ll hold this love close as I can now,

‘Cause I know it will help me be strong,

At those times when it feels no one loves me, 

I’ll remember the time I was wrong,

I’m still learning that Love’s got to teach us, 

The things that we don’t want to see,

That one’s presence is not what’s important, 

How they "cared" is what’s really the key,

To a world with a whole new beginning; 

‘Cause the Spirit of Love will endure,

Any hardship that we can imagine,

All the arguments, carnage, and more,

So when this world leaves your heart empty,

But sweet memories abide in your head,

And you’re torn between headstrong and heartfelt,

And remember all  that I’ve  said,

That the Spirit of Love lies within you;

It’s the substance of everything here,

It’s the smile you gave when I met you,

It’s the frown and the smirk….it’s the tear….

And our loves and our joys, yes, are wondrous,

But the real thing we’re meant to achieve,

Is to love one another with freedom,

Not possessiveness, envy, or greed.

If we learn this we’ll grow as we should here, 

And plant seeds in each daughter and son,

The Great Spirit of Love will live on here,

And the reason for Life…will have won.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written with great empathy shortly after 911, for the surviving wives and wives-to-be of that disaster.

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That's Why I Pray

This world’s going to Hell
Cause parents won’t teach their children
The difference between right and wrong

When those towers fell
I didn’t see one person
Whose heart wasn’t movin’

How quickly we forget
The past and how it
Kicks us in the back today

This generation’s in a fit
Like a child who don’t get his way
Spoiled brats who’s gotten everything handed to them

Always looking, never full
People ain’t got no aspirations
Why be more if you’re just an animal

Work just ain’t for us
And we don’t want to know
How much some people want it
To give their families a home

This world’s gone crazy
They think You’re gone
Little do they know
That they’re dead wrong, God
They’re dead wrong
They do what they will
And hurt those who go or stay
So until this mess is cleaned in Your good time
That’s why I pray

Gunfights, city lights, murder on the streets
Bombs exploding, blood is flowing under another human’s feet
School’s teaching lies, ‘cause the people tell them to
Our babies losing lives to play the whims of the few

America the giant, now only giant sideways
The glory past, now coming fast, is the time to pay
Declarations of freedom to tax the people under us
Send our soldiers to a war, then bring them back, just because

This world’s gone crazy
They think You’re gone
Little do they know
That they’re dead wrong, God
They’re dead wrong
They do what they will
And hurt those who go or stay
So until this mess is cleaned in Your good time
That’s why I pray

That’s why I pray

So if you’re a God-fearing
America loving
Child rearing
Government shoving
Good ole’ boy
Or city guy
Join me and I’ll tell you why

This world’s gone crazy
They think You’re gone
Little do they know
That they’re dead wrong, God
They’re dead wrong
They do what they will
And hurt those who go or stay
So until this mess is cleaned in Your good time
That’s why I pray
That’s why I pray

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