*You Walked In*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

You walked in 
And my broken heart went out the door 
And "me" you won

My heart 
My soul 
Everything within every part 
Keeping you love is my goal

When you walked in 
You set my fears free 
I've changed within 
I'm happier and everyone can see 
That you made me a difference 
I'm a newer person the whole way around 
I just love your presence 
That day was so wonderful you is what i found

I admit it it took along time 
To get where i am now 
You i want to forever wine and dine 
In every way i know how

I'm so beyond words it was you that walked in 
That brought such sunshine 
And such a great person to love 
I really truly thank the lord above 
That you're mine


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*Nothing Lasts Forever*


Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Nothing last forever 
Sooner or later it must break down and die 
Nothing stays together 
You'll realize it when things start to pass you by 
And you no longer see each other 

Nothing lasts forever 
The tears from your eye 
They will disappear 
You will no longer be able to cry 
You wont even be able to hear 
The words from your loved one 
Because you'll be consider air 

Everything will come to an end 
Soon it'll be just space 
You will no longer have a friend 
You will be all left alone 
You wont have any love left to send 
Your heart will turn to stone 


Nothing lasts anymore 
It goes on to another life 
There is nothing left to adore 
What would be funny is if you were human 
And you ended up a knife 


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My Nextdoor Boy

This Love


Like a gift, I never even expected,
Like a dream, really coming true,
My life felt, complete at last,
When you said to me, "I Love You."
Words I never expected to hear,
From the love, I always recalled,
Caress my soul in warming glow,
And have left me so enthralled.
I never thought, when we met again,
It would ever lead us, to all this,
Even though I never forgot your smile,
Never forgot, the taste of your kiss.
I truly feel the hand of God,
For only He, ever knew my heart-
That only God could pair us together,
When it seemed, I was falling apart.
I no longer live in saddened state,
No, now I live in such total joy.
For the rest of my life will now be shared,
With my long-lost, nextdoor boy!

Author's Notes/Comments: 
I Love You So Very, Very Much, My Sweet Gary!!
Forever Yours,
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What I Want

This Love


I want to go to sleep beside you
And wake up in your arms.
Stare into your beautiful eyes,
Be taken with your charms.
I want my lips against your skin,
To taste the essence of you.
Run my fingers through your hair,
And learn you, thru and thru.
I want to cuddle up beside you,
And feel so safe and secure,
Gently stroke your face,
And share this love so pure.
I want to hold your hand,
I want to kiss your lips.
I want to see you hovering,
Just above my hips.
I want to feel you fully,
Deep inside my very core.
I want to share a passion,
We've never known before.
I want to be the one,
That you can't live without.
For you are that to me,
Of this, I have no doubt.
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My Gary

This Love


You've brought to me, the sunshine,
Where before, was only the rain.
You've given to me, a joy,
Where there was only pain.
You made me feel alive,
When I felt cold and dead.
And gave me reason to hope,
When all I had was dread.
My Gary, you've given me love,
When I thought it was too late,
For me to ever find such again,
Until we met again, by fate.
I want to be all things to you-
Soulmate, lover, best friend.
At your side, is where I'll be,
Until my life, does end.
I promise to you always, my loyalty,
And I give to you, my very heart.
And this I swear, with all I am...
Never again, will we ever part.
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I have yet to meet you

But somehow you have done it

You got me completely astonished

I love your personality, your work ethic,

Your want to be with family,

Your desire to have kids

All this and more


I'm almost wanting to say

That I love you

But I’ve already said

That will wait until

We finally meet


You are in my every thought

From waking up to going to sleep

When I eat and every song I hear

You are in my head and my heart

This will be forever



Written on


May 16. 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to my current boyfriend, Michael Manno. So far he seems to be absolutely perfect, but only time will tell. 

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Soul Mate


Chad, you are my soul mate

We found each other by chance

And we nearly lost each other

All because of what I used to do


But yet, we have stuck by each other

Even though we wont be together

For quite a while, I know in the long run,

We will be together forever


I know this because that is

The way we both want it

Because we both know

That we were meant to be together


So no matter what may come,

I love you just like you love me

Because we are meant to be together

Because we are soul mates



Written on


February 3, 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last poem about Chad.

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I'm so in love

So in love with him

I want it to be like this

Just like this forever


Maybe I'm just silly

Or maybe I'm kind of crazy

Is it infatuation

Maybe I'm off kilter


Or perhaps he's kind of nuts

Just like I am

I think we're nuts for each other

That's what I think


We are both kind of insane

We are are both wacky

But there is one thing I do know

We can be mentally unsound together



Written on


November 16, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I guess he couldnt deal with my kind of crazy.

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Who Am I?

I am a shadow, long gone
I am forgotten, disappointments spawn
I am the weeping, in nights silent hour
From society, who savors the sour
I am the dark, stuck within my fears
I am denied, to them and all who hears
I was a dreamer, now hiding within my sleep
From the all of the promises that I can not keep
I am a shadow, long gone

I loved, and I loved you well.
Even after you challenge me hell
I remember, she parted us, you and I
She kissed your cracks, promising you lies
She left you broken, by the dead
But me, I wanted you by my side, to cherish instead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old class assignment I digged up.

It was supposed to be more simple and straightforward.

But I remember, I couldn't help myself from twisting it up


Which results with this