Words are only combinations of letters formed within our heads

But they have the ability to evoke emotions the moment they are said.


A word by itself is not beautiful or ugly, complimentary or demeaning

It’s the people who utter them that give our words their meaning.


Some words when spoken from a place of love have a musical refrain

While others when spoken in anger are meant to damage or cause pain.


Some words make us feel good and bring us happiness too

Like freedom, smile, joy, peace, love and family to name a few.


Some words when they are uttered leave fear and sorrow in their wake

LIke Alzheimers, Aids, war, death, tornados and earthquakes.


Yesterday a friend of ours informed us her doctors wanted to see

If cancer was growing inside her so they performed a biopsy.


Biopsy, another word that fills your heart with fear

As you wait for the doctor to say, hopefully, the words you want to hear?


It’s interesting that once her story got out and we read words written by her hand

Words of encouragement came rushing in from all across the land.


Words of love, of compassion and support...words easy to comprehend

Drifted softly through the heavens and landed on our friend.


Our words were the only way to show her we were behind her and we cared

And to let her know her suspense was something we all shared.


The next day as we all waited for our world to realign

Our apprehension transformed to exhilaration when we heard the word...benign.


Yes, one day one word can cause us woe, or anguish or concern

And the next day another word replaces it and makes the joy return.


That is the nature of our words in this or any other day
We never know what kind of words will randomly drift our way.


If we spend our lives using kindly words that help us gather friends

Then one day when we need them, those words pay dividends.


For when I think about our friend and the words of her friends I recall


Perhaps words of sympathy and kindness are the most beautiful words of all.

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skilled verbiage






a beggar's 


poor choice


rolls him 


gently from 


curb to 




as the wealthy


roll over


in interest.




cutting words


spoken with 




like an ice pic,


hold the gentle,


subtle power,


to leave cracks 


like fault lines


in ignorance


left from











5:23 AM 8/4/2013 ©








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i am you






i am sunrise,

                 a fog,

           a lily pad

        floating in 

      a pond--



           --(no frog)--



i am an angel,

                                  dressed in black velvet,

and I only allow the light on my face

                     when the moon

 cannot be seen 

at night,

    to wimper among the rhythm of 

                 slithering snakes in

      the cool night sands,



i am macerated flesh of 

           a wild animal,


   to dry out after the feasting of

              hungry wolves,



i am a feild of daisies,

            and you have severed my lifeline 

                  to place me 


        your great-grandmother's hand made

                        doily for your 




i am an onion,

         bursting with pungent juices

                            to make the tears fall from 

         your eyes like a torrential 


     in the worst of droughts,



i am hell fire

          to infinity




       i am waiting for 




i am the gleam

         of a child's 

                        face on    

 christmas morning,

                     and the killer's

grin of      





and i am the untamed

                     ogre of

grief, the

              grim rapist,

that entices

 your anger,

                                a predator

lusting after your





i am the regurgitation of man's worst crime,



                 fear, hope,

                         and desire,

that wallow

 like poison in the pit of his





i feel,









11:58 PM 7/7/2013  ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

just about how everyone feels things. one thing we all have---feelings.good, bad, indifferent....ugly.



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Amidst the fertile loam of teenage angst, the battling suffragist,
Passion rages, tears cried in vain,

And budding futures bright, begin to fill the pages,
But feelings never felt in wholeness, become habit to the thorn,
A tender heart beguiled and blamed, brings bitterness and scorn.

They wander down the road where other travelers pass them by,
Without a word, no stories heard, of when or where, or why,
The fragments of what could have been are hardly ever seen,
Tied in knots, the path is charted, the soul in silence keens.

The years they pass with savage blunder, utter wrecklessness,
With hollow heart and acrid thoughts ensued, no niche to rest,
A pocket full of wonder that cannot afford to dream,
A misdirected vessel cursed with the odds it will careen.

But if by chance a passer-by is sensitive to light,
The splintered pieces of a soul like this could shine, despite,
One second of compassion can determine years to come,
One smile can start a caring flame,

Reviving some old pleasantries and bringing back

A blithesome nature to a life derailed by rejection.

Practice kindness all your life, don't underestimate,
Be not stingy with your heart, or you'll reap second rate,
You'll reap what you sow and get back as you give,
And just how much means little when you've inspired a life to live.



Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about some of what authentic kindness and compassion can do.

Road Rage


He gets in the car, with a snarl and a sneer.

Turning the engine, he squints and he peers.

He's in the right, as he rolls down the glass.

You just remember, cause he's not the ass.


He's had a bad day,

No surprise there.

He's on the war path,

Not that anyone cares.


I'm enjoying my ride, The sun on my face,

When you cut me off, and jump to a race.

You rant and you rave, your hand as you wave,

Your little birdie finger,  so well used & behaved.


But light is within me,

Light you can't trace,

And this immeasurable power,

Keeps the smile on my face.


You're angry now,

Cause I didn't react.

It's hard to play a game,

When the unexpected,

blows you off track.


You stick out your arm,

You flip me the bird.

I smile and I laugh,

I think that you heard.

And when I rolled down my window,

I told you to smile.

Told you to breathe,

take a break for a while.


Your anger's confusion,

When I didn't enter the stage,

Is one I'll remember, Forever an, age.

A final look in the mirror,

my face full of bliss,

He growls his annoyance

and i blow him a kiss.


His anger deflated,

he seems most ashamed,

As he turns the car round,

He knows he's to blame.

But I don't hold it against you,

You were caught in your pain,

Twisted and knotted,

It's a compulsive game.


You tried to lash out,

Not your proudest hour,

Next time try love,

and gain back your power.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last week, after the above described incident :) It was the first time being in such a situation, that I found myself completely... unperturbed, by this mans anger. Instead, i yelled out the window that I loved him!! lol. Anyways, i don't think it's very good, just something i had to get out, thought I'd post it just for fun :) PeeCe & LuV

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To Whom It Concerns

My Love

I know your fears
Your tears
When you think no-one’s around
And break down under the façade
The mask you use to hide yourself
I am there, my hand outstretched
But you do not see it
You cannot see it
Do you not know
The walls you’ve built are a one way mirror?
I can see in, but you cannot see a way out
The gates you built to protect you are enclosing around you
Can’t you feel their pressure?
Can’t you hear my voice?

I see the past pain
Engraved by your own hands
On your arms and legs
I see the fear you have
That someone can look past your shadows
And see you
A little girl with tears in her eyes
Trying desperately to be brave

I can see you

And all this time, you thought it infatuation perhaps?
Why I stay around
Why I care
Why I’m always there
Why I support you
Why I pray for you
It’s not a passing craze on my part
It’s love
And because of that, I want to see you reach for the stars
To become better than you are now
To heal the scars that just won’t go away
To find the strength to fight another day
I don’t care if you love me back
I don’t care if you feel indebted
Forget it
Because this isn’t about me
I live through you
Can’t you feel it?

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Untitled 1


As the sun begins to rise,
My mind begins to ponder.
The thoughts of his dispise,
But stil my love grew fonder.

His compassion and love for me still there.
Pain he caused me soo much.
My mind, my heart, wants to still care.
Close my eyes I still feel his tender touch.

The love he gave me fufills the air.
He lays there lifeless in bliss.
So much love I cant stand to bare.
For his physical love i will miss.

Dreaming of his love near me
For death did not fear for thee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

creative writing exam

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The Hole In My Shoe

The Hole In My Shoe
Took a ride on the trolley with a hole in my shoe just for something to do
I met a young lady with her baby she was hungry and feeling blue
We talked for a while I got her to smile with eyes so tired and wild
A tear from her eye fell on the child this provoked me to sigh
All I had in my wallet was one Susan B my son had given to me
It was given to me for luck and I thought to myself how could I give it away
From deep in my heart I heard my son say dad she needs it today
It was the end of the line a place called Santee she smiled and said thank you to me
I wished her the best then turned to face west for the ride back home to the sea
A woman got on at the very next stop she carried some bags and sat across from me
I paid her no mind for the girl and the child were all that my thoughts could find
Then the woman spoke up and asked me’ what size shoe do you wear?
Before I could answer she reached in the bag and pulled out a brand new pair
She said I got them from work they won’t fit my son it looks like they might fit you
I said sorry I’m broke and she answered’ no you’re rich then smiled and gave them to me
They had gel support soles with all leather toes hand made in Italy
They fit like a glove made just for me, I looked up to thank her she was gone like a breeze
I told no one about the hole in my shoe, only God knew.

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I Feel So Stupid(Symbolism) Poem#6

I Feel So Stupid

Dear Sweetheart.
I am so sorry that I never told you what I wanted to tell you before I left.
I Feel So Stupid, That I never talked you about it, none of it was about neglect
If only I can show you that I’m still the same like a mirror so that I may Reflect
On the things I should have done with you, but the past is the past.
I wish everyday that I could’ve changed it but Damn time goes by fast!

I never forgot anything about you, which is strange
And I’m still trying not to set my mind into derange
I looked back at everything I did when I talked to you and…
Just like that… you slipped right out of my hand
I tried to catch you, but I guess I never tried hard enough
When I found out that I wasn’t the only one I never knew it would be so tough
I Feel So Stupid, trying to speak out to the people, but how am I to speak with gruff

What else can I do? To Resolve this? Or better yet to solve this?
I’ve been through it all, but you’re the only memory that I truly miss.
My Heart burns, cracks, weeps, shakes, crumbles, crushes, and worse off all breaks
So far last year, you were the only one that wasn’t one of the those fakes
But who am I to judge you? I barely know you but it seems that I’ve known you forever
What the hell am I saying? God I Feel So Stupid, why can’t I say never?
No! not this time, I’ve been running all my life no more will I pass the ones that mattered
Everyday you’re on my mind but with the shit that’s happening to me is why we scattered
I miss you and I regret not telling what I wanted to tell you when school ended
You are everything that I ever wanted, I never told you that I’ve always tended
About you, and all that I was trying to tell you for more a year was that I liked you

I Feel So Stupid

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As on my facebook one of my universally acclaimed poems people say, "i coudn't edit it to fix an already masterpiece" I guess, it was just a really hard time i went through and like many other poets, i just took time into it, and won highest award in poetry for Theater Competition