"Paz De Mi Corazon"

I'm sitting here

Nights after nights

A hole

Deep in a hole



Words that

I love to hate

Of which waters displace

It won't be this way


An index in a book


Are wishing stones

Post-mortum perfections

Asexual conception

Down deep inside

Confused no more

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Do Not Cry

My son, do not cry,

I realize you have a life.

Yes, I wanted to see your face,

But I know how we get caught up in the rat race.

Fear not my son

I will be watching you,

Take that to the bank,

For you know it is true.

I ask that you learn from this

To make time for those you will miss.

Time seems to be so short,

When we are constantly running sport.

Stop and take a deep breath,

Go see those that are near death.

It is okay to grieve,

Just don?t do it for me.

I am now in a better place,

No more dogging the rat race.

I am so happy here with the father and son,

My race is over but is not won,

Not until I am here with my loved ones.

Hug the family

Give them my love,

Remember son,

We are watching from above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reply to REGRET by writer1024. Submitted with all due respect. May you be comforted in your time of grief. My condolences.

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Her eyes are thoughtful as she thinks

of her past life when as a child

she watched the other children play

as by her pane they gayly filed.

A deaf child isn't wanted there,

She could not join in childish games

When they said "catch" she didn't hear

She could not work out half their names.

Now full grown she watches still .

she's ever outside looking in

Her life has been a bitter pill;

being deaf's viewed as a sin.

Her lovely eyes mist as she sees

contempories out there having fun

spectator of their revelries

she has no dates when day is done.

Her thoughts turn to the future when

old age has come and taken over

will she be alone by then.

no husband for her and no lover?

Or will her prince come riding by,

a fairy tale at last come true.

A silent tear slides from her eye

as she thinks her future through.

Standing outside looking in

is not a very happy place

so if you see her standing there

a teardrop silent on her face

remember she has feelings too,

a handicap is not a crime

invite her in to share with you

become her friend, give her your time.

Don't leave her standing to one side

unable to join in the game

Let her do what she can do

You'll find that she is just the same.

If she can't see or hear or walk

that surely is enough to bear.

She needs a friend with whom to talk,

Don't leave her lonely standing there.

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To err is human

You were arrested and put behind bars.

I guess you deserve to be where you are.

But we all make mistakes, to err is human to forgive is divine.

Many people want you out of their lives but I still want you to be a part of mine.

People can change and you are paying for committing that crime.

I'll still be there for you while you're doing time.

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A Single Black Rose

A single black rose

Lies before his room

Where a psychopath

Began the road to his doom.

What drove him

To do this in this place

Was it the teasing

The humiliation all his days?

How we did fail him

By refusing to see

Then not acting

To get the help he needs.

The world will now never know

So a single black rose

To mark the place

Of this lost soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cho was a troubled young man, which is a given. The system identified him as such but didn't followup to insure he got the help he needed. As children we didn't think teasing and humiliating other kids was was all in good fun...unless you were on the receiving end. This poem was written out of grief for those he killed, but also as atonement for those who failed him by not getting him the help he so needed...thus the lost soul. The loss of a single life is horrible as there is no way of knowing what contribution to society was lost by the loss of that single life.  

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Loved One

Hearts so tender as to wait for tomorrow,

As love comes there is to sad sorrow.

Keeping us within our lines,

Protecting us a number of times.

Nothing is better this your touch,

But love brings us much.

Having no other fear,

Being with the one you hold dear.

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About You

Alone she stands before the world

Strength radiates from her yet she's still afraid

Can she walk away from her sadness and still feel free

Change is what her heart desires yet love keeps her trapped

The voices around her believe they can help

But only succeed in drowning her out

Her day-to-day life is more complex than she lets on

For the choices she makes effects her very life

Everyone thinks they know her well

But they only see what she allows of herself

She is like a sunset, never the same and always changing, but always breathtaking


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Color green

you know you're making this harder for me

i'm staring at a blank and black screen

the only color i see is your eyes color green

and it's starting to seem that you are the only one for me

you are the liquid and i am the glass

don't you think i am the perfect fit to hold your mass

and i'm sorry sweetie if you think i am moving too fast

lets just slow it down and we'll make this last

darling, you know i'm yours

what are you fighting for?

so yes, i will wait just a little bit more

to get what i have been so desperatly fighting for.

day by day you look more and more like what i disire

if you were to say i'm not what your looking for, i'd call you a liar

you know i'd wait a lifetime for you

i'd do whatever it is you ask me to

any obstacle, any wall,

any miracle, anything at all

you know i'll do whatever i need to,

just so i could be always with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont know if this is completely true, but it just came to me so i wrote it. stfu.

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I want to be the one....

       I want to be the one to take his pain away

         I want to be the one he can count on to make him smile

             I want to be the one to wipe his tears off his face

                         The one to be worth his while

             I want to be the one to kiss him hello and goodbye

          I want to be the one he can look forward to see

             I want to be the one he sleeps next to each night

                            The one to make him always happy

             I want to be the one to prove his worthiness

           I want to be the one he can trust

              I want to be the one to take him to pure bliss

                            The one he can always love

               I want to be the one to take his breath away

             I want to be the one he can look at always

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