Ode to the one who gets left behind

Ode to the one who gets left behind in the end
Shall he live to shine another day.
Shall he also live to know the truth
and claim what is rightfully his.
To sigh in relief, to remember,
His name on a late Saturday night.
I drink to his ignorance,
I drink to his naiveness,
I drink to his innocence.
Cause alas - he knows not,
He deserves not.
May the happiness never
fade from his eyes.
Because I wish for only him
all the best in the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write this to all my friends who got left behind. "The sun will always shine tomorrow" - my Mother

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You have written

So has she

He did once

And to complete there's me

I may not have written

On this wall

But only because

I'm not very tall

My torso is short

My arms do not reach

And untoilet-thoughts

Are hard ones to preach

But with current issues

I feel the need

To finish my duty

Then write up my creed

Tell you my thoughts

Let you know how I feel

Upon this wall

All I reveal

I'm here for you mom

Whenever you need

Because I see you crying

I hear you bleed

I feel your pain

I have the same

As we all play

His stupid game

But remember this

As I finish my thought

All the memories

This wall has brought

Inspired by: My mom's restroom where we write on the wall

Dedicated to: My mom & restroom stalls

Created on: October 26, 2009 - 0603

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Tree Cutter

I cut the trees of my wonder

To bring warmth to home

Holding back the wind

Fierce in thunder

drenched with rain

Bitter of winter freeze

hoping for just one good soul

The trees in thier life

Clean the air we use

as we are one breath of forest

Grasp the warrior with

no barbarian in the mix

A survival and a pioneer.

Power is so precious

only in reason for hindsight

brought as test for future us

to be better than we are

bringing countless lesson

Like pain buried in passing

addictions for what fall

as it holds a short stack

of selfish vision.

We are little better

more than we can know

a day in and with struggle

sight short of many lives

we hold together, now.

I cut trees to warm my home

thank and care for them

mourn thier life in its end

I am with gratitude

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She Is...

She is,

My angel, my earth,

My universe, my whole being.

I do not know what I would do

with out her in my life.

The way she looks at me,

gives me butterflies running,

running through my entire body.

I am addicted to her, scent,

sight, taste, touch, and even

the way she makes me feel

under my skin.

the way she moves it...

it mesmerizes me.

when she kisses I feel...

I feel light headed.

when she holds me I feel...

I feel emotionally safe from,

This wretched world.

I want to protect her from,

This evil world,

All the evil people.

I love her,

With every fiber,

Every cell,

Every atom,

Of my being.

I Love Her

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Schools Today

These poor kids today

Being tested from every which-a-way

Not being allowed to learn and enjoy

Anything not necessary, "life's not a toy."

They sit in their desks week after week

Hardly being allowed to move, much less speak

They memorize strategies for taking the test

From minds to hands to paper, it all mecomes a mess.

The teaching is test centered only

When the students all pass the teacher is holy.

If of teaching to test a teacher gets tired

Her students still better pass or she could get fired.

Teaching to the test is hard you see

Its boring to the students, its boring to me

Trying to fit all the curriculum in in the allotted time

Kids feel like they're being passed down an assembly line

Its not fair to them or to the teachers

We need to find a different way to placate the parental schreechers

All we're teaching them to be is better test takers

Throw in a bit of subject, teachers might as well be student-bakers!

This test taking business is getting a bit ridiculous

It totally makes kids and schools much less vivacious

Stop all these tests

Children shouldn't be used to prove our country is best.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/8/08.  My fourth graders were practicing for their state english language arts test. The whole education system is messed up.

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The 18th

Her head is low and hands are stressed.

Her hazel eyes are turning black.

The man she loves is flying west;

No ticket bought for coming back.

I don't know what to do or say

As she is crumpling her heart.

Can anyone erase the day

When those who love are meant to part?

Can anybody stop the plane,

Prevent its wings from gaining height,

So that she doesn't hope in vain,

And look so sad, and cry at night?

Can anybody fold the map,

So distant countries unite

And she can overstep the gap

That has erased her former light?

Can anybody wiser be

Right here, right now? - A firmer voice

To finally explain to me

How do I make her heart rejoice.

For Dasha with all my love and care

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Old Poems

sometimes I feel worthless, like no one truly cares

and tears start to fall from my eyes as I look around and no ones there

my heart that was once filled with love has gone away

and I am to be reminded of it day by day

I lose my way every now and then

people just dont understand; they cant comprehend

I go through rough times and heart aches

Im not perfect, I dont see the big deal everybody makes

am I the one who has to put up with this? Tell me it is incorrect

for if so it is my heart that I must protect

please tell me, it wont be like this forever

please tell me, things will get better

I dont know what to do Im falling apart

and slowly but surely Im losing my heart

maybe Im just imagining all of this, could it be this isnt real?

maybe this isnt the way Im supposed to feel

but sometimes I feel worthless, like no one truly cares

and tears start to fall from my eyes as I look around and no ones there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem means a lot to me
I would love to hear your feedback

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para mi novio

hey papichulo

im sorry ur sick

i hope i can help you

get over it quick

anything is possible

since our love is so strong

and anobody who doubts us

is 100% wrong

together we made diego

a wonderful child

he so funny

but can be so damn wild

thank you for the blessing

i received on my birthday

i was scared at first

that i must say

everything will go good

as long as we stay calm

if u ever need a head

baby remember to grab my palm

sorry when i irritate you

and when i nag*

but it part of a relationship

u have to let out the bag

together we will be forever

and forever we will love

because u were ment for me

and im ur angel de above

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this for my bf when he was sick

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How do you fall in love?

You never know when it may find you

How do you fall?

There's a entrancing light shining, in her eyes tonight

How do you fall?

It grows day by day, you feed it soul & water

Fall some more, each day equals more

Season's will come & go, life will bring times high & low

fall into this love, you now begin to know

Eyes shining true sensitivity, you may fall away

Go ahead fall, don't try to stop this feeling

Refreshing love anew, formed with bonding clay

A formula found, felcity & beatitude are present

As in streets you roam, in your head & heart it calls you home

In love falling, acknowledged is your soul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My thoughts on falling in love

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