Southern Charm

Just a thought!

Southern Charm

Lover of life, Sharer of dreams
Awed and enchanted, by mystical things.
Caressed by the touch, of a soft southern voice
Two souls entwined, romantic by choice.
A dark silhouette, so sweet in the night
Her innocents glowing, in shadows of light.
Secret desires, of lust, when they kissed
Like a trickle of rivers, floating in mist.
Never so touched, in enormous degree...
Seduced by a smile... It's your beauty I see!

                   by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

" A sweet voice in the crowd!"

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Little Tears (Hold My Hand)

Walking with his mother on a warm summer day

a little boy lost his way when he dropped her hand.

Two other boys took him away

maybe they couldn't feel his pain, but I can...

Little tears that he cried as they dragged him down

to those railroad tracks...he screamed for her.

They beat him and left him for dead.

Suddenly a hand reached out to him,

and he heard a voice that said...

Hold my hand and trust in me

It's time for you to come home.

Remember your mother and know that she didn't mean to

leave you alone.

One day you'll see her again...

hold my hand...

A little girl sleeping in her house unaware

he came and took her while she was asleep,

and he didn't seem to care,

but her pain is felt by me...

Little tears streaming down her cheeks as he beat her again,

how could it be that this was her dad?

What had she done that was so bad...?

When she couldn't feel anymore, she saw a hand.

Something reached and took her away to a better land...

Hold my hand and trust in me

It's time for you to come home.

Forget about your dad because now he'll leave you alone.

You don't have to worry again...

hold my hand...

Looking over at an innocent man as he hung there on his cross

a thief cried out to him..."Are you the Christ?"

He looked up at him and said...

Hold my hand...

Hold my hand and trust in me

It's time for us to go home.

Remember the Father, and know that he'll never

leave you alone.

With me you will see him...

hold my hand...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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A helping hug,

To help a poor soul's ache.

In burning need,

To quench desire,

A simple touch is all thats required.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

anyone can heal a heart and soul by a simple touch of mind or body. find what they need, and give it to them.

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Flowers for Tina

Just a thought!

Flowers for Tina

I hear you crying so softly
Your voice echoing in my dreams,
I see thru this extruded shell
A wall of suppression, it seems.
The tainted breath by which you take
As you censor watchful eyes,
This dark silhouette you've chosen to embrace
Yes, we hear your fateful cries!
Cloaked and guarded from friend and foe
To stave off close intrusion,
Your soul your own, uncompromised
To perpetuate seclusion.
Only graced by a first name given
She refrained to divulge the last,
My memories keep me near to her
This, 'Fairy.. from the past!

                 by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Tis so sad when people crawl inside themself secluded from everyone."

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Cries of an Angel

Just a thought!

Cries of an Angel

I hear the cries of an Angel

Unearthing her shattered remains.

Her life stifled by unforgiving ailment,

Thoughts of Blissful surrender with

Each laboring breath.

Her lungs fill to capacity to

Re-establish composure,

A constant reminder of a fragile existence,

She sighs passionately, embracing life.

Victorious, she eludes the Bone Collector

Stalking her frailty!

                     by  Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Remember life is short!"

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For Le-Le.....

Do you remember the day, in the back of your mom’s van?

Under a blanket, holding each other’s hand

I will never forget that night; rubbing on each other’s thighs.

The smile on your face

No words will ever replace

The fun we had that day

You had braided my hair and we

Spent the whole weekend together

Hoped that it would last forever


In the back of your mom’s van

You brought my spirit to a different land

You made my heart beat faster than 100 miles per hour

You still hold me in your power

Nothing will ever change

I hope you feel the same

Dear Le-Le,

I hope when I get back I can hold you close and

Our bodies will be entwined…As if we were frozen…

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If I

If I had one wish at would be to see my friends and family happy, even if it leaves me out of the circle......

If I had one chance to make it right....I’d pass it up cuz when it was right it felt so wrong...

If I had one word to choose to would be love, cuz I want that for you so bad...

If I had to give up one possession for the better... it would be this heart, so I couldn't break it no more...

If I had to watch a horrible thing....a horrible thing just to teach would be you to cry, so I could feel closer to you...

If there was a way...a way to go to you right now...I’d take it, and then leave so you didn’t get crushed........

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Always There

I see what you go through

everyday of your life.

Please believe that I know you,

and I feel your pain because it is mine.

I love you so much I'll say...

I will always be there.

Through the good times,

and those times you don't think I care.

I know the pain that you feel inside,

and just when you think your soul is bare...

I am always there.

I stand here knocking all day long.

Sometime soon I'll be gone,

but in the end I want you with me.

I know you're blind, but I can make you see...

I will always be there.

Through the good times,

and those times you don't think I care.

Do you know the pain that I feel inside

when I see that your soul is bare...

I am always there.

Blind people will see,

Those who are deaf will hear,

and the dead will live again

when I am here.

I am coming this you know

in your heart, and because the bible says so.

So be ready for when I come it won't be light

it is written "For He will come for his people

like a thief in the night."

I will always be there

Through the good times,

and those times you don't think I care.

I know the pain that you feel inside,

and just when your soul is bare...

know that I am always there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Lord jesus Christ loves us all, but when He comes for his people he will come like a thief in the night.  The time is drawing near, and I don't know about you, but I plan to be ready...

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Is there a difference between being in love and being blind?

Because whenever I am looking at you all I see is a light,

You call it suicide,

I call it a valentine,

You call it holy lying,

I call it slowly dying.

But honesty I see no difference.

And if you think I am content with they way things end,

The you got this all wrong,

But I guess there is no changing the heart,

So what's the difference?

You call it an ending of meet and greet,

I call it the heat of never being complete.

But I guess to you there is no difference.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think long, think think long.<3

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