Just in reach, but untouchable

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Why is it that the one you want is untouchable

Know that you could be the perfect couple

But you know that he is in love with someone else

Knowing that there is no way in hell

That  you will ever be her

That she is out there

Holding his heart in her hand

And that’s one thing you’ll never understand

She isn’t worth his trouble

But secretly u wish she was your double

You wait

Knowing that he has found his soul mate

But still you drive by and bang on is door

Finding that he isn’t there anymore

You see him and you know

That his love for you will never grow

Because he is in love with a girl

That he thinks will rock his world

He will never see past his infatuation

And you still see it in him at every occasion

Waiting for him to call

For him to leave his past all in all  

Why cant he see past her

All he has to do is walk into the room and your heart beats faster

You hope that one night, he won’t be only in it for the ride

That he will stand by your side

And quietly whisper in you ear

Those words you have longed to hear  

“I love you “

“I want to be with you”

But wake up, you’ll never hear those words

Because you waiting in the unknown

You wish his heart is where you could call home

But you  have more love then he dose

When he is with you its one be fuzz

All he will see you is as a fuck buddy

He will never call you honey

So here I wait

Whish is more then what I like to admit

You can take this as you please

But I am begging you please

Just to love me

Love me please  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hardest thing in life is loving someone who you know wont ever love you back, this person knows who he is

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Complicated chords pieced perfectly together

Music notes in compilation with melodic tunes

Sung by an eccentric sugar-coated star

Float like clouds to my eagerly awaiting ears

Triggering an exceedingly phosphoric smile

While my dear heart grows eagles wings

And aviates in my curvy body

Making me feel as if it will burst out

At any given split second

Surprise visits forumalated by my best friend

Coral pink roses in his hand

A transcending genuine smile on his face

Which emanates to me that he'll be the guy to hold me

In my times of rocky roads and mountainous perils

Hold my miniscule hand in his while we walk

Along the grassy meadows and flowery lanes

Of my personal land of courtship

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A Crystal Liquid Dream

Just a thought!

         A Crystal Liquid Dream

I listened to a Goddess from whisperings

Divulging her impending age,

Wrought with fear, all the while

Denying the inner loneliness.

Her underlying nemesis masking itself

From detection,

Abstaining from unknowing uncertainties...

The loss of innocent pleasures, limiting her existance.            

Time, the daunting incapacitator...

The longing for companionship nestled

In her bosom.

Only soft spoken nothings and a caressing

Touch will bring sustenance.

Yet, the fear of inadequacy, a disabling victor,

Rendering her sole devoid of,

A Crystal Liquid Dream.

                             By Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While reading someone's Blog page,they were telling about their upcoming birthday,the Big 40 and some concerns about,her aging anatomy. I was inspired to write this!  

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I am the monster here

I thought I could have you,

I thought you said I could,

But I've never felt so lonely with just your eyes in my picture of you,

And look what you made me become,

Second best, the "best friend",

That's not how I wanted this to end,

And I would imagin this would take time,

But without you I feel like I have no more life left to live,

So we talk and you smile,

And my knees can't handle the weight of your lips.

So I fall, & and I fell.

Turn into a monster like me,

So I can sleep soundly,

And I hate the way you are so constant,

And I hate the way I can't make you mine.

And I hate that I am the monster here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't smile at me,
Because it kills me.

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Visit in the Woods


As I peer out this country window

I think of words like summer rain

Or phrases such as gentle sprinkle

That alleviates your inner pain

I suffer some for other's sorrows

As I know they do for mine

The best way of helping others

Is to make your own life sweet and kind

If by doing and example

You can help one other soul

If you believe and show THEIR virtue

Your own existence is made whole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Robert W. "DJ" Cameron on the occasion of my visit to the country home of my good friends, Jim and Carma (now divorced) in Idaho, 5 August, 1985.

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From the first moment our eyes met....

From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew you were the one,

The one I would spend the rest of my life with, until my time was done.

From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew you were my soul mate,

The soul mate I waited forever for, but didn't believe in fate.

From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew my life was about to change,

The change I knew I needed, but always felt my life was in a cage.

From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I would be happy forever,

The happiness I have waited so long to have, but didnt believed in happily ever after.

From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I would be happy and finally have a life,

A life I have waited for and I know one day you will make me your wife

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An Unknown Love

I've never been introduced to the kind of love you withhold in your possession

The type of love you think a Goddess would only withhold

It's the type of love that has you yearnin

for it night and day

The type of love that if it's placed in the wrong possession can be very dangerous

A love that has no end to it

And will always have you as it's prisoner

It makes you numb to any other type of love

The type of love that make you the most powerful person in another person life

So from me to you

And you to another hold on tight to what you have

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The way you rub my body with your muscular hands

The way you grab ma waist

and embrace me in your arms as if you were keepin me safe from any danger

The way you kiss ma body from head to toe with your succulent lips

Makes me feel like im melting in your mouth

like a piece of soft caramel

The way you move your luscious tongue in such a sensational rhythm

Sends a chill up ma spine on the first touch

As you use your tongue as the key to open the doors to my body secret temple

The magic starts to flow heavily

As if it was a waterfall plungin in your pound

When the doors are finally open

You use your great love makin tool

to make me want you in a way i never have

The way you thrust it deeper into my temple of passion

I can feel me wantin more

The rhythm of your waist is movin in a way

As if you were dancin to our own slow song

Makes me moan as if was the lead singer

As i release the heavenly liquids

it feels as though im on a stimulatin high

that i never want to end

And finally when its over i whisper in a soft voice

"Baby im Satisfied"

As i awake

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January o6

We seem to lack compassion

When Murder equalls fasion

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to: the millions of animals slaughtered needlesly in the name of Fasion.

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