Moment in time

Moment in time

Faces break in smiles

Twas this time I knew

I had found forever, in you

Beats in tune, with you by my side

Cemented my love, will always reside

Create this moment

Latch onto my heart

Hug me with a hold, I cannot break

Feel my heart's intensity, I charge you to relate

Sleepless nights, I stare above


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you read my other work.. you know thw answer to this.

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I am a beautiful black Queen

I have a lot of love to share.

I am not the one you call mean

I am not like other women that you can compare.

I am a beautiful black Queen

Who have my own inner and outer beauty

Inspired by God no one else

What can I say?

I am a beautiful black Queen

Who is not a man made punching bag

I am a real Queen

you raise your hands up I cut them down.

I am a beautiful black Queen

made equally fit for a King.

Where is he?

I love me some him damn he fine

Is he really mines

I am that queen fit for that sexy azz King.

I am a Queen

who walks like a lady, dress like a lady

I carry myself real well

I am not a _______

How you do you see yourself as a King or Queen?

This is something that I wrote last year when a man put me down. He used to tell me that noone wants me because of my size I am a thick sista.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes God made me as a Queen

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Never To Exist

Time is dancing around the clock

as the rejected and missing begin to knock

it's the hum of nothing that makes the sound

of the days they lost and never found

It's a knock on the door when no one's home

and the footprints of those who were never known

It's the distant words that were never heard

and the laughter of life that now seems absurd

It's the cold morning air that reaches noone

and days of work that will never be done

It's the fallen tears of an afternoon

That never regained it's place with the midnight dew

To those who were never born , we remember

the innocence lost in a moral surrender

and now we say goodbye to the never existing

but we will all remember , time never stops dancing

~ Dakota

(Poem is not complete yet)

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Talk To Me

Talk to me,

Please tell me what’s wrong,

I’m singing this song,

To help you feel like you belong.

You do belong,

You’re the one that I need,

I can’t have you gone,

It’ll just make me bleed.

If there’s something wrong,

Please what’s going on,

I don’t want to be left out,

And frowned upon.

But if you don’t give me the chance,

I’ll just have to stay in this stance,

I won’t let you fall,

I’ll give it my all.

I’d live forever for you,

But I’d also die in a heartbeat,

I don’t want your pain to repeat,

I’d take a bullet through the head,

To make sure you don’t end up dead.

You mean more to me,

Than you’ll ever know,

And I do everything,

To make sure this shows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's wrong...?

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sream me a love song

cuz i dont wanna hear any thing else


Author's Notes/Comments: 

love it

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Her hands were cold and wrinkled.

We sat together in the warm breeze

beneath the live oak trees.

She told me of far-away places

and what it is like to be wealthy.

She had been escorted by princes

and ambassadors, and had waltzed

in a royal palace.

Her family had traveled the world

just to find the proper school for

the poor little rich girl.

Her voice quivering, she became

someone else.

She didn't know her name, or mine.

She ranted that I was going to

poison her, and wouldn't drink

the tea; she wept over a broken

doll that wasn't there...

Continuing, she told me of her

extensive schooling, of museums,

and galleries.

"Always," she said, "always

maintain your dignity, my dear."

Last night I called each of my children

to tell them how much I love them.

I know that, beyond my sight, lie many


I pray my greatest fears will never

invade my life, but, if they do,

I want my children to remember,

above all things, the love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Among all things...remember the love.

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To a broken winner

You always need to be on top

Despite your skinned and bleeding knees.

You need to keep your forehead up

Through icy clouds and thorny trees.

Sometimes you have to miss, my dear.

Just give it up. You must. You can.

All men are liable to fear.

You’re not a hero. You’re a man.

Forgive yourself for being wrong.

I’m sure next time you’ll do it right.

You need some pain to make you strong

And blackness points you out the white.

I’m sure it’s hard for you to know

A drawback in the things you do,

But you just have to let it go.

Forgive yourself for being you.

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Turned away

My cousin lost his job and his home and he had nowhere to go.

He asked his other relatives for a place to stay but they all said no.

It was wrong of his relatives to turn him away.

When he came to me, I gave him a place to stay.

He's a good man but he was down on his luck.

When they turned him away, it really sucked.

The way they treated my cousin wasn't at all nice.

When he asked me for a place to stay, he didn't have to ask twice.

I wasn't about to let my friend be thrown out on the street.

I gave him a place to stay until he got back on his feet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem but we really should help people who are down on their luck.

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Mountain Meadow.

Mountain meadow

you opened your doors to us

you welcomed us with open arms

your smles surrounde us as you became our new family.

from annoying songs in the freezing cold mornings,

to the tears and drama everyday.

you have been with us through thick and thin in every way.

although we were crazy and weird you guys were the best.

you have become our safty bubble

our oasis in a vast dessert of discrimination

our shoulder to cry on when we arent strong

our bathroom buddy at 3 am

our guy or girl just to hug when we are down

our dance partner in the pavillion

our happy llama and our sad llama

our family

i want you all to know that you are my family away from my family.

i want you ll to know that you all have been the best ever.

i want you all to know that you're always in my heart.

and i want you all to know that i love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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