Freedom of Speech

What was once free is now controlled

what we thought was a free country is no more

People should have a right to discuss how they feel about passing new laws.


The government should stop being jerks,

They should donate some of their money to the poor

they should get out of their chairs and actually see what goes on in the world today.


The Government does not care for our opinions or ideas

they say we have a freedom of speech and yet we do not

for days we are forced to work in order to live.


We constanly strive for money to keep food on the table

we are constanly causing crime to help our families survive

we are a controlled society.


We no longer have freedom

we no longer have a say as to what we want

we are simply pushed aside and also considered the lower people.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for the people who can not stand the acts of the government and President, I believe that we should have a right to speak our minds and be allowed to do certain things

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I Agree With some of that

Congress and the Supremes and the Presidency conspire with corporations to keep money flowing up, vs to the people not just in the U.S. but worldwide as if it is a game of vengeance. It will all crash it alway does and the money becomes worth nothing, which expains why the price of gold is soooooo high.


Lower people - the middle class is angry - that's good. The wake-up call for all that support they have given to the wealthy and the powerful is due for a shake up. The Koch brothers bought the last hope, the Teeeee Heeee Party, and killed a future change. Change is anapthema if the money stops for the campagin and the win next election. The senators and congressmen are pawns to big business - it is Corporate rule and by my ranting on public line (pp rocks) it is evident that freedom of speech is fine as there are no Nazi gestapo fbi/cia/homeland security/muting police on my door. Yet. Be well, poet. Rants are always welcome fodder for thought.


Just Bein' Stella




Lady A