Fear of what cannot be seen/paranoia of everyone and the order that it brings

Within this dark, confined world,
the Algorithms ruled each sector of each city with no regard for mercy or compassion;
no free speech was allowed unless it was in praise of the master programmer,
no thought was allowed expression that was deemed a possible threat to the order that had been established long ago.
The price for so called safety and harmony, were the very freedoms, once enjoyed;
the free will that had been suppressed and controlled many generations long dead.
It was not guns or uniforms, but paranoia that inspired suppression;
no one dared speak freely.

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               HOLY GHOST 

Let me to your path,

My naked flesh inside the silver light,

Blind of trust,

Waiting to meet the Holy Ghost!


Not turning back,

No regrets,

Ashes to ashes,

Leaving the ground…


I can hear the melody of sorrow,

The tears of a friend.

The divine ground falling over my body,

My eyes blind by dust!


Feeling humble, like a lamb,

Going to the stable of god,

Sinner from the day I was born,

Begging for forgiveness….


I can see the door,

Proud in the mist,

Open my heart,

Open my soul…


Your hands waiting to grab,

You simple mortal,

With a heart full of compassion,

Melting in your divine aura…


The caress of your forgiveness,

The kiss of love,

Innocent child of you,

I embrace your compassion…. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

at an early age i was told i was bless with a gift caall forgiveness, but i will be happy to have the gift of compassion, true love is compassion, and i know this will cure me of all the sickness of who torture my soul

, i had the chance to be around peoples who had dedicated it their life to it, in everythings they do, to love and feel pain when they see pains, and share it by felting it, i saw some miracle, so i know compassion is real and through mediation, i always try to fell compassion for all sentient beings,

What of loneliness

Do you know what it's like to be alone?

Are you around hundreds but still on your own?

I feel your pain, believe me

I was alone before my mom even conceived me

socially awkward? I understand that too

I cry almost daily, not for me, but for you

I curse the life of anyone who causes a frown

I love all my people, and it hurts too see someone down

so next time you cry, think of me

I'll be your friend unconditionally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only love can cure this world, shun the selfish and wicked

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She lay in bed, frail

Losing the battle of life

The monitor’s monotonous bleep

Synonymous to a failing heartbeat

The drip struggled

Through an oedematous arm

I want to help you

I know why you are in pain

I knew the pathology of her illness

The atherosclerotic artery, which could

No longer sustain,

The resultant ischemia and the dead bowel

The body’s fight back in vain

You need a big operation was all I could say

She smiled faintly and grasped my hand

I have had my share, existence I don’t desire

Don’t let the misery prolong

Let me in peace retire

I consulted the notes

And nurses Kardex

No friend no family

No one

I felt alone

I went back to see her

As she lay cold

In the chapel of rest

No one came to mourn her

No one to shed a tear

I felt grief

I wanted to cry

But am not qualified to do so

While draped in blues

For my lady


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is true poem based on a real life patient. It is a sad poem and i have likened her to  Eequor, the Blue Lady of Dismay, is the goddess of the color blue. She dwells in loneliness in her quiet realm, a cold, timeless world with few colors other than shades of blue. She is a goddess of sorrow

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Helping my way..its what I do..everyday..To make them smile..its OK..its from my where its starts..

Its what I do..Im into..its not hard..follow through..

Bring some there souls..make them smile..let it show..In this life..its goes so fast..a little somthing..makes it last..Its your all it is..just see happy..let up some buz..I love people..Im with them..loving not a sin..Brother to sister..sister to each no other..

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Just Another Word

A simple word with such complexity,
Thrown around with careless generosity.
We cant seem to stop though we should,
A meaning so clear but clearly misunderstood.
Once did it represent something so genuine and pure,
Could bring a smile, your sadness it would cure.
Today its used without passion,
Just a trend, the newest fashion.
To some it still has meaning,
A word that keeps their eyes gleaming.
So for those who still believe,
Its true meaning they can still achieve.
So take my hand, for what I say is true,
I wont just say it as others do.
Our devotion will be a reminder for what they forgot,
Love is a feeling, a word it is not.

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`How many more must die?`

Time to bow your heads again and shed another tear
Slowly moving through the morning mist another funeral courtage
Inside those union flag draped coffins are soldiers not long out of school
Sent off to fight a foreign War in a Country harsh and cruel
Mothers weep grown men cry and children wonder why
So many of our finest are sent away to die
British politicians said they would never fire a shot
The coffins tell us how wrong they were
But the politicians name is forgot
How many more young men must die in Foreign fields far away?
Before we say enough is enough and bring them home to stay
We may not support this War but we love our men in uniform
So for the next half hour just say a prayer and bow your heads in unison.


© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Does killing solve anything?

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Walking Past

Break Up/Rejection

I walked past a girl in the street today,

The look in her eyes made me turn around,

But I carried on walking.

The next day she brushed past me again,

Her arms wrapped tight and her head down,

Again I continued to walk.

The day after, when I see her walking,

Tears are starting to hit the ground,

I stopped but she was gone.

The forth day I looked for her in the street,

I stopped and waited for the girl,

She never came.

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Upon Hearing Music

Alone, in that lyrical silence of your unperturbed mind,

you are so tender, vulnerable, warm, innocent, lovely.

The seasons move you inside or outside awhile. Now spring is in the wind;

just you, and that lyrical silence of your unperturbed mind.

I hear your smiling hum as though  bells of distant inspiration chimed

as you set inspiration to brush to palette to canvas to art.  All I could sense

was you, in this lyrical silence of your unperturbed mind.

You make me gallant, and tender and lovely.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Could be many.  Could be none.

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