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If...I Will Know You

You and me, 

Him, her, they, them,

Will one day die,

And if we choose the path

To self-actualize,

The path of 'right thinking',

We will be reborn in this life 

Not once, but many times,

Over and over again,

And our bodies one day

Will cease to breathe,

To feel when we touch,

To hear when we listen,

To taste when we eat,

To anger when we need,

To love in the ways we know love,

And to smell the sweetness of the Earth

In all of it's wonder and beauty.


And when that happens,

I will know you by and through 

The awareness I develop here 

In this lifetime.

We will not touch,

Or hear the melodic sounds 

We once heard of gentle whispers

That speak to the heart 

And touch the soul.


We will no longer share the sight

Of 'purple mountains majesty',

Below blue skies that

Wrap the sun for us each morning 

Like a gift fit for kings and queens.

But through my awareness I will know you,

And every dream ever dreamed will share 

The meanings of that which the universe

Carefully charted from the beginning.


Human life, a small but necessary and intricate 

Experience of preparation

To that of which we cannot or could never fathom

Through a mortal mind.


If we seek to live wisely,







I never meant 

to hide it from you,

this gift I have, this 

innate ability 

to 'bounce back',

and evolve.


 I never considered that 

you would think 

the more civilized,

natural way, 

of human expression

to be such a travesty.


I never considered

that you were that

weak to think of 

me as weak, too,

and I am now thinking,

I should have considered.


6:37 PM 8/10/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is the author's thought that expression of face to face,  human to human emotion, and validation of such, is a necessity for a person to become whole and healthy. it is holding on to the emotions that can be expressed without physical violence that do most of the damage in the world right now...and it is all invisible, and why it has become so lethal to life.


in essence...our emotions change with our thoughts, and so if we are always expressing through words, without heart to heart communication... we only ever see half of the picture...of anything. Because the combination of thought and emotion can transform everything. Verbalization is the biggest and longest lie that has every been told.

Essences Of Love







Rush not into the fires of passion,

Merely let them be, and embrace each moment.

Connect each glance and savor each breath,

Stretch every smile, even honor its death,

Embracing the fullness of each minute that passes,

Opening each cranny as it fits into life's passages,

Sharing the essence of what we're made of,

For passion is fleeting but this sharing is love....


2013 ©


Inspired by the beautiful words of CEVance




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i am you






i am sunrise,

                 a fog,

           a lily pad

        floating in 

      a pond--



           --(no frog)--



i am an angel,

                                  dressed in black velvet,

and I only allow the light on my face

                     when the moon

 cannot be seen 

at night,

    to wimper among the rhythm of 

                 slithering snakes in

      the cool night sands,



i am macerated flesh of 

           a wild animal,


   to dry out after the feasting of

              hungry wolves,



i am a feild of daisies,

            and you have severed my lifeline 

                  to place me 


        your great-grandmother's hand made

                        doily for your 




i am an onion,

         bursting with pungent juices

                            to make the tears fall from 

         your eyes like a torrential 


     in the worst of droughts,



i am hell fire

          to infinity




       i am waiting for 




i am the gleam

         of a child's 

                        face on    

 christmas morning,

                     and the killer's

grin of      





and i am the untamed

                     ogre of

grief, the

              grim rapist,

that entices

 your anger,

                                a predator

lusting after your





i am the regurgitation of man's worst crime,



                 fear, hope,

                         and desire,

that wallow

 like poison in the pit of his





i feel,









11:58 PM 7/7/2013  ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

just about how everyone feels things. one thing we all have---feelings.good, bad, indifferent....ugly.



Tagged on 6/26/14 ec.

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Underneath a glass dome,
Immune from outside forces,
Abundant growth, petals soft,
Glistening array of gentle endowment,
Thriving in a myriad of opulence,
A torus exudes timeless ardor and stride,
And the integrity of wholeness

Is autonomously and freely fullfilled.





12:06 AM 5/27/2013 ©

silent warrior

the road to
is paved with
the thorns
that prick
the most tender
places in the


our yearning to
fill what it is
that we cannot
see is already
there, can
show to us,
a ghastly reflection
of who we are
in ways that
compel us to
project our
darkest side
onto others
in an attempt
to run from
our personal


and all the while,
we smother the
quiet voice
that tells us
the things we


...that we are
human beings,
unique, and


...that the doors
to opportunity
for both denial
and a chance
for love are
always open...


...and that the
only real war
that matters
is the one we
choose to partake
in with ourselves...


...and that it is
through embracing
our very flaws,
and human frailties
that we arrive
at being what is
referred to as
'whole and
authentic' loving,
sentient beings.



6:35 PM 5/10/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the psyche, the soul, the purpose, individuality, duality, life.