It's Your Life

In love's embrace, our lives entwine,

With passion's fire, our hearts align,

In kindness, we find solace sweet,

A melody of souls, in love's heartbeat.


Embrace all of your life with love,

Like stars that shine in skies above,

Let tenderness your spirit guide,

In love's warm glow, forever bide.


With every breath, with every sigh,

In passion's dance, we reach the sky,

Our souls aflame, forever bound,

In love's enchantment, we are found.


Kindness, like a gentle stream,

Flows through our days, a radiant beam,

In every act, in every word,

Love and kindness, our hearts have heard.


So let us heed this sacred call,

To love, to passion, to kindness all,

In life's grand tapestry we weave,

The legacy of love, we shall believe.

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Look Inside

In shadows deep, where dreams take flight,

A seeker wanders through the night,

With an outward gaze, the world they see,

Yet, deep within, a mystery.


"Your vision will become clear," they say,

"When in your heart, you choose to sway,

For outward dreams, they come and go,

But inner truth begins to glow."


In stillness found, where silence sings,

The soul takes flight on quiet wings,

With introspection's gentle call,

The heart unlocks its hidden thrall.


For in the depths, a world unfolds,

Where secrets lie, in stories untold,

Emotions swell, the heart's terrain,

A wellspring of wisdom, love, and pain.


To look within, to peer inside,

Where dreams of self and truth collide,

Awakening the soul, we find,

A path to understanding, kind.


No longer lost in distant schemes,

No longer lost in fleeting dreams,

The heart's own mirror polished bright,

Reflects the soul's pure, inner light.


So, turn your gaze from outer scenes,

Explore the depths of what it means,

To look within, to truly see,

The awakened heart, where truth will be.

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~ Best From Heart ~ ( The Blitz style )






~ Best  From  Heart  ~
( The Blitz  Poem )






Just spreading Love Hope Joy Peace
 Just hoping for the best
 Best to happen
 Best everyday
 Everyday night and day
 Everyday all the time
 Time and time again
 Time all around
 Around comes and goes
 Around up and down
 Down play it all time
 Down there you go
 Go and don't waste time
 Go and don't look back
 Back you're again
 Back you've come
 Come and show me how
 Come and lets talk
 Talk once more
 Talk and make it right
 Right about us
 Right as it should be
 Be all between us
 Be once and for all
 All that is what I want
 All that is what I need
 Need that n' more
 Need is all this
 This can't be bad
 This sounds so good
 Good is to do it
 Good is to see
 See it all clear
 See you at last now
 Now at last
 Now I can see you
 You make me glad
 You make me wait
 Wait a long time
 Wait n' much more
 More I love you
 More of your love I want
 Want you night and day
 Want you I shout
 Shout your dear name
 Shout it with all my heart
 Heart and mind
 Heart and soul







Dorian  Petersen  Potter
aka ladydp2000




“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
- Mark Twain-


~Author's Notes:

The ' Blitz Poem ' is a poetry form or style created by Robert Keim.




God Is Greater!

God is Greater!

So, don’t fear bad weather, news, and the taunts of your haters

You show God’s love by forgiving and unfailingly loving all your neighbors


And it shall be given upon to you

For you are blessed and highly favored by God

All these things shall be giving a billion-fold of what was robbed

For, Great is God than he or it of this world

Use your talents to uplift all man, woman, boy, and girl

For the time has come

My Dear Chosen One

To spread your wings and fly

Flying high amongst the sky

For your dreams are big bigger than you can do yourself

So, learn to depend and to submit to someone else

For, the greatest good

Use your gifts to uplift and pull others out of the ghetto and hood

I wish I could touch you and hold you tight

For, this is a fight for your soul’s life

Get Right

And get dress for church to go hear the Word

Trust, eventually you live out what is heard

For no man can stop what God has already ordained as His own

I pray, let His Holy Spirit live in your body your temple your home

I promise with God you’re never alone

I speak victory

I hope you hear me

Greatness, Purity, Holiness, and Wholeness

For you are greater than this!

I speak rise up him and her!

Pick up your bed, walk into your true worth, and sin no more for  

God is Greater!

By Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted


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Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let Your Light So Shine!!!

Cover Girl

Cover Girl

(Verse 1)

You're too big 

You're too small

You're too short

You're too tall

These are just some of the things we're made to feel

All the makeup

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Today I can smile

Today I can tell the world of my bliss

Today my tears won't see the horizon

I've grown tired of wiping them away

So they will no longer appear.

I have an authentic,

Purely realistic smile on my face,

And it's there to stay,

If only for today.

Road Rage


He gets in the car, with a snarl and a sneer.

Turning the engine, he squints and he peers.

He's in the right, as he rolls down the glass.

You just remember, cause he's not the ass.


He's had a bad day,

No surprise there.

He's on the war path,

Not that anyone cares.


I'm enjoying my ride, The sun on my face,

When you cut me off, and jump to a race.

You rant and you rave, your hand as you wave,

Your little birdie finger,  so well used & behaved.


But light is within me,

Light you can't trace,

And this immeasurable power,

Keeps the smile on my face.


You're angry now,

Cause I didn't react.

It's hard to play a game,

When the unexpected,

blows you off track.


You stick out your arm,

You flip me the bird.

I smile and I laugh,

I think that you heard.

And when I rolled down my window,

I told you to smile.

Told you to breathe,

take a break for a while.


Your anger's confusion,

When I didn't enter the stage,

Is one I'll remember, Forever an, age.

A final look in the mirror,

my face full of bliss,

He growls his annoyance

and i blow him a kiss.


His anger deflated,

he seems most ashamed,

As he turns the car round,

He knows he's to blame.

But I don't hold it against you,

You were caught in your pain,

Twisted and knotted,

It's a compulsive game.


You tried to lash out,

Not your proudest hour,

Next time try love,

and gain back your power.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last week, after the above described incident :) It was the first time being in such a situation, that I found myself completely... unperturbed, by this mans anger. Instead, i yelled out the window that I loved him!! lol. Anyways, i don't think it's very good, just something i had to get out, thought I'd post it just for fun :) PeeCe & LuV

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~It Would Be So Great~

~It Would Be So Great~

It would be all so great
if people were more kind
and just show more kindness,
but world is so very blind
and there's sin and blindness.

It would be all so great
if world just have more peace
was happy,never sad.
A place of so much joy
showing kid's faces more glad.

It would be all so great
if people show more love,
where folks would get along
with no more greed, hatred,
where anyone would sing songs.

It would be all so great
if there was no cancer
hunger,abuse,no more death,
where every man loves God
with their soul,heart and breath.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


In The Magic Of The Moment

A night full of excitement
A day followed by concurrent joy
A night where I lament
A day where I act coy

I rise in love of success
I fall in retribution of being obsolete
I rise in spirit of high marks
I fall because I am not complete

Resurrection of hope rising
Death of a generation lost
Resurrection of knowledge showing
Death of fears finally past

A day where I rise in happiness
A night where I feel great success
I fall again, but stand up
I rise and take another step
Death takes toll on distress
Resurrection in what will be deathless

A moment where I rise and know I am strong
A moment in time where I recognize
That joy is in the journey of right and wrong
In the magic of that moment, I see clear skies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in a moment of pure joy. I realized many things that I go through. I realized that not everything has to be depressing and lonely. Happiness is a choice! Anyone can be happy!