Yahet Kotto Da Prophet of Onizuka [Written By: Rin Cantimus]

Yaphet the prophet kept his teaches old locket in his pocket 

made of cotton, running through water like a faucet


contempt with the logic he was the only being...seeing as life kept him shadowed

he told his girl to get low, 


he wasnt just  anyone, he wasnt just everyone...

he was the one...only if you could see the confidence in his eyes

he strived to be th best..and accepted nothing less...

cashed checks and put the away right away..


cause in life..even though you have money today...

you might not need it now...honestly..with a frown

Yaphet looked around annnt this cold...empty desert he liked to call

onizuka ... destroyed by bombs...worst than the ones over bagdad...

he had no dad no mom...just his wife.. which wasnt a bad thing..

she was his only queen his only attention..

so when there was a change he notice..


yaphet would hurt the wings on a butterfly...

but on this pale night....he stabbed his wife..and she did die..


Yaphet came home early from hunting rifle still in he seen men

leaving his hunt...the first word thunk...what the fuck...His wife was having a double affair,...

unaware of this bullshit he had no control of his emotion...he questioned and questioned but got no answers...

this was real not fake..he seent it with his his gun wanted the price...

and his gun never lied...that day yaphet the prophet disappeared..and there was one less

fear....I hear he still travels by eel...through the sea...

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Failure in a glass

sad but true, shame on you... all has come unglued..

i'm swimming through this ocean, tide pulling me over & under, just to try & make it back, without blunder..

I'd rather dig a thousand pins into my skin, or burn a billion holes onto my back, then hurt you unintentionally..

can't you see, I'd much rather strike myself...

I don't want anyone to be an object of my pain..

so please refrain from stepping any further.. 

you don't know what goes on in my brain...

these chemicals are mine to control.

so stand back while I get a-hold..


ashes to ashes... everything collapses.. piece by piece, coming apart.

nothing ever felt right, from the very fucking start..

sometimes I cannot convey the thoughts in which my mind is stirring up,

or the feelings that cause my heart to silently bleed..

if only I had those wings, I would of flown away long ago..

& saved you from the inevitable hurt..


not being here.

sometimes I wonder if that's the only real dream in which i've truly conceived through out this life time..

nothing special, but it sure seems realistic..

she screamed at me, "it's all just a fantasy!" .. inside I went ballistic..

twisting & turning, face to the floor, squirming..

staring down at the shriveled remains of sanity... 


your eyes expell such melancholy.. do you see the same in me..?

am I just a tree for you to chop down..?

to carve your name in..?

to climb..? to rest up against..?

no longer will I walk along such a thin frail line..

no longer will I stand out of the shadows to be seen...

for these shadows are all that will vaguely cover me..

offering faint protection.. 


sometimes you can't avoid the rejections, the experiences, or the lessons..

when you drink that water, check the bottom to make sure it's clean..

though it may appear transparent & clear..

you could end up swallowing a ton of nails...

choking on how much you've failed..

shame on me, too.

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