My ode entitled don't look back in anger


Don't look back in anger
Will do you no good
Mashes you up inside
friction in neighborhoods


Love, the better option
To adopt in daily life
Give love; any situation
Will minimize strife


Going with flows OK
But effort required too
Minimize any dismay
Higher vibration for you


Don't think negative too
Affects more than you think
There are a dozen you’s
Higher vibration sink


This is what they want
Those who run our world
Controlled by secret government
Most ways of being heard


Vibration much higher and
You break free of control
This system's a tin can
You're the opener you know


The future's what you want
You control your life: choose
Your power shouldn't daunt
Yours to win or loose


You throw the dice: Game
Of life you're the creator
Individual, don't be the same
Be a lover not a hater


Programmed: wake up
To the power you have
Reading this; in luck
I Magi Nation:

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