Prism of maimed love

i'll walk alone.. with your precense carved into my heart...

not even stones could break down what i've built up. not any hatred... no fear.

it's going to stay right here..

as long as it remains untouched.. if I can manage to let it be..

then i'll always have you with me.


as much as I may look up to the stars & cry..

as much as I ask the sun why...

how often I wish the clouds away.. 

is as much as I feel you every day.. 


maybe there is a sharp fence around your heart...

is there cotton in your ears..? is your vision pitch black..?

have you gone blind? is your mind in tact..?

do you think you're just fine..?


silly me.. still wondering, though we've left it all behind..


all I really want is to die in the grace of someone I love..

gazing into their eyes.. arms held tight..

my spirit could finally take flight. 


i'm so fucking sick of this misery..

i'm tired of not having any energy..

i'm done with the pressure on the sides of my head..

i'm finished with the aches in my back.. 

i'll drown out all the nausea..

I will forget about the broken glass..

the shattered past.. 


if we didn't know such a thing as sadness existed, would we still feel it..?

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  I think the higher degrees


I think the higher degrees of happiness one can feel - are in direct proportion to the sadness they have experienced in life. If you never met sorrow, you would not recognize joy when it knocked on your door. Without grief, you would not understand how to rejoice. Without knowing despair, you cannot appreciate hope. Without betrayal, you cannot envision loyalty and trust sitting on the same scale, or measured to the exact same capacity. If you never met a person who was “indifferent” to your affections, then you would never be able to identify love when it reaches out to protect and embrace you. We know what pleasure is because we realize it is not suffering or pain. You can readily acknowledge darkness; because you comprehend it is not light. This must be a man, because it is definitely not a woman, and on and on. Without the grasp of potentially knowing that which is above you, e.g. heaven, then you could not fathom what which is below you, e.g. hell. Be content because I think you know those relationships that would be good for you, and those who are bad. Get behind the steering wheel of your choice and navigate your own life. You are the pilot of your own destiny. FLY!