The Poison In You

What if I wasn't like you?

And I was just me, and Myself was true?


And if you did bad would it mean I would too? 

Would it mean if I did it, I'm exactly like you?


Would I be subject to your evil?

Would I be subject to your internal upheaval?


What if I am good in spirit,

And you might just rather not hear it


And if I did bad, does it mean I'm just like you?

Looking for an excuse for the culprit that causes blue?


Decisions left to baseless comparison

Myself gone from me, and origin

She tells me so, I'm just like him and her

Do you see my other qualities as just a blur?


Bring my poison, she admits me to it

Determines me as someone else and then she sits


Then, who am I?

A continuation of your deranged views, someone elses cry?

know thyself


if you think that
you know yourself
then it means you
stopped learning.
why would you want
to do that?




i hear people say
'know thyself'
and it makes me
feel a bit

and uncomfortable.
not because i am
with myself, but
because the thought
of knowing
everything there is
to know is sort of
a ridiculous one.
no one knows

there is to know,
not even about
themselves. but
when you are dead
i imagine you might
know everything
about yourself
that ever was,

wouldn't you





i used to

think that i

knew myself,

too. don't goes

away when

you wake up.



maybe set

the alarm.



then you can

live a more

full life.

have a good

one, whatever. 



© 2013


With my feet on the ground,

And my heart gently landing,

To my utter surprise,

I've embraced understanding.

While I was refusing to risk

What it takes to believe,

You graciously lent me

Your eyes to perceive.


I can only imagine

Imaginings exist,

It is you that imagines

There's something I missed

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my ode entitled 'don't pollute yourself'

Don't Pollute Yourself

Sounds mad but some do pollute
Their body’s on purpose: True
Think of smokers; 8,000 chemicals
Can’t think of any other instance
Save angostura bitters in your drink

Many other toxins in food and drink
It’s just your not aware of it
Some put in by the powers that be
Some end up in it accidentally

Can I give you an instance: Coffee’s
Bean come from Africa, south America
Where they have lead in the petrol
Same goes for chocolate: Not swell

And there’s bleach in processed sugar
Which is in a number of things
Bleach in white flour too
But I don’t eat bread, do you?

Lets not forget the killer aspartame
Put in soft drinks: That’s insane
And also what about fluoride
Prisoners dumb in Hitler’s genocide

Fluoride everywhere, food manufacture
Brewers use mains water out of tap
So even if you just drink spring water
You get a dose in something or other

Then there's cash crop insecticide
Banned in some countries, wonder why?
Roundup contributes to man’s infertility
So would farmers stuff certainly

Nutrasweet, gluten, acid regulators too
They really are all bad for you
Stick to fresh vegetables if you ask me
Best of a bad job definitely

One other thing to check out
Madness called ‘codex illimintarius’
Putting poison back into the food chain
If I didn’t know any better

I’d say some people want us suffering
And in tin can linings: Bisphenol A
Female hormones are making men gay
I’m sure there's much more hidden too
And no doubt now it all effects you

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I Am

Baby sister Poems

I am a sister and a friend
I wonder what happens after death
I hear my sister’s words
I see my sister and me from past memories
I want to reach out and hug her
I am a sister and a friend

I pretend I am okay
I feel the pain that I hide
I touch a picture of her face again
I worry that I might never meet up with her when I die
I cry when I think of her
I am a sister and a friend

I understand that she is not here in body
I say things at her grave when I want to tell her things
I dream of having her back by me
I try to live my life
I hope she’ll wait for me
I am a grieving sister and a friend.

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Trust yourself :)

People come and go
Giving you affection
You can always catch a smile
From their direction
Lending you a shoulder
That you can cry on
They'll see your sad face
And throw some light on

But when you're all alone
When you're on your own
There is just one person
You should never miss on
This quiet voice inside your head
Will always help you get ahead

When the waves of the unknown hit you
And you need someone to look up to
Skip those falling tears
Get rid of all your fears
Just put a smile
Upon your pretty face
To put it all in place

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