Life is Fragile


Is it just me

who looks at the stars 

every night

and stops

and thinks

of how fragile life is.


How we find such joy 

and care

in that short time we have


How we learn to desire

and hope 

and wish


And yet,

life goes so quickly

that we all but forget

the little things

that once made us smile

and laugh 

and love


How easily we think 

of the hurt we caused

or the pain we felt

or the suffering we had


and yet we cannot easily recall that which mattered to us

in times of need. 


Life is fragile.

A constant battle between love and hate,

a continous struggle between hope and despair

and yet we all live our lives in this exact way

never considering that one day

we will no longer exist

and all that will remain 

is what we gave to the world

whether that be good or bad. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

some drabble about life and how fragile it seems to me. Enjoy! 

Forever yours

And there she was.

A perfect combination of love, pain, beauty and ambition infused in a cascade of brilliance. Like a rabbit caught in a trap I fall for her, for her sky blue eyes, for her laugh that rings happiness, for her kindness that is seemingly endless.

And there she was.

Planets tremble and stars collide as we glance at one another, the very fabric of existence bending in agreement. Butterflies explode in my stomach, eager to escape and witness the angel that has descended into my life.

And there she was.

Our lips touch, my heart stops. With a jolt my life is sucked back into me, and I awake to a beautiful face synced in tune with mine. She smiles, the corner of her mouth curling against my cheek, a gesture of longing, of built up emotion seething from a perfect source.

And there she was.

Time slows as the smile transforms into a sad, inverted curve. I feel a tear drop onto my face, a single tear. My conscience wimpers at the thought that she will never love me, the thought that we are parallel lines, that will never meet, that we will never be.

And there she was.

At that moment my heart was sent to her, however broken it may be. I gave myself to her, to the demon that disguises itself as an angel, with a hope that maybe one day, it will recognise my hopelessness and the parallel lines will meet. 

And then she was gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a love that is untrue, but endless

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My Darkness

My darkness is consuming

It eats away at my core,

My heart, my head, my body, my thoughts,

Are consumed by the internal depths of a dim and rusted light.


Past, present and future clouded in the gloom of a mad scientist.

The pains of being an originalist,

The sorrows of being an exceptionalist.


My darkness is consuming,

It devours my past into pointlessness,

It demonizes my present into bleakness,

It develops my future into illness


Although my darkness guides my light,

My light can shine brighter than before when the curtains hadn’t closed.

I'm assured everything will be alright,

That I will indeed see a brighter light than before.


But while my darkness consumes me,

I see only the dark me.

I see the darkness of my reflection that taunts all of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


For right now, I am not me,

But a moment of myself,

That will inform the moments ahead on how precious things could be.


My darkness is my best friend,

Whom I would gladly murder,

But perhaps in another life,

Since my darkness is me and

He must heed to me eventually.

The New Me

I scratch, I scream, I yell, I pain, I suffer, I am diminished

My thoughts race without control,

From negative to negative, with the positives not sustaining a fluid thought long enough to counter the dark.


The simplest things, the most pleasurable things in the world,

Feel like torture.

I am tortured daily as I navigate this world that I see through despair.


I miss the beauty of the former me,

I miss the hope, passion and joy.

Those are but a memory in the feelings that have dominated my life,


But they are inexplicable,

They remain only personal.

No one else can understand my pain,

They can just hear about it.

But my pain is mine and I feel it in solitude.


I isolate myself,

There’s nothing worth sharing, doing, seeing.

I would rather medicate my pains away, but I must not.

The path to get rid of my pain the quickest,

is indeed the path toward pain the quickest.

But my pain is now, and the latter path is later.


But I must wait,

I must suffer with this pain,

the grim, the bleak, the desperate, the dark.


I long for the me I once knew.

The Game of Struggle

Dusk's Rule

While falling into a dark hole,

Hands out--uncertain where's the floor,

Just waiting to land a roll,

Thoughts of after, being sore,


Pressure building, pressure crushing,

It threatens to crack and split,

All fibers of spirit and breath,

Sense of permanent rushing,

Losing the mind, losing wit,

It is either life or death,


Fight back, rise up, resolve, 

Either let the pressure break,

Not crack, but craft willpower,

Do not devolve, simply evolve, 

Don't give in, just take,

It shouldn't be the final hour. 


Challenge the fall, the descension, 

Reverse the course, set sail,

Drive to be upon acension, 

Death no longer strikes pale, 


The face that is cut to stone, 

Mending all the broken bone, 

The spirit, mind, will found strength, 

To strive beyond all length, 


The markers of limitations,

Of the possibilities,

Against all disabilities,

Building new foundations, 


Out of the intense pressure, 

Carved out of the rough,

A diamond none fresher, 

One that will resist all scuff,


Not by avoiding being cut,

But as one to abuse the rut,

And become something more,

--Always finding another door. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To meet resistance should be matched with equal resilience. 

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The Melancholy of a Bodyguard


When she walks into a room, all is silent.

Poised with aplomb, no one is ever violent.

Classy is her adept style, she’s set to rule.

Be I her earth, always her eternal tool.


Her aspects of a princess, looks smooth like water.

Her words are true, known to have stopped a slaughter.

Clothed in pleasing robes of silk, she has it all.

Eternal bliss, an angel sent from heaven’s hall.


Her red lips arouse firm lust, my mouth turns dry.

Her wise bright eyes, shining like a fair blue sky.

Like a time lord’s solitude, her mind wanders.

Embracing fate, her clipped wings...she needless ponders.


Gentle are her chosen words, finer than mine.

Drunk when she laughs, her grin tastes like a cool wine.

She’s the saviour of many, none oppose her.

Contrast us both, I am but a lowly cur.


Be still my heart, if only for a second.

So I can ponder my fate, my soul I reckon.

Damned I shall be, for the feelings I hold dear.

LEAVE FLEE DEPART! For now you must disappear...


Feelings of love, sorrow, joy, they have no place.

The devil toys, with feelings that cannot erase.

If God were to rub me clean, I’d be left scarred.

To be her guard...

Is my love truly this barred?


Forever am I bound, by law, by curse?

Bulk my bias, would just make her vigour worse.

She is breath to all who gaze, I am her foil.

Nevertheless, I love and therefore must toil.


Thus, this princess I do love, my heart doth beat!

Stout misery, her scent is pang bittersweet.

When I look into those eyes, it pains me so.

She is my life, and that is all I know.

She is perfect, sadly, that is my woe...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem of the internal turmoil which arises from one living a life of servitude.

who am i?


when all confidence has left you,

and you feel bereft of love,

forsaken by those who claimed they cared,

that's when i'll fit you like a glove.


i'll wait behind your neediness,

and use arrogance, he's my friend,

i'll have you projecting all of me 

onto children, women, and men.


that's when i do my finest work,

and all of me i'll bring,

when others up and leave you,

i'll infect you, and do my thing.


my presence will be cunning,

my manipulation sly,

i'll have you wrapped around me,

you won't even ask yourself why.


the more of you i can consume,

the larger we become,

to contaminate all is what i want,

'cause YOUR pain, to me, is FUN!


a fiendish scowling wimp, you see,

a psychopath, my dear,

enjoying all your suffering,

your kidnapper...i'm fear.





10:07 AM 6/22/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the only thing to ever fear, is fear itself. ~franklin d. roosevelt~


and that's the truth.



Fear's House Of Mirrors

fear is the king 


of a coward's delight,


fear rules illusions


that cloud all fools' sight,


fear wants compliance


adoration and praise,


fear becomes arrogance


when you challenge his gaze,


turning the tables around 


can be bliss,


when I make friends with fear


his intentions I twist,


fear uses everyone


and makes them his slaves,


fear turns the souls 


of some dead in their graves,


fear teases weaknesses 


of youth and of old,


fear changes hearts of warmth


into stone cold,


fear is the god 


that brings glory to killing,


fear is the god 


that makes the spineless willing,


motivation of many is controlled by fear,


due to principles twisted,


and virtues unclear,


many will use fear,


unwilling to see,


their fears are controlling them


clear as can be,


if ever you see one who 


worries too much,


believe it is fear that is


gaining their trust,



fear is a mirror

when we've lost our way,


that tells us "forget love, honey...

I'm your hero...please stay?"


misguided people fall into fear's rut,


they slip and fall in,

losing touch with their gut,


banish your worries

and live in the now,


To strongarm your fears,

honeybun, this is how!!



6:57 PM 6/19/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part of a Collaberation

the taijitu of disparity

as long as

we keep an inkling

the size of a

mustard seed

that there

will be another day,

there is hope

for change

and growth.


as even those who have

no knowledge of

the virtue of hope,

are but slaves to it

as long as

a single soul

on the face

of the Earth

believes in it's worth,

and that is what

he who hath no hope

despises most.


10:57 AM 6/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The balance within inequality.