The Joker

She smiles when there is no reason to

During serious conversations arbiratiry thoughts force her to grin

It disturbs some and is the reason for shouting and misplaced sessions of anger from most

Her mind wanders while she's focused and she accomplishes less but realizes more


She smiles when there is no reason to

The world is churning mass of self inflicted wounds and the desire for progress both at the behest and detriment of others

The news has become a cycle of psychopathic people trying to outdo each other while perpetuating a cycle of violence

She focuses on her family and friends so she smiles


She smiles when there is no reason to

She does not enjoy the company of too many people

The constant noise in parties continuously grates in her mind and gives her dehabilitating headaches

She prefer reading,studying, music which impacts meaninful emotions or passes along a poignant message

She has few friends and yet  does not identify  herself as accountable, far from dependable and in a state between fear of letting people down and a need for companionship


She smiles when she has no reason to

She does this because smiles attract people and the most terrifying sound she has ever heard was the sound of silence

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This Poem Has BANG! & ZAP!

first line to the last are simply "wow" for me - U rock! Glad she smiles ~allets~




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Thanks alot :D. Your'e

Thanks alot :D. Your'e awesome too. Yeah even if it's only the little things wew can find, it's good to find a reason to smile

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Just Re-read

Very powerful write. Thanks for the visit - allets