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The Choice


are we ushering

the soul to heaven

or hell?

as we carry the body

to it's not final resting place


Nobody knows but god


Death or



What is the chosen path?



or damnation?


Nobody knows but god


Will it rain

or will the sun shine?


Day or



Nobody knows but god


Its a long way down 

and a long way up 


Everyone has to choose 

their destiny at some point


Until it's too late

then it's chosen for you 


He who believes will live

he who believes not will die


Into the grave

or into the sky


God has given you the choice

to live or too die

Choose now or tomorrow it might

be to late  

Don't fall but







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Choose Jesus not death. You don't know the day or hour.

I Wish (My Phoenix)

Leave, get away.

Though our problems will follow us no matter how far we go. Just leave.


I wish that I was strong, strong enough to go.

Weak enough to avoid my problems but not enough to have them leave me alone.


Even though I’m trembling at these keys, fear and anxiety are strong.

Bound by my wrists and bound by my heart, fate had a funny way of tearing us apart.


If only it could take it all away, the happy memories and the pain.

If only it could extinguish the flame.


Like gasoline on a fire it roars, ripping me red with remorse.

I wish it would suffocate, like a noose around my throat.


You are the flame, my son. My fire that burns. My will to go on.

I am your oxygen, breathing life to you through the smoke.


But your flames hurt, and you’re sick of the bland feel of my love in your life.

So now you will rise as a phoenix, from the ashes of my failure.


Do not regret choosing life as I have.

Burn bright as a light in the night as I’ve taught you.


Do not give up, like I have acting as surrogate father.

I am proud of you and who you’ve become, my Phoenix.



I love you, more than I will ever love myself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may not be your dad, but I will love you as my son.


Star light, star bright. Don't let me wake to see the light.. I wish,  if I may,  to take her place.... I don't deserve to be.  Nor did she..  


Nothing holds

caring can't be

Savour light laced value

time has no grasp.

Prone to break

heaven looks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Fact in Fiction

Verse 1:
If we all believe in an utopia

That lasts forever,

We wouldn't try so hard to die,

Satisfation: so lose, yet so far


Erase and rewrite these stories of mine:
I"ll change the ending 'cause you're my soulmate

I cannot bear to watch you walk away.
Walk away with my love, hope, and dreams.


Verse 2:
Fact in fiction: There is no ending to our story

Until the day I die, I'll die with honor.

Whenever we're together, babe
You make the seasons start to change.


Whenever w're lost in paradise together,

I would ask you for a chance to make our love better

If only you could see how much I love you.

Things wouldn't have ended the way it did.


All the songs I've written seemed like my story.

So, I sang them to death.]

Someday, you'll calll and congratulate me.

I'll prepare a good thank you and Good Bye message

For you: In time, I'll promise you that much. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the song: "Singing Got Better" by Ailee. English Subtitles up on YouTube.

New year

poems 1

It is almost the new year 

I look up at the sky and

wish you still here but

you are spending the 

New year

New year

in heaven and watching

the ball drop in New York 

from above you will be 

ringing the new year in heaven

New year 

I know you are still here

with me in spirit I feel

you walk by side me and

I know you can see me and 

Is proud of the person I be come

I know you see how I decorate

my front room and bedroom and if 

you was here I know you

will say I love how 

you decorate you

bedroom and front room 

you also know I am

moving to a new house

next year so happy 

New year 

2017 in the new year

in heaven my love

© Amanda Kay Hill



Heaven is for real

poems 1

I know some people

do not believe in God

but just let me tell you

believe in God the saver

he die on the cross for us

I know some people

do not believe in God

but just let me tell you

believe in God the saver

he die on the cross for us

I know some people 

do not believe in God 

but just let me tell you 

this God the saver die 
on the cross for us and 
he will come back and 
there are Angel here on 
earth to help us show us 
the way because I believe
in Angel because I get saved 
from death and I know 
some people get saved by 
Angel because God send them
to saved us so when our 
time is up to go to 
heaven with God the saver 
© Amanda Kay Hill 

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more poems

I know we don't know 

what heaven look like 

but I believe up in heaven 

is like here on earth but 

with more color and you 

can fly anywhere 

you want to



I know we don't know 

what heaven look like 

but I believe up in heaven 

is like here on earth but 

with more color and you 

can fly anywhere you want 

to and when you go up to 

heaven you are free and i 

believe god take the best 

so they can help him so 

when he does come back 

to get us our house up in 

heaven will be all ready for 

us to see and have fun.

© Amanda Kay Hill


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In Your Shadow

Verse 1:

Reality scares me to death.

I'm afraid to close my eyes.

Running out of places to hide.

I''ve become a ghost in your shadow.

In your shadow, I will pray for you.


Time won't stop or end.

We stand united, undivided.

Just be the light

and shine hope on

Those that need it.


Verse 2:
Where did we go wrong?

What have we left behind?

Where is God now?

In your shadow,

I will just be the light.



These days are out numbered.

Where do we go from here?

F.E.A.R - Face Everything and Rise Or

F.E.A.R - Fear Everything and Run.

In your shadow, I will pray for you.



T.H.I.N.K - True? Helpful (Hurtful)? Innovative? Necessary (Nice)? Kind?

We're running out of time.

In your shadow,

I will promise

To pray for you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

After hearing of the election results in America last night, I am heartbroken, devastated, numb, etc. I don't know what to think. This song is dedicated to the Americans in this situation who are AGAINST a Trump presidency.