Rookie Poet

Wasted life, wasted space
My memory of you has been replaced
Lies spun, tales told
And I believed them, I was sold.
How could you do that,
when I was faithful to you
And gave all that I had
To you I was true
Tear my fucking heart out
Rip it to the seams
All the while I’m unaware
Of your shameful wicked schemes
No longer my hero
No longer my friend
I blame myself; my naïve self,
For this heart I cannot mend.
Trust issues elevate,
Confidence shaken to the core
Questions unanswered, was it me?
Finally, ‘I can’t do this anymore’.
Erase the bittersweet ‘happy times’,
Rewind these six painful years,
Start afresh with a smile on your face
& straight to the pub for some beers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found out he was cheating the bastard, going on holidays with her while he was with me and sneaking out. So I sent him a nasty go f yourself message which made me feel better and now I'm out for good!

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