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Wasted life, wasted space
My memory of you has been replaced
Lies spun, tales told
And I believed them, I was sold.
How could you do that,
when I was faithful to you
And gave all that I had
To you I was true
Tear my fucking heart out
Rip it to the seams
All the while I’m unaware
Of your shameful wicked schemes
No longer my hero
No longer my friend
I blame myself; my naïve self,
For this heart I cannot mend.
Trust issues elevate,
Confidence shaken to the core
Questions unanswered, was it me?
Finally, ‘I can’t do this anymore’.
Erase the bittersweet ‘happy times’,
Rewind these six painful years,
Start afresh with a smile on your face
& straight to the pub for some beers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found out he was cheating the bastard, going on holidays with her while he was with me and sneaking out. So I sent him a nasty go f yourself message which made me feel better and now I'm out for good!

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Leap Year


It took a leap year
To fill this void I held so dear
Yet it felt like yesterday
We were standing here
Unprepared for goodbye as I moved far away

It took a leap year
I still remember when we wiped each other’s tears
I sat and reminisced, then I realized
As hours turned into months and years
How cold I’ve grown after every disguise

It took a leap year
As I walked away from another wrong
With my head held low
I found out where I belong
While I poured out feelings I once was afraid to show

It took a leap year
As my dreams took me to new heights
I’m moving south, but I need to see you on my way
Before I hit the city lights
There are a few words I’d like to say

It took a leap year
But all it took was just one more night
To find the smile that was missing from my face
Cannot believe we are under the moonlight
Together in that very same place

It took a leap year
I’m ready to take your hand
Shield you from all the things I’m about to go through
Finally, I’m amongst the stars, I hope you understand
Even though I’m everywhere, every night I’m still thinking of you

Copyright Demetrias Park 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can ask me the true meaning of this poem. This one is very personal, as it took me through emotional highs and lows. Read more Demetrias Park poetry at and, where you can submit your best work as well!

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