So That's How It Is

Fuck You

You arrogant self-absorbed son of a bitch

Fuck You

Should have known the words you whispered would switch

Fuck You

As soon as you conquered the challenge I posed

Fuck You

You stole the bloom off this fragile rose.


I offered you everything – sun, moon and stars

I asked only for caring – help to heal my scars

You knew of the wounds I’d suffered from other men

You knew I was searching for more than a friend

I gave you my faith, trust, hope and love

I thought you were the answer sent from above

You took all I gave in the blink of an eye

You left me devastated, wondering why


One time

You claim only one time with me?

Caught Feelings

You demean our talks of what we could be?

No biggie

You belittle all that you took?


You toss me out like a worn comic book?


I will heal, I will mend, with time I’ll be fine

I know eventually I’ll recover what’s mine

You on the other hand have suffering in store

You have to live with your actions in your core

I know your God has seen all your deeds

I know His forgiveness is what you will need

You are doomed I know in the future not far

Your princess’ll have a man leave a similar scar


I gave, You stole

I prayed, You rolled

I confessed, You deceived

I stressed, You leave

You’ll pay, I’ll live

You’ll suffer, I’ll give

You’ll rue, I’ll thrive

You wounded, but I’m alive

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Hard hitting words with no

Hard hitting words with no holds barred. 

the futures bright for you

its on the cards

thankyou for sharing your work

a great poem about a jerk