love ending

Cold Milk Skin



My dreams no longer hold me,
As they are a mere distraction.
Alcohol and cigarettes taint the pure shell I waxed around my brain.
Never did I think I would be standing here now,
Between dying trees and disturbed forests,
Aching for you to find me.
Past Satan's throne you may follow,
Beyond graffiti names and memories on stone walls.
Walking, searching, constantly through the maze -
To lose myself,
To leave Him behind.
I failed;
For this I am sorry, love,
As I place another stone above the dead body.
I cry for yesterday.

Rubble and underground chambers forgotten over the years,
A light which flickers dimly in the dark.
Messages whispered in long corridors;
I am lonely and need your touch.
Remaining unheard, I scream over static,
To be buried in debris at the force of my pain.

In this cemetery ground,
Beyond the forest of my invisible trails,
Is the man waiting to love his never-to-be.
In this cemetery ground,
Beyond the forest of my invisible trails,
I await my everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many things left unsaid, the undoing of an entire relationship, trying to put the pieces back up as they fall

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Whipping Girl

You have no compassion left for me
I only have disappointment waiting here for you
Just how long has it really been
Since you stopped and turned around
To realize that all these blue eyes do is cry
I used to cry for myself
Now I guess I cry for you
My love was strong
And I was always true
It never was good enough for you
I let you go
You try to pull me back in
I'm nothing but this whipping girl
That does everything all wrong
Where do you end and I begin
Just give me some more time
And I will run so far away from you.

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Among The Fallen

Lucifer standing
The lies are shallow
And he falls every night
Only to forget her smile
Time passes, memories are lost
What is left for him to see
Is tainted by the hate in her eyes
As she turns to say to him
It's your turn now to die
Just as every day another
Part of her dies
There never is any remorse
Among the fallen.

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Nothing To Do With You

I said to be true
Yet, what could you do?
To stay here forever
Or return there for always
I can't ever really say
You won't speak to me
For days and days on end
I fall so I can begin again
No matter where I go
There's your name right there
Always hanging there in the smoke
I said there's too much hurt
For me to finally make a new start
My heart is not ready to be torn apart
Not even under the light's glow
Wishing for his dark eye's to stare
Just a little bit in my direction
Then it would be so wrong
I have someone sitting at home
But his heart isn't mine anymore
So now I say instead I'll be true
It has nothing to do with you.

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Standing Alone

Quiet does not always
Represent a form of peace
Silence is sometimes
Not a symbol of thought
Mistakes are made
Forgiveness is not given freely
A soul that is destroyed
Can not be quickly rebuilt
Darkness will bring out
All of the sorrow of the heart
The circle grows smaller
Until you are standing alone
You will no longer care
The eyes are closed and dead.

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Love Fool

She wasn't hauntly beautiful
Never through his eyes
It was all jaded, faded
Too far into all her disgrace
She has nowhere to turn
This was never a true love
Soul mates scream across time
She knew that it was never meant to be
When during the cold nights alone
Lost listening to the wind stir a chime
Maybe then she can hear and believe
Faith and love sometimes are not the same
Crushed, broken, shattered lost
Nothing to see but a dream as it flees
She says to him "I can't do things this way"
His reply was "you always ruin my day"
Find a way to always manage to ruin my day
So she turns her back away
Tells him her decision he can't sway
Run on home little girl
Find your way back into the woman's now dead soul
She's just another love fool.

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Gods Toy

I thought that I rose above it all
That my fall was complete
The circle was closed
My grip was held tightly around
The tiny bit of humanity
Angels threw down to me
Just to rip it away from me
Here I now stand dead on the inside
Compassion is a glimpse of Heaven
I closed my eyes as I fell backwards
Trying to remember how love really is
What love really was
Before it became this river of blood
Sit with me for just a little while
See these blue eyes die in front of you
My heart is soul is dead
And my mind is still screaming
There is neither for me
For I am only God's tiny toy.

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Blueberry Seas

Dreams of friendship fail
Security is hopelessly lost
Travel is suspension of our fears
Just along as we stop to admire the faeries
All through the blueberry seas
To meet at the hotel of sinner's
As demon's are catching a ride
Upon the wings of the fallen fae
I now do dream
To say come hither
To chase the dragon's
While running after fireflies
All through the meadow
Feel soft grass under foot
Flowers spit their essence
To wish a smile to your face
We dreamed as we dreamed before
Blasphemy will only betray hypocrisy
During the stolen moments at the time of dusk
Beg that someone should pray for us.

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Unconditional Love

Did I ever say to you
That I never did believe in you
Why did you need to throw my love away?
So there it stands alone
I’m all alone here stranded
In your unconditional love
You didn’t believe in me
No not in me
I can’t stand here alone
In all your ruin this thing
You call unconditional love
Only breaks us down
Further breaks us down
And my sins were not against you
I tried and I walked that wire
You sat me upon
It gets cold and lonely
Waiting here for you to come home
It’s always right where the heart is
Tell me now, do you really know
Where my heart is?
Do you think it’s there with you?
Yes, maybe once before all the rules
For your unconditional love
Well, it’s breaking me apart
Goodbye is where I should start
To rebuild myself, rebuild myself
Without your love, it’s just a joke
And if they ever knew you
The way that I do
See how quickly they would run
Run from you
To run away from your unconditional love

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