Got Me On Her Clock

She got me on her clock


looking like im lost


work work work


she is the number one boss


think you can handle


I think not


she is wild and true


fire me


I bet she would too


running down the time


to set myself free


think you got everything


nah you ain't got me.


Finding her ways


to get my attention


come look at this


i'll get my detention


Got me on the clock


I think not


Click that button


I am free like rock


Nothing to do


free to look


got me sitting her dazed


thinking bout that kiss


that I shoulda took.


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Bound by the cities

Bound by another one's pity's

Expect a place to be

Or expect not want to be seen


And I'll take you as walking money

I see you as a pretty big funny

We and I, all have found our place

And you my dear, have barely found a face

Bound to me, and to my briefcase

I'll lend you a smile, but you're a secret disgrace


Find the comfort in another's eyes

But in reality, another girl will have them hooked on their clever disguise

Find a place to be

Or expect not want to be seen


Stuck in a rut

With no qualities, not knowing what

Who are you and what are you in this city?

Gone and withdrawn, alone and all shitty?

Expect a place to see

Or expect us to be mean


For you are bound

What goes around, comes around

You are stuck here, forever with me

With no voice, or founding plea


For you are bound

My slave, to paint my sacred ground

When I See You at Work

When I see you at work,

my heart starts beating faster,

beating harder.


I get this big grin on my face,

one that I have trouble suppressing.


My whole day

immediately gets better!



I get so giddy,

I get so happy!


I want to be right by your side!


I want to work as close as I can!



When you flirt

and goof around with me,


I get so happy,

and can feel it

throughout my body!



I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

I desire for you to desire me.

I think about you thinking about me!


I want you.

I need you.

I desire you.

I think about you so much!




When I see you at work,

it makes me so happy.


You make the

most boring of shifts

go so much faster!


So much easier to get through!


Oh, when I see you at work....



Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a boy I work with. I am crazy about him... but have no clue if he feels the same way! He seems to flirt with me, but I am not very experienced with this kind of stuff, So I have NO CLUE!

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Hunny's Hands

Kiss of Honey

Strong yet gentle enough to hold children when they greet you.

Skilled fingers that know kitchen tools to cook yummy foods,

and crafty to complete heart blissing projects.

Beautiful hands, even though there are scars staining the beauty.

Each scar recieves a tender kiss like you kissing the tears away.

Strong, beautiful but worker's hands.

Pride and honour held in the palms.

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Good Night

After a summer of vacation and a full two weeks of work

I decided on a short rhyme...yes the long rhyme I must shirk.


If you think your kids are tired from that homework or that quiz

Imagine how exhausted every school staff member is.


So you’ll understand why at 6:00 the rest of the world will keep


Like many teacher this Friday night...I’m heading off to sleep.

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wake up and rush.  For what reason?  Pants. Shirt. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Steve breathe!  Stop! Chill! Rush. Sprint. Bus is near. 3,2,1! Bus!  First thought, why do I put myself through this day in day out! What am I fighting for?  In the long run it's just me, I fight myself.  Your the best?  I have been told.  Am I sold!  Port authority.  Wake up!  Your in a bus.  Breathe.  15 more hours til bus.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About working for hours at a time.  Being the best at what I do.  Wondering if all the time is worth it? Am I happy?

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Peaceful Walk





Early in the Morning,


a white van, 


parked across the street,


the house being built,


new neighbors soon,


a nice family,


I met them briefly,


the man waved,


I said,  "hello",


and he said, "nice dog",


I said,


"he's been great"


and walked in the house,


my Morpheus and me.






07/12/13 6:50 pm ©


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Hours and years of work,


Up in glorious raging flames,


Cleansing the long, laborious road,


Satisfaction in the pit of my belly,


Like lying by the fireplace after 


A Thanksgiving feast,


Another unknown destination awaits,


No plan for recreation,


As love paves the way 


To this nightmare's perdition,


Gathering calls of a new intuition,


I'm basking in justice's name,


So glad to know love is the same.





10:21 PM 6/23/201 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The end of a long a arduous path brings great enlightenment and comfort.

A Job to Die For?

Chasing the tails of the thoughts round my head

Sweat tattered hair in a dream addled bed

Fingers in ears humming fret threads away

Palpitations, breath racing, oh yey! a new day.


Stripped of control, coping gold leaf thin

Tootling off round the nice tight bend

Game face is melting, watch out for the cracks

Fought life for this me and I want it back!


Disbelief, fury and tiredness by turns

Is there no bloody end to the grinding churn

Good days mistrusted then bad days withstood

Willfully, nastily, misunderstood


How much is enough? Burned body or mind?

Institutionalised daftness and soft focus lies

Good human nature - you daft trusting cow

Time for the brakes? I'd say just about now.


Too risky to leave? Too risky to stay!

Words my headstone will NOT say;

She stood by the job while it used her all up

A faithful old workhorse, goodbye and bad luck.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some of you might have read my last pissed offering on this subject and no I haven't told them where to stick the job yet,  but working HARD on creating an opportunity to do so.  Next one might be on the mental anatomy of a workplace sociopath.  Current boss is deffo a case study for that!

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