Busy Life

The noise grows louder

And my head starts to swim

Sick anticipation moves under my skin

I can hear it echo

The babbles and rambles...


click,click, click,

A drumbeat in my ears

A constant nagging on my fears

Click, click, click

I have to go faster or risk tears


The drone continues one day into the next

Click,click, click

Is all she wrote, or at least, somebody said?

Gray walls climb around me higher and higher

Wonder if the Sun still shines on the other side.


Tap, tap, tap

My fingers feel like they're bleeding

My soul draining away with each stroke of the keys

Tap, tap, tap

I wonder, is that rain?

No, rain wouldn't make my hands sore this way


Ring, ring, ring

Ignore it-maybe it'll go away

Another noise to add to the symphony's array

Ring, ring, ring

Hello? Are you there?

I can't hear above the static in the air


Ring, ring, ring

I think I heard a roar on the line...

No sir, that's not suitable or required”

Then it goes silent- “Sir, are you on the line?”

Ring, ring, ring

Forget it, not worth my time


beep, beep, beep

Oh no...what is it now?

I can't see a thing and there's no light to be found

beep, beep, beep

I was just drifting off again

envisioning boats and fairies...and Link was there...?


I shoot up, looking around the room

Only to realize, I'd fallen asleep in my cube

Blast it all, back to the grind

Maybe today will be benign. 

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