caged souls

New world order

Every city have a border

Mfm is penny hoarder

More games

Less brains

More debt

Less resistance

More slavery

Less bravery

Broken dreams

Comission streams

Numbers over names

Charts and statistics

Life is cheap

Runned by the barels

Mass production

For consuption

Infusion fed mushroom

Color lies

Poisoned fries

Tamed faces

Unsecure places

Lab viruses flies

Boxed lifes

Moving one way lines

Wrong directions

Fake reflections

Less words used

More guns abused

Kids can't choose

Nothing else to loose

Childhood is app

Battery always low

Uniformed choices

Silenced voices

Caged souls

Fight wrong wars

Peace banned

Closed doors

Paradise lost

Profit by any cost

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Whirlybird Jacks back

Here come johnny mac

With a burger in his hand.

Oh , thats you at the ice cream stand.

Selling burgers to a camel jockey

Thats talking to the Indian chief.

Hell has no fury

Like a woman scorned.

Talk to her about WHAT.

Then stick your head in the sand


I want to hear about that ice cream

Stand again.



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Perfect point

Perfect point

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In A Nutshell Basket

As many criticisms and slants at what is wrong at home and world-wide - the human minimalized by the numbers. This is evolution ~allets~




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