Communication Melted Down

Personal World

My life is one great big no communication zone,

Even at home,

With the wifi we own. 

No life, no friends, no social skills of any kind,

It's a bind

When I feel left behind. 

I love people, people love me, and it's free,

But they flee

When the going gets tough and bloody 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As my signal died and then the person I was trying to contact signal died... this popped into my head. 

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Keep your head up the time

Keep your head up the time will eventually come where the cell phone isn't even necessary

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It Idea

of walking next door for coffee and a chat is getting old-school fast. We are linked by electrons now and contact is dimiishing for many people world wide. The ultimat escapism - free to be isolated and invisible (iOkay, I'm n a mood). I freak when my system is down. It is a new disease. Alvin Toffler defined it in the sixties.


Mircro fiber withdrawal

my messages are no longer

sea-crossed. I type instead

of talk. Vocal chords

will  atrophy eventually.


Micro chip malfunctions

mean drop your life

and get to Best Buy fast.

If the tv goes, it's over.

Armageddon is defined

as no cell phones

ever again.