Obsessed with Control

When the man of the house threatens to put a leash on you,

The best step now is to see yourself out to force him to rue.


Oh, how they travel! 

Fast like a wildfire and with a burn far superior.

Oh, how they begin!

Should not those lips burn with such flavor?


And though words fall like poison,

whispered like snakes and gentle

wind; and then they all unfold. 


Dare you say another word?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Vague writing, and randomly at that. This was actually (surprisingly) not inspired by any events pertaining to myself or others (tough obviously could!). 

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Spoken Shit


Psst psst come here

I got a story about them

He did this to her

All because she did it to him


Just shut the fuck up

Quit posting your rumors

Can’t you see what it does

It gives you social tumors


Back off me, back off them

Live your own damn life

Believe me when I say

You’ll see a lot less strife



Written on

September 16, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to everyone that lived their life as a part of the rumor mill.

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