*Treat Today Like There Was No Tomorrow*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Live your life there is no time for sorrow

Is what I use to tell myself to believe

But then I realized I have little time to borrow

As God will always protect me

So I can live another day

So I can be here tomorrow

So I can live my life free

And each night I pray

To the lord above

To protect those That live so far

To whisper "I'll be okay" to those I love

Because we share the same sky

The same star

Let them know I have a long time before I die


Don't get lazy with yourself

For one day when God wants us

We will eventually have to die

And the angels will lead the way with no fuss

The ones left behind can do nothing but cry

So this I do say

Treat today like there was no tomorrow

Because you never know

When your time may come your way

And that bright warming light

It will show 

Gods angels in sight 


First thing to go is your sight

Then you frightly gasp for air

As forever will be night

And even though you past

People will always reunite and care

Because the feeling is still there 

It will always last 


So when you are here on earth alive

Your goals 

Go for it don't let it pass you by

Because you could be the next to drop

And your unfinished business

It won't get done....right there it'll stop

The things you wished you've done

Your chance for that you'll miss

Because now God with your soul he has won

So before you're a distant memory

In a persons mind

And your name is put on a stone

Treat your life so kind


Be gentle be kind

Love those you secretly love

Before they are left alone

Because you're on your way to God above

Treat today 

With respect

And thank God your alive another day

Because you may no longer be here tomorrow

You just realized that time you had

You no longer can borrow

It's really not that bad

Remember live your life like it's your last

Because before you know it 

You'll end up one day in the past

And a candle will be above your grave lit



*On The Wings Of An Angel*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The wind on my face

The clouds thick before my eyes

So soft like cotton balls

The feeling like lace

My angel calls

Keeping my grip

As my angel flies

Holding on so tight 

As we take to the bluest of skies

Such a beautiful sight

As we get up so high


Such an awesome view

From my angels wings

Flying next to the birds

Who fly among us


Up in this heavenly blis

I feel so light

So free

Down on earth

I surely don't miss

It is definitely a gorgeous sight

I can not wait until that day

I have a pair of of my own wings

I can't wait until I'm on my way

Because up here 

Time for me stands still


I have no fear 

I have stress

With the pink blues and reds

This joy it fills my heart 

Up here my life is calm

Not a complete mess

Unlike down on earth

Where my mind is never at rest 

Always fighting the demons inside me 

Everyday God putting us through these tests


I want to stay up here with my angel

I want to remain free as I do 

I want to remain as I be

On my angels wing

Feeling happy and free

And listen to the melody she sings



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my daughter shaniya helped me type up this poem. she read it and i typed it. I love her so much

*How Long Till I Fly*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

How long till I fly
The time spent
It's as it's meant 
Wondering if I'll get that high

For now I can only sigh
Wanting to know how long till I fly
Wanting to know if I will reach the sky
If I don't reach it soon I'll just die

So close I could touch
Finally I see the stars
This moment means too much


This is the time I will fly
I will reach my goal
Today I will pay the toll
I will reach the never ending sky



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is an old one and just now rereading it well ive gotten better and my poems have gotten longer lol..its always good to see how far ive come

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*Hawk Mountain*


Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

Flying way high above the mountain 
With his wings spread out so wide 
The hawk spots his pray by the spring fountain 
The pray spots the shadow and scurries to hide 

So free so peaceful in the sky 
To fly as they please 
I wish i could feel as free 
A freedom of its own in the clouds so high 
i wish through his eyes i could see 
A gorgeous sight he could of shown 
It must seem cool to live where he may be 

Hawk Mountain there is almost no worry 
For they are so far up so close to heaven 
If people don't stop hunting they will be gone in a hurry 
And their beauty will be stored only in a book 
Because people are too selfish 
The elegance The peacefulness the hunters stole they took 
Hunters do not care they just want to rich 


Banish the hatred Banish the greedy 
Lock them up and throw the key away 
Let the hawks soar free 
And not have to worry for another day 



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Catch a Rainbow

Just a thought!
Beauty in a rainbow from an afternoon rain,

 Seems to arch through the sky with multicolored stain.


Maybe fanned by a fairy and her magical wand,
In a misty colored forest bending light from beyond.


Maybe fat little leprechauns, with a coloring list

catching fairy dust run-off, from clouds in the mist


A sparkling array of colorful dreams

Shooting pockets of light, through rivers and streams


It's a "site to behold" Spectrum, this moist air glow...

I believe I'll chase one down and... catch a Rainbow.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still trying for that pot of gold'Tongue Out

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A Fever


Brilliant warm reds

caress the darkening sky

A fever pitch of

colored emotion

I am not at all

at peace

Pieces come un glu ed

with blue blurred

lines and a hopscotch

of memories

Spinning and spinning

Eyes upward, heart heartward, feet floating


I can swim but sometimes drowning scares

the hell out of me

Inside. I stay there often; too often.

Too often, time is reduced to

tentative and fleeting moments.

Brilliant warm reds

caress the darkening sky

A fevered pitch of

colored emotion

I am not at all at peace

Pieces come un glu ed

Though, sometimes-

the glow of sunshine

defrosts my thoughts

and devastates my

structured palace

The walls, they tumble down

And, in the span of two small breaths

I step outside

to not just watch

but to become.

Two small breaths


Two small breaths


Two small breaths


Two small breaths


Spinning and spinning

Eyes upward, heart heaving, feet frantic


The heavy drum of heartache

beats beats beats

I can swim

but only

if I stay inside

Only, inside.

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user img
the color of detachment
the color of peace
of the sky which
holds onto nothing
and of
of desireless seas
-saiom shriver-

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-saiom shriver-



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The clouds play out their dramas,

As they scurry across the sky.

All shapes and sizes,

Even faces,

In my mind’s eye.


They hug the hills with mist sometimes,

Or blend into golden, blood-red, blue tinged



Cloud castles,

Ocean liners on a pure glass sea.

An endless variety of forms,

From dull featureless grey

To swirling poetry.


Different every day.


Paul Butters

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nature's beauty observed.

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I Have an Unknown Friend

I have an unknown friend, who lives in the sky

Why I question him, I do not know why

I should not go to look for him, they say

But I know he'll want to look for me someday

I wonder, I ponder, even as I sleep

I dare not awake, for I have gone too deep

But again, the sun calls to another abrupt wake

Alone again, to find an answer for my sake

I take another step foward, for this I will fight

Forever wrapped in this question, how it echoes through the burning light