Sometimes The Moon

Love, Romance

Suspended in space,

All the stars in the sky,

Perfect form,

Perfect grace,

Caught up in rapture,

A celestine view,

So sure where I am...

Under the same moon as you.

Copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blissful universe as seen from earth, and above.

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And When I Look Up

Nature / Folder 1

When I go outside on a sunny day,
And I look up,
I want to see that beautiful sky.
That deep, deep blue sky,
I love it so much....maybe more than anything.
I want to see it because it feels like...

like a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter morning...

or like a cozy soft cuddly blanket--the kind that your mom keeps on the back of the couch for chilly, rainy nights.

When I go outside
On a sunny day
And I see that sky,
That deep, deep blue sky,
I know that no matter
what happens
that day,
When I look up it will be there.

And when I see that deep,
Deep blue sky,
And things do not go
Exactly right,
There will be something
that is good,
When I look up.

And if by chance that day,
Some dark, grey clouds
Come and smother the deep,
Deep, blue sky,
I will know the dark, grey clouds
Are really why I love my

When I get home,
And the day has been long,
And the day has been hard,
I will curl up on my couch,
And reach for the cuddly,

In the morning,
I will make a bowl of oatmeal,

And when I walk outside,
I want to see the sky...
Because I love it so much.

Copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About comforts.

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The Fallen Angel (Tornado)

Nature / Folder 1

                                                         Now and then, an angel falls from the sky,

                                                               It's wings have torn, We don't know

                                                                        Why, The bed of golden earth

                                                                               Below, With open arms

                                                                                    To cushion the blow,

                                                                                          This rumbling, a

                                                                                            familiar sound,

                                                                                                My life, once






Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tornado's rapture.

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Meteor Shower

If the possibility of calling you mine

were riding on a shooting star,

I'd shower in meteors. 



I dreamed of many beautiful things

I thought they're impossible to reach

I was too shy to make a voice

Had sleepless nights and lonely joy


Yesterday, I was a sinner

Now, I'm already a winner

And this is because of you

All of these I owe from you


'Cause now I'm dancing in the spotlight

Yeah,  I feel like I'm made up of starlight

No one can stop me on my way

I'll try to reach my stars today


I won't easily give up

Even if I must give much

Watch my glorious shine

In my once dark sky


I would give them all my best

Bring out the voice from my chest

Like a diamond, I'd shine

This sky was made to be mine


Right now, I'm flying through the sky

Feeling like I'm in paradise

I know this perfect moment is meant to be mine

So perfect, I can't even bother to ask why


Everything is fast changing

Like how I wished them to be

I go out and take my own lead

On earth is where you'd find my feet


I'm now dreaming of impossible things

I know I can make all  I wish go real

'Cause there is nothing impossible

Just dream like you are invincible

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When Death Feeds

Light and Dark

After the thunder

Comes the rain

After a blow

Comes the pain

After it’s done

Comes the shame

You shouldn’t have done it

Brother Cain


Did you not know

That death is hungry

Did you not know

It always needs

Did you not know

It’s never full

Didn’t you know

It eats him who feeds


Cursed are you

For killing your brother

Start life anew

Far from another

Marked is your forehead

So you’ll never forget

Your feet feel like lead

Death feeds on you yet


Why does the sky cry

When I’m crying

Why does the wind howl

As I’m dying

Why do the animals whimper

As I bleed

Why is it so cold

When death feeds?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story of Cain, the first murderer, who killed his brother Abel out of jealosy. This is written as Cain's point of view from his death-bed many hundreds of years later.  Enjoy

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Music and Light


Hours of silent music playing soft between my ears

A cacophony of symphony that no one else can hear

Notation’s expiration too instant for my reprise

Lauding life’s small moments as I gaze into the skies


Shadow fall steals soundlessly upon a deafening world

Luminosity glowing brilliantly upon a beautiful girl

Headlights highlight tenderly our forms within the field

While we lay together, and to the night-sleep yield  

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December Sky

With every whisper of her beauty flashing by
I grow old and weary
knowing she’s only here to visit
The cold December sky
We lay on this forgiving snow
To let the brumal weather let us go
And that one day we’ll forget one another
To wake and live tomorrow, as if
Today just never came


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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Missing stars.

I looked up to see
the stars high up in the skies
but they were missing
so I searched high and low
Then found them
In my new love's eyes.

Peter Dome. copyright. 2013.

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