*Tonight *

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

To night is the night 
And the mood is right 
Babi can i tell you 
I'm in love with you tonight 
The more love we make 
And the more love we take 
Boy let me tell you 
I'm not gonna let you slip away 


This night that we met 
Is the night I'' never forget 
Oh you touched my heart 
You didn't tare it apart 
And you made me realize 
I knew you were the one 
It's been years 
We've been together 
I hope our love will last forever 
Now after all is said and done 


I'm gonna make love to you 
Tonight tomorrow for eternity 
Babi our love is like magic 
Our love will never end 
My love is for you 
It will be sent with care 
Our love is pure and true 
Tonight we will find 
The love meant to be 



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