On her belt there would be ratchets

with purposes differing from one to the next;

handles made from black plastic molds

that all feel the same when reaching without a glance.

A fissure forms - a setting strays,

and from the loop a tool is sought and specified

as good enough for now, for this:

a chore that she calls a necessary evil.


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A marriage of the roses


A fornication of roses, a tearing down of the walls of innocence...

in unity we present ourselves before the goddess in this divine lust,

this marriage of sin and pleasure...

as separate flesh and separate souls we stand before the holy flame of the sacred of candle,

before the moon and heaven,

and the living and the dead, in this blood ritual, we become one.

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"L U S T"

OOOOhhhhhh, my goodness!


Just the word, the very sound of "lust",

Makes the young man's pant zipper feel it will bust!

Why is lust such a forbidden thought?

And causes the fear of God--is it what they were taught?

Lust is a word that is changing in meaning,

And some at the sound of it, sets their eyes gleaming,

They associate with sex, this word we use, "lust",

And right away, they picture a vagina, a penis, or a bust,

But truth really is, many things can be thought with its' use,

A lust for knowledge or power, can also be an abuse,

Some religions say that lust is any "wanting" we have,

Or a human who has sexual intercourse with a cat or a calve,

Other religions will tell you, that unless you have sex to impregnate,

It then becomes lusting, and your worthiness, it will complicate,

"Simple fornication" is to have sex for enjoyment,

Don't tell at heaven's gate, because hell will be your deployment,

Someone said, "Sex without love is just lust",

But there are many babies born from this, who I do declare are the cutest!!

A deep desire, is lust, that controls the emotion,

So masturbation is lust, yes, even if you use holy lotion,

I am thinking that every human being on earth lusts something,

Some lust for winning, and some lust for hunting,

Another lusts for cutting, and another for food,

We all lust, we're human, we're like animals, we're crude,

To live in moderation is the best we can do,

With balance we learn what lust is, different for me, than it is for you.

So to hell with these books, because. they all say a different thing,

Lust can even be loving too much--or giving too much if it's to that which you cling,

Any thought in excess, no matter how reverent you try,

Can turn quickly to lust, in the blink of an eye,

Just live in the moment, with the eyes of a child,

Don't ever seduce your spouse, or by you, they'll be beguiled?

Don't ever have fun, because that would be lusting,

To tell you the truth, I think this is all quite disgusting,

Maybe just crawl into a hole in a neat little ball,

Cause the way the species is going, lust will be the death of us all.

You have to figure it out for yourself, just listen with an open mind,

Don't go to either extreme, and you'll be just fine.


6:35 PM 8/5/2013  ©


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you think I covered all the bases without making it something it is not? LOL What is lust to you? That is what matters, if you ask me.

Pretending With Issues

What’s the point of a friendship when there are deeper emotions involved?

Do you want continue play mind-games or be nothing to me at all?

I never lied to myself; your comforting words was never enough for me

You should know very well what I wanted you to see

My feelings aren’t meant to be played with like a mindless doll

Never been the type to pretend not when I have issues that makes me fall

My heart desperately needs affection, beating uncontrollably for you in all directions

It longed for yours but all you had to give is an erection

Will it be you pulling the strings, manipulated by a puppeteer’s selfish motives to the end?

Can it be so simple to just pretend?

Pretend nothing is wrong from within

Your actions are telling my heart, “Stop being difficult.” Is my love for a impassionate man a sin?

The morals inside of me tells me to press on and leave from this emotional torment

It’s not a relationship but I know I want to be free from the attachment

Friends never get this attached through one’s fascination

This isn’t no love, it could simply be infatuation

Admittedly, cravings of lust for you was there

Live with no regrets, all I can do is sincerely care

If respect was ever in your category, my departure from you then you’ll understand

Romantic love is just as rewarding as intimate lust, but to learn that you’ll have to mature further as a man

Take care; I hope you realize one day my heart was one of the rarest


Treat others the same way I loved you then may maybe you will end up with a woman just as fairest  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Give me good feedback and criticism!

Dishonest Man

I'm hesistant to admit

That I've never felt this way before

I'm willing to permit

You to change me at my core


I've written poetry for girls

Who tear down my many walls

But know as this one unfurls

It's not for you at all


I'm a relationship man

Like a sweet girl, not a ditz

But  I just want a one-night stand

Or maybe friends with benefits


I've always been one for cuddling

I'll be the big spoon through the night

But these new feelings have been bubbling

Just want me some afternoon delight


My old self has been upended

These changes have left me vexed

Won't got out with the girls and be friended

But call me after and you'll get birthday sexed


Let it be known I'm not in it for the long run

But for now, why don't we give it a whirl

If we get caught, that's all the more fun

You could make a dishonest man out of me, girl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't really like this one. Not so much that I'll say I hate it, but not enough that I'll still post it here and pretend I don't want anyone to see it. Wrote it on my lunch break: practice makes perfect.

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This Is Wrong

Our chairs are facing each other

Great inches apart, mere worlds away

Our eyes are stuck on one another

So I close in on her with no delay


Music is playing but all vibrations stop in the room

The fan is blowing quietly but inside I feel a monsoon

Each centimeter moved is a stride as I burst from my cocoon

Our lips delicately converge on this most glorious night in June


As our mouths move slowly it drains from me

All of my, um, what's that word again, let me see

A word that means to speak good, 

Swell? Well? Oh hell.


The seconds pass too quickly when

I get this sudden, um, not again..

A word that means like, to feel, 

but physical, like your nerves, you know, real


Anyway, this feeling, it feels good

I can't name it either, I'd tell you if I could

A word that means like super happy, 

It's also the name of a drug, LSD?


My mind stops working, it's falling apart

But we've got this, connection? No. Ugh, brain fart.

It's like a connection, means we're in sync.

I'd tell you the word, but I just can't think.


Suddenly she pulls away and opens her eyes

I start to breath again like I've never done it before

Oxygen hits my brain, rebooting, it comes as a surprise

The words I couldn't remember returning once more


Articulation! Sensation! Ecstacy! Rapport!

These terms once unattainable, now creatively pour

The poetry came back to me, "An artist again!" I roar

Until I see her gaze searching along the floor


I reach out and tightly grip the small of her back

I feel my IQ dropping fast, my poet's mind starts to crack


I swiftly pull her closer and place her on my lap

The words leave me again as my wisdom turns to crap


Our lips reunite and my heart takes a leap

But at the same second my brain goes back to sleep


As her tank top flies out of my hand and softly hits the ground

I feel my brain blink off, it just completely shuts down


I feel braindead now, but I can't stop. Should I try it?

You know what, fuck it. My body can work on autopilot

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was my third attempt at a piece for a poetry slam I'm going to try my skills at soon. The first two I liked, this one I was hesitant about. It's one of those ones you have to go back and reread. I feel like the verbal performance wouldn't do it justice.

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Living a life im not proud of leading, yet I still remain here, never have I though about leaving. Support you I will, even though what I do doesnt show what I feel. I dont think we would make it, and I hate having to fake it. But this is what we made, what we created. There werent no mistakes, there was just some bad choices, thats why we must follow through with this, and not ignore quiet voices. We will fight together, because its what we chose, but there will be no fairy tale, there will be no prose. Decisions were made without considering, and life will be lived without ever remembering.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about lust, and pregnancy. But about commitment and hate. Take the message how you want it. It can have many meanings. Please comment with what you think.

An Expression Of Love

I am gravely sorry
That you hold pain within you.


We share love,

Whether you choose to accept it
In your reality or not.


I am empathetic towards your pain.


I am not a psychiatrist.
I am not a psychologist.
I do not know how to control your delusions,
Only you know how to do that.


I do know this.

When you can clearly see,
That keeping your mouth shut,
Instead of opening it,
Is hurting far more people
Than it is helping...'s time to open your damn mouth.



05/19/2013 10:04 AM ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all choose our delusions in life.

The Metaphysicist


She was an aqua butterfly fluttering her iridescent in the frigid winds of the north 

Searching and wandering though she was not lost only to be found.


She hugged every morsel of the tree with reverence loving it and becoming it.


And she was all thoughtless we had but no mind of our own

But she swore by these paragons of deliberate hatred and what she wanted was to be a perfect memory to every man who was arrogant enough to experience her body.


She glittered with desire, breaking so easily, so tarnished, so gone. She was fooled and damp with hatred 

She knew from behind her back that she was nothing of my knowledge. 


She terrified me and chilled me to the very nomadic wanderlust of my soul.

And when she was recognized every part of the metaphysical realm came alive.

At two she rose and watched the butterfly fall beneath her waist and flutter

And those who fell broke to the scent of her glittering perfume, and the rubies and roses all became her through the damn wall she used to be me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the first poems I ever wrote, I was about 13 at the time.

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