These wallas are crimbling down,
the floor is caven in,
i fight too grasp something,
but i slip at every chance,
I will soon fall to my knees, as i did before,
this time I fall harder,
the waves crash down, drag me out to sea,
im treding water,
its getting harder to breathe,
there no shore line, not a person in sight,
im going under,
it looks as I might lose this fight,
I'll let the tide drag me to my death,

as I close my eyes, too see her beauty on last time...

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Savoir Save Me!
Please don’t let me fall
Any more
Broken, dying on the floor
I need you God!
Keep me from killing myself!
It’s all my fault
Six years of death every day
My conscience is seared
Just to white wash my tomb
I forget how to feel
Are you still here?
This is all my fault
I’m the only one to blame
How do I get back in your arms again?
How can I be strength to another
When I am so weak?
How can I hold someone up
When I’m sliding
Help me…..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's this?


Constant craving
yearning desires
endless longing
hopless wanton

driven to distraction
obsessed with passion
lost in carnal thoughts
heartbreak for heaven

what's this? A cruel trick?
does the devil indeed despise
me so much that he pretties up lies
and tosses my trouble before my lusty eyes?
take your glitter fuck dust its time for a reprise

Now, let me look at you with new eyes!
fuck! Its still the same!

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the experiments piece #1

naughty ramblings

i dig you deep in ways that i don't want to describe

things you think you see and say i hide

are not exactly what they seem to be,

and though you like to think that this is my influence and thought processing of you,

even though i consider you my boo,

you are so much more

including the not to be ignored

knowing you insures that i have endured more

than it seems or i'll admit

and has transpired

because our interactions keep my thoughts higher

and don't spit

it's even truer

sometimes when my thoughts go in the sewer

because there are fewer

willing to sift through what's true for what's real,

which is not about how i feel

or whether i can deal

but if this is in fact real...

is it real?

you think i conceal

out of fear that this will end

but that all depends

on what you want it to be

cuz for me

it is a good dream that is a glimpse into the space

right before i get to the place

that i dare not race for

i want summore

cuz parts of you i simply adore

and others i simply want to explore

until my checklist of getting used to you is torn into the many pieces

that only genius

can put back together

so i say it's whatever

and whether or not

you find me hot

never really mattered since you were my experiment

into the compliment of feeling content.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i will love this existence as much as the others...

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Imperfect Love

A lustful impulse
stimulated my cerebral valve
as I culminated to a high
reached only by an intellectual dissolve
though it seems good when first tasted
it left me searching constantly
looking for something to replace it
Seeing a sound of stillness,
Hearing the taste of death,
cringing at the inability to control the garden,
sobbing for time wasted.
it reminded me of
Candle flame like flutters
I could not catch myself
I had a mental complacency
Over throwed by an overcrowded shelf
the room around me spun vehemently
as if I was on a wild ride
life was rotating heavily against my will
where is balance
where is grace
where is calm
where is love
As I meditated on the dialect
it became like two days late
Gut Tight feeling
I could only imagine
And wish
of a mink coat softness
Able and willing
I thought I could bruise the head of all that slithered
but the strength and courage that blossomed
only seemed to wither
he said his way was sweet
but my lips became bitter
how soon has a man fallen from grace?
prepare for me a yolk of ease,
PLEASE make this burden lite.
Time is looking,
eternity is panting
and my heart draws closer to the night.
Cascading through my thoughts
Contagious it became
As I continued to taste it
Lust found satisfaction
Then He showed me
how to lace it
How do I return from a high
that's taken me to the depths of myself?
no recourse
every which way I turn
seems to lead me further from a detour
my soul is flooded like the streets of Ybor
drowning, can't swim, no breath, sea floor
Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, tread –
in the mental firmament
from the emotional firmament
I'm soaked with dread!
I’m unsought and sinking like lead
I'm finger counting my reverts
Anticipating the impact
rock wasn’t at the bottom, recourse
so I lift my voice in love
while sweat pours violently to my seat
I hope
I can stand to my feet
I have faith
So I surrender myself
And through my weakness
His love became perfect

By: Jeremy Baker - Christa Douse - David Johnson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Welcome Christa to Word Play!

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A Cruel Reality

a cruel reality - money fame & lust
They claim to be victims in a system of society,
young men raised to have women in variety,
cash makes you dope
and fame gives you power,
this is the good life
we make it rain like a shower
Tantalized by roundness,
with infuriating competition,
distilled by failure,
and fulfilled by culminations
but enthralled by illuminations,
figures of a seductive silhouette
but can't see it's the body of Satan
derailing the minds complexity,
but enthralled by her tongue, Latin
strange woman,
she hangs on em
and preys on em,
with a kiss
she kills Adams' descendants
so they develop vixen disconnect,
and establish cash flow,
becoming constituted to their dinaros
as Esteem becomes routine,
confiscating under table hooks,
while praising adulterous tendencies
and accommodating diablo looks
Until your face becomes a painting in Picaso's book, disfigured
a snare straight through your liver
dysfunctions force reflection, go figure
the cruel reality,
lust made'em suspect
emerging like a rose from the concrete, Shakur,
and now scientology invested, for respect
took more shots than the wild wild west
they told her,
her only assets where her legs and her chest
so at night she couldn't rest unless a man was in the nest,
One day it finally led to an arrest
the cruel reality
the money fame & lust became dust, twin towers

By David Johnson & Jeremy Baker

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jeremy and I play a game called word play and this is what we came up with. He does a line, then I do a line and we keep going till we feel we're done. Enjoy!

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my life is being lived backwards.
i began young with grown up ways.
now i just want to have fun!
i'm feeling greedy and hungry!
love me, need me, feed me!
i'll wrap myself around you and take you into me.
just let me have all of you
and i'll give you my everything!
i want you to focus on me.
put me in the center of your world.
revolve around me baby!
revolve around me!

i'm bubbly and so alive!
your life just jumped off its boring track.
hop onto me and never look back!
i ride every wave of ecstasy you bring.
you carry me away with every breath.
love me, want me, eat me!
you'll fill me up with your seed and i'll be what you need.
this isn't your typical affair.
fate brought us together on the luckiest of days.
now we take this path because we dare!
together we can rule this world!
revolve with me baby!
revolve around each other forever!

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Brothers Divided

Azrael's War

"My brother, the one I love, the one I shall never see again; you speak of love, you speak of passion, yet was it not I also who loved you, who also stood by your side just as you stood by father's? Your lust for the mother divided our love; cast me out from your grace. Your desire for rebellion is reason for your shame, and my anger is only surpassed by my pain; the pain I shall carry for eternity; the pain of knowing I shall never set my eyes upon you again, or lie in your bosom. Your loss shall not be in vain."

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Within His Wet Dreams...(Eroticism)


It is the look in his eyes that intrigues me
Followed by mental passion excitement
Overwhelms me with sensitivity
Electric stimulations hits me deep
Power surges move within me
Shocking me intensely
As you kiss my neck
Lick me down my back
Submitting to our tantric stimulation
Has my thighs aching
Craving your sweet kisses
Please go deeper
As you search my treasure map
Dig a little harder
Yeah thats it right there

As sweat drip down my thighs
I love the way you make me high
Take me on this orgasmic ride
Thank you for allowing me to relax
Within the presence of your sexual essence
As you touched me in places
No other man would dare to go
As oceans of orgasms breached the seams
Thank you for unleashing me

You will never understand how i have longed for this
Too many nights have passed alone in this abyss
To many morning awaking from these dreams horny
Wishing i could just call out to you
When the urges hit me
You know when the thought of you
Makes my thighs weak and my pussy leak
Yes at that very moment when it begins to throb
Deep down inside my thighs
Waiting for you to come nourish me

Unleash me
Untie me
Fuck it Sweetie
Allow me to breach the seams
Kiss my back
As you stroke me intensely
Hell bring out the freak in me
Allow me to be that slut
You be fucking in your wet dreams
Come on Sweetie
I anit no punk
Give it to me uncut and raw
I wanna feel you deep in my belly
Crawling up the spine of my back
Dusting off this pussy
As you licking the cob webs away
Peirce my soul Sweetie
Hold on tight
I promise i want fight

Will you let me kiss your neck
As i suck on your adams apple
Kissing my way down your chest
As i relax my head
As I kiss your belly button
As I kiss the small of your head
Licking down the veins
That drives you insane
Allow me to enjoy you
As you enjoy every kiss
Every lick takes you deeper
And deeper within
The circle of my cyclone

Let's ride the storm Sweetie
Until our bodies explode
Pull my hair Sweetie
Make me scream
As you make love to me
Turn me over
Spank dat ass
Bit my neck
As you grab my pussy
From the front
Allowing me to bust
From your deep thrust
As i am screaming out for more
You dont mind giving me
Just what i need
And i dont mind Wetting you up
Because it relaxes me
Damn I love your Wet dreams..

© 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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