Catch a Rainbow

Just a thought!
Beauty in a rainbow from an afternoon rain,

 Seems to arch through the sky with multicolored stain.


Maybe fanned by a fairy and her magical wand,
In a misty colored forest bending light from beyond.


Maybe fat little leprechauns, with a coloring list

catching fairy dust run-off, from clouds in the mist


A sparkling array of colorful dreams

Shooting pockets of light, through rivers and streams


It's a "site to behold" Spectrum, this moist air glow...

I believe I'll chase one down and... catch a Rainbow.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still trying for that pot of gold'Tongue Out

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Shadow Dancers

Just a thought!

Moonlit wings dancing in shadows, delicate silken veils engulfing this sweet silhouette.

With every turn, stirs of stardust illuminate her barefoot ballet.

Baby breath hair wisping the air as a sensuous stare peeks through the edge of darkness.

Her innocents motions to draw me in with a soft caress of her lips.

In angelic allure, she whispers my name. Lustfully, I reach for a moments touch.

My mind seduced by this temptress dove, entangled in a blissful abyss,

I am suddenly awakened by a swift palpitating heart.

With a deep breath, regaining composure, I escape captivity to remain...outside the shadows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got the idea from a little birdie...I think it was a Dove'

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The Dance

10th grade

Sexy skeleton playin' the bass

mindless mushroom without a face

withered pumpkin, dance to the drum

smoke seeps quite softly from bottles of rum


Woman plays banjo, closes an eye

clouds hurry over as rain leaves the sky

catching the raindrops, my bucket is full

I throw it aside and give in to your pull


Dance doesn't cease though the fire's burnt out

it's been way too long since the start of the drought

no one unhappy, the angels exhale

my baby is laughing though strikingly pale


Orange encompasses incoming light

man raises arms in the middle of night

moons fall like water, and piercing my hand

cold to the touch but feel hot as they brand


Windows of stained glass make no sense to me

give me your arm and write down what you see

I can't remember, my love is asleep

the place where he lay is a secret I keep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has always stuck with me for weird reasons. It's kind of an amalgamation of bits and pieces I remembered from three separate bizarro dreams. 

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Walking through the hallways of my life's past
Important memories are the pieces that last
Thoughts of family and friends decorate the walls
As I grow older some pictures fall
I take trips there sometimes not planned
Strolling down the street an aroma makes me land
Back to the hallway when I was only eight
My grandma's cooking, and the wonderful taste
Older now sometimes I drive,
My mind takes me there, Im so alive
My father teaching me, breaking in my glove
Learning to ride a bike, and my first love
I come to the hallway often unannounced
It brings a smile to my face, pains not even an ounce
I wish I could stay here but I only pass
Back to the real world I must crash
Constant construction is done to the hallway
As it is always growing, and I make my way
Through this world, memories compile
I never leave for long, Ill be back in a while
The hallway is holy, but can also be bad
Thoughts of hardships, and times gone bad
But when I visit, I like to have fun
Im just in my 20's, the best trips have yet to come



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I tried wrotem trying to convey getting lost in thoughts, and dreams. Any feedback would be great!!

Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Four and Five

An hour pass midnight, my curse is

sleepless, mind weary, creative

thinking, imaginary vision; sleep-

walking in my dreams between



Too walk in the dark one must

embrace the darkness, welcome

Moloch into your dreams, be aware

of the shadows that walk besides

you; often three shadows follow me

....nothing else matters once you

have sold your soul, enjoy the night

,and let the fire burn!


I met a lover in the shadows of the

night; her darkside is similiar to mine

, same interest, struggles, and

addiction....when all is quiet, stoner's

asleep, tweeker's hiding, and prosti-

tutes gone home, my lover and I get

naked and fuck at the crossroads

under dark skies, no moonlight....

only shadows!


Curse the damned, blasphemous,

heaven's abomination including me....

pale horse rider of the armageddon

with sinister ways; my name was

never written in the book of life!


Invocations to the dark, evil, and

unholy with sacrifice will open the

nine gates of hell; be careful when

evoking the spirits of darkness; if

your mind is not ready for what is to

come, your heartbeat will stop at

the sound of my feet approaching

your dreams, destroying your



It is 2:10AM, invocations to the dark

side are becoming rituals, rites of

dragula, perversions, and manisfes-

tations; Lucifer speaks in demonic

tongues, no need to translate, I

understand! Invocations to Lillith

with ghost songs in cemeteries at

the witching hour; my soul possess,

the evil within bleeds over the tombs

of the dead!


SoulKritic 2014 Copyright

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curses and Invocations....

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Ambient Mood


Ambient Mood


Softly aglow in the heavenly parlor,

set amid countless stars gathered by night

Outside the window - a moon of amber shine,

capturer of souls with its enchanting light


With a glimmer from mist in transfixed eyes,

hypnotic lure prompts inspired thoughts to muse

Far off on a world where hopes find their home,

fulfilled life and heart are the ones you choose


Swept up by the whispers of overhead skies,

dormant voices in self - from here to there

Images erasing shadows - fashioned by strife,

tears into smiles from the breath of despair


Peering past the room to further than beyond,

foreign dreams to slumber waken to opened mind

Pleasures that await - familiar for this while,

replace toils tossed away, leaving them behind


Beside your bed, curtains whisked by a breeze,

ambiance - with songs from a Whip-poor-will

Summer eve sounds help instill the pensive mood,

from comfort of pillow - destiny to fulfill


Softly aglow in the heavenly parlor,

set amid countless stars gathered by night

Outside the window - a moon of amber shine,

capturer of souls with its enchanting light


© C.E.Vance

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Next Lifetime

I find it unbearable 
to   look,
at   times,
 a beauty so fair 
my eyes  
should  not 
contain  nor
      spy .    
         pink foot-prints  
      dance a lovely dance 
 across my grey brain,
   and your scent
      plays chase 
          with my pen.
Maybe next lifetime.
For in this
    life that we're in,
      I find it hard 
        to ignore
      If this force that I feel
     Is some time portal 
and your body;  
once mine 
to explore
   until that day;
   may I bask in the embrace
                 of your 
eyes                                from afar?
                   your mind
          do you              long for
                   the    same ? 
I have felt eternitys blue eyes
   tip   toe   up    my    spine.
So              maybe
 ill see you   next lifetime;     
Ive got
to chill  
 and the 
of the  
 dont be late.
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A Peyote Vision

Ten thousand hungry eyes 
sting my flesh
in the white hot light.

Feeding the ambiance:
a cool blue glow,
affixed to the trusses above.

The cigarette smoke curls 
and winds playfully thru
the languidly humid air;

she dances for me 
like a care-free spirit, 
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Dream Maze

The first time he realized that he’d

just awoken from one dream into another,

he was somewhat shocked, almost

flabbergasted at the thought.

When it happened again much of

the enthusiasm remained but not all.

Then, the third time he was rather

frustrated that he’d dreamed a whole

day, but awoke to the rising sun once more.

The fourth time really was a long day,

because he did not know if he was still

dreaming, or if he was actually awake

and so the whole day he kept thinking

He’d blink and awake yet another time.

The fourth did turn out to be the final layer

of his dream maze, and he was thankful.

He’d nearly become lost in his own mind,

and he did not wish to venture back.

Then again, who's to say he isn't lost in there still?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream within a dream is very disorienting, especially if there are more than one.

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