Take a Look Inside

Verse 1:
Take a look inside:
What do you see?

A divergred road in two?

Or a new journey?


Take me into your arms

'Cause you're my safe haven, babe.

If I already knew

That you were mine to keep,

I wouldn't have wasted time.


Verse 2:
Take a look inside:
Will you choose the diverged road

Or a new journery

Of life's mysteries?


Now, things are collapsing

Onto my feet again.

Take a look inside:
What do you see?


Now, the time has come for me

To put myself into your arms tonight.

Wrong or right,

I won't even try. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song I wrote today about looking inside and asking the person you love to look inside themselves to see what they truly think about you two being in a relatoinship, etc. It's about unrequited love, basically.

Galactic Love

My Everything

The weight of your eyes

Are upon me.

I cant help but be transparent. 

You undress me 

Without my clothes ever falling

You discover bits of me

Like Im all the stars in your galaxy

Day after day 

Our universe grows larger

I am the black hole

Bringing you in and never letting go

Taking you places

That dreams never dared



Slowly slipping,
Letting the darkness consume,
My eyelids grow heavy,
And I slip away.

Into a land,
Where anything is possible,
Where love is most important,
And adventure runs the world.

A land to be forgotten,
At the fateful time,
When my eyes open again,
And reality manifests again.

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Dreams Of A Statue Boy

On a trip, to a museum I was.
There a statue, made of grey stone I saw.
Statue of a little boy.
In his hands holding a jar.
Filled with fireflies, was that jar.
And at it, he was looking.
I looked into his eyes, which were telling me something.
In his eyes were some dream.
They told me that, he wants to walk.
The boy made of grey stone.
He lives in museum, standing alone.
And loneliness, makes him cry.
And no one hear his any moan.
He wants to go out, and enjoy the open air.
And birds sitting on trees he wants to stare.
And look at roses, and in winter, girly red noses.
And a friend, to them, everything to share.
And catch fireflies himself.
And put them in the jar.
And he wishes that he had a home with a shelf.
To put that jar on.
And sleep when he's tired of standing.
But he wishes what is against the nature.
Because he is just a stone made creature. 

​Song Of The Stable Boy

On the far away empty island
In that ancient cottage
Veil of the night covers the face of the land.
As you keep looking out of the window
At the moon and clouds making the shape,
like an arrow of foam with a silver bow.
Surrounded by the trance of nostalgia.
And behind the worn curtain,
I secretly am filling all the jars with,
sweet wishes and pinkish desires.
Now it’s time to change the climate of your heart.
It's time for you to turn around.
And make some loud amazement's sound.
As I open the jars,
filled with fireflies.
As they fly spread inside the dark room.
And fill your face with surprise.
So you could fill lightning bugs,
into the lake of your eyes.
Smelling the petrichor after rain of sparkles,
I take your hand and we keep couple dancing.
So I could look into the world,
behind the curtain of your eyes.
All these dreams and fantasies are no ordinary,
but sometimes stable-boy find's his Cinderella.
Because sometimes, "Dreams do come true." 

Icarus (day 70)

Maybe flying too close to the sun just had something to do with

needing the light,

chasing the dawn


The people of sparks understand

with their earth walls and their lanterns,

forever searching for something they don’t know

but they know they need


Maybe flying too close to the sun just had something to do with

loving the sky,

breathing pure stardust

while he still could


I feel his longing like a stab to my chest

down here on the ground,

the only time I get close to the light

is with my back to the grass

staring up at the stars.


I want to go out with a burst of smoke-

not a candle, a firework-

maybe then I’ll meet Icarus

on the surface of the sun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/7/16


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A frame down the hallway,


in the shadowed, normal.


moving under the skin


so quietly speaks the broken.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

something about that----feeling

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Better Together

Can it be that we have an inseparable bond like platinum? 
Could not have mistaken if we're better together (for you or for me?) 
For us, time holds and has no boundaries (the sky is boundless) 
Fly me away into your dreams (free my soul) 

Shine on me someday to just be the light 
The one that frees me soul, my all, my ender 
Ender's game, they say: better pray now 
'Cause we're better than ever (we're better together) 

I'll pick up the pieces and build a popsicile stick house 
Our sacred dream home: if things go wrong, I'll build a new one 
Our love saves us: eternally your's, I'll always be 
Our hearts are eternally in the afterglow. Our hearts set a fire. 

I don't have to be the one who completes you. 
I may not be your better half after all. 
Maybe, it's true that we're better together 
But I may not be the one for you if you're still hurting... 

Still, I see through you, your pain, suffering, and denial 
The tears are evident in your face... 
Maybe, I'm just not the one for you after all...this time... 
Could you still say we're better together?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014.


Stretching past these divergent roads (divergent roads), 
I've come to realize that a change of pace (a change of pace) 
Are a continuous, steady flow of life (steady flow of life). 
A wave of life, if you must say so (if you must say so). 

In the time that flows (flows plentifully) 
The flower petals floating down the river (down the river), 
And the river that flows in you (river that flows in you) 
Do let it pass and shine on us tonight (shine on us tonight). 

Why worry? A worrybomb ticks in the distance. (ticks in the distance) 
So close yet so far. (Where'd you go?) 
It's driving me crazy (you drive me over the edge). 
I've been standing too close to the edge (too close to the edge). 

Disengage this worrybomb (disengage, in silent disarray). 
Up all night, I wonder (I wonder if you think of me). 
'cause I'm scared to know that I'm always on your mind (on your mind). 
Somehow and someday, we'll collide (we'll collide into each other). 

Let our evanescent glow of light shine (let it shine). 
Our hearts are eternally set in the afterglow (in the afterglow). 
Encompassed in it are our lives (pain dissipates). 
Shine one me and free my soul (free my soul).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014. Will post more as time goes by. Wrote notebooks full of songs in 2014.