by Jeph Johnson


The plane crashes
waking me
from a Saturday afternoon slumber...



I must call my mother!


...for I am crying and sobbing


Tears and snot reservoirs
flood behind my nose
damning my will


I wonder if my breath
is still worth grasping for
as I dial


she is not home
but has a new cell phone


I jot the long distance number down


after three rings her voice
reassures me she's still there


"But mom, it was me who was in the crash!"


I thought I was alright
-even mad that I wasn't able to sue!
I laid in the airport on a stretcher
you came right away to snuggle
...comfort me in my pain...
and brought me a book called "MNO"


The older I get
the less I can do for myself
My nursery was spotless,
my bachelor pad
is like the set of
Saving Private Ryan
with sentiment
but without purpose


young attractive girls
rear their ugly heads
everywhere I go
(it used to be Jesus)


maybe someone can help
sort through compact discs,
pop culture and porn,
pictures and trinkets,
baseball cards and posters
and maybe someone can
even alphabetize my books
putting the one you gave me
from the dream
in the middle

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First Dance

amongst the clouds I soared

adrift a calm...... blue...... sea...

I felt like a stranger to my own body

I know I haven't changed, but Ill never be the same

I couldn't look in his eyes

frightened of what I might see

startled by what I felt

eyes I could never ......ever tire of

my hand in his.....trembling

his arm around me.....so strong and yet I was scared

bodies pressed together .......yearning, craving

I felt his gaze....temperature rising


I felt every word he sang ......spinning

I close my eyes .......breathing deeply......a sigh

checks flushed........life had just begun!

deep gasp..........memorizing his scent

filling my lungs

all my unanswered questions ......answered

gaping wounds .......healed

touching me so deep within

making me hungry for love

reaching where No one has ever been

broaching unbridled passions

was it really him

how did he find me......he traveled so far

so many years I have waited

could it truly be him??

music fading, room growing darker

opening up I felt his very soul

silence, calm, completeness, final I was home,

all this with , but that first dance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

perhaps it truly was not only the first dance but maybe
it was the dance of a lifetime.....perhaps I dream too much lol....Im quite unsure.......however
thoughts of a time I will forever cherish ...will
always bring a smile to my face!
what a DEAL!

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Whistles this dream

     Full spectrum trance

     Shrill plummetting

     Down the mind's ears

     Striking it's heart

     Drean claws

This'll be my train

     Aurapierced man

     Leaves the scene

     Then gunfire

     Scares the other cats

     Absinthe darkness

Old coat and white face

     Ne'er betray hollow rust

     Spent days

     Until the dusk of this eve

     Had never been


Sharp shot insight

     The shunned light of this

     Never allowed Box of pain

     The tramplers

     Heavy riding and swift

Withers and fades

     Like Hiroshima and

     Dresden in the collapse of all logic

     Void of feeling

     Then gunfire scares the other cats

     Absinthe darkness

Sleeps like a baby

     Aurapierced man

     Pay him no mind

     He was just a dream

     Hey lover

     They're dropping the bomb

Whistles this dream

     Wild shrieking

     Hammer of delight

     Shredding his sould and vanishing


     With the click of handcuffs

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Dreams, Reality, Lifes Finality

When all your dreams

  become reality...

Thus you have reached -

  the climax...

     Life's Finality.                    


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a thought

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Chocolate Dreams

Dreams like choclate melt

they so quickly dissapear.

Both symbolize how I felt

about the one I see dear.

The chocolate makes sweet

sweetness in thier soul.

But melts away with heat

leaving in them a hole.

The dreams show life

or what it  should be.

You at my side,me your wife

but I must be free.

Like chocolate deams melt

to become nothing in the sun.

All in the past,How I felt

now I'll never call you hun.

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by Jeph Johnson


We had some sort of sex last night or something to the intimate equivalent.


She let me touch her as she smiled and I believed again in bliss for I recalled it once existed.


And those smiles were accompanied by the soft and gentle closing of emerald eyes.


Her cheeks faintly kissed my fingertips as I began painting a mural of the only real glimpse I've ever had of love.


Even in my dreams my art's misunderstood, for I woke up long before I should've.

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Doom like fog combs through the Devil’s Backbone

Lengthening into strands of melancholy

Dampened by sweet…sweeter tears.

Feel the missing beats stolen by fright?

Awakening, arousing the most sound?

Night sweats and dreams,

Dreams lost to the living but for snags

Here and there.

Cross over the Devil’s Backbone

Back to earth,

Back to life.

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What Is Peace to You?

Can you see peace?

Can you taste peace?

Or can you feel peace?

Those answers are unexplainable

It is what peace is to you

Sometimes magical

But also mysterious

You never really know peace

Until you can feel it in your heart

But even then it is still unexplainable

Sometimes you can mistake peace being love

Because most of the time peace is love

But not from a person

But from God up above

So now you should be able to tell me your answers

And if you still don't understand about peace and love

Just pray to God from up above

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope you enjoy!!

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