Monthly Archive for June 2003

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Maybe Poem arecreed 1 Jun 1st
our dark love Poem baby_bear 1 Being Loved Jun 1st
When we first met Poem baby_bear love Jun 1st
My Hometown Poem chubbsmahone Jun 1st
Torn Away from Normal Poem ericaca525 Jun 1st
Wasted Poem ericaca525 1 Jun 1st
You're Right Poem ericaca525 Jun 1st
My Drug Poem ericaca525 1 Jun 1st
Trembling Pulse (lust/Romance) Poem humanpulse 3 Lust Jun 1st
Untitled 40 Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 1st
I hear You calling Poem jesusmyjoy Hidden Love Jun 1st
The flower Poem jesusmyjoy Spirituality Jun 1st
Us Poem jesusmyjoy family Jun 1st
Bogus Fabricator Poem jgupta 3 History/Past Jun 1st
MUSIC OF THE SOUL Poem journey_through_life 1 Life/Living Jun 1st
OUR JOURNEY Poem ladydp2000 romance Jun 1st
AS I REMEMBER Poem ladydp2000 romance Jun 1st
THE LEGACY Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Jun 1st
OUT OF THE DARKNESS Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Jun 1st
AS WE WALK Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jun 1st
I HOPE YOU DANCE Poem ladydp2000 Fate/Destiny Jun 1st
I PLEDGE MY LOVE Poem ladydp2000 Poetry/Writing Jun 1st
CREATE A NEW HEART Poem ladydp2000 love Jun 1st
UNDERSTANDING MY WORLD Poem ladydp2000 Change/Transition Jun 1st
5 steps til hell Poem oh_so_odd 3 Jun 1st
Overnight Angel(Nettajack challenge) Poem omnesole 1 Jun 1st
child's play Poem ontheverge Abuse Jun 1st
Spaghetti and Meatballs Poem pkpbc1950 4 Devastation Jun 1st
Used Poem poeterri 2 Jun 1st
"Lost Faith" (from a baptist) Poem rayjax12 Jun 1st
Ode To Richard Wilbur Poem saiom Jun 1st
Animals Can Catch Covid 19 Poem saiom Jun 1st
137 Types Of Republican Vote Fraud, Election Theft In 2020 And For 200 Years Before Poem saiom eliminating Democratic polling places etc, gerrymandering, vote purging Jun 1st
Little Waterfall Poem saiom Jun 1st
Blue Handed Waterfall, Trees Wed To Rain Poem saiom 1 Jun 1st
My Jesus Of The Hundredth Lamb, Pulled By Light, Peter In Gethsemane Poem saiom Jun 1st
Grey, White, Purple, Brown, Amber Communions Poem saiom Jun 1st
Litany Poem saiom Jun 1st
Rome Fountain Horse Poem saiom Jun 1st
Commonwealth Countries, Canada, Russia Poem saiom Canada, Commonwealth Countries, Helsinki, RUSSIA Jun 1st
* Poems To Scorpio 11 Poem saiom Jun 1st
Give it All to You Poem silo11 Jun 1st
Deceit Poem tajuta 1 Depression Jun 1st
MALAYSIAN HAIKU JUNE 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 1st
PRECIOUS HAIKU JUNE 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Abstract Jun 1st
Satanic Fox Network Poem truths Jun 1st
Yahoo Ripping Off Egroups Poem truths 1 Jun 1st
God Stop The Health Departments Poem truths Jun 1st
Prayer For Africa Poem truths 1 Jun 1st
Prayer For Michael Powell Poem truths 1 Jun 1st
A Friend Poem zendog8 1 friendship Jun 1st
A Feeling Poem zendog8 3 Jun 1st
Date With An Angel Poem zendog8 Jun 1st
A love To Remember Poem zendog8 2 Jun 1st
What Is War? Poem zendog8 1 Jun 1st
To Forget Poem zendog8 Jun 1st
A Star That Shines So Bright Poem zendog8 1 Jun 1st
A Red Rose Just like you Poem zendog8 1 Jun 1st
I Love Poem zendog8 Jun 1st
a birds view Poem becca 1 Jun 2nd
Blah Poem branbran Jun 2nd
His touch Poem chelsie Jun 2nd
Secrets Poem connie 1 Jun 2nd
16 year old heartbreak Poem danibelle Jun 2nd
Unravelled Poem dolphin Immaturity Jun 2nd
SAC "office" Poem dolphin friendship Jun 2nd
The Dancer Poem dolphin Jun 2nd
FAKE! Poem ericaca525 1 Jun 2nd
Fading Love Poem ericaca525 Jun 2nd
drive Poem hushbaby Jun 2nd
D R E A M S Poem inditanu 1 Jun 2nd
Kreuzfahrt Poem jgupta Betrayal Jun 2nd
Cruise Poem jgupta 3 Forgiveness Jun 2nd
Untitled -- 5.1.2003 Poem mrmetal_53 1 Word Art (ASCII Art) Jun 2nd
Throw Me About Poem nat_w_dogg Jun 2nd
Goooodnight Poem oh_so_odd Jun 2nd
MY PET Poem Queen_Serenity love Jun 2nd
CHEATING Poem Queen_Serenity love Jun 2nd
i love u Poem redorb 2 love Jun 2nd
Sunflowers Of Van Gauguin, Daily Hourly Miracles, Ingathered Light Poem saiom Jun 2nd
God The Holder Of The Sea ...Or Sagaradhar Poem saiom 2 Jun 2nd
Effortless Spinning, Earth Music And Seasounds, Ultraviolet Poem saiom Beauty Jun 2nd
Water Never Has To Work Poem saiom 1 Jun 2nd
Touch Me Poem serendipity72083 Existence Jun 2nd
Questions Unanswered Poem singmoriah Jun 2nd
Frozen in Tyme Poem stephanyo Bittersweet Jun 2nd
Future Sitez Poem stephanyo Bittersweet Jun 2nd
Life Saver Poem stephanyo Jun 2nd
The Afterlife Poem stephanyo Jun 2nd
Here I Stand Poem stephanyo Endurance Jun 2nd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU JUNE 2, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 2nd
PRECIOUS HAIKU JUNE 2, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 2nd
Kerry And Doves Poem truths Jun 2nd
He Who Pays The Piper Pollster Calls The Tune.. Poem truths Jun 2nd
ACLU Good For All Except About To Be Born Babies Poem truths Jun 2nd
Bush Rumsfeld Cheney War Creates Cold Weather Poem truths Jun 2nd
VanGogh Painted Skeleton With Cigarette In His Mouth Poem truths Jun 2nd
Andhra Pradesh Poem truths Jun 2nd
Does Nina Plance Hate Products of Plants? Poem truths Jun 2nd
Senator Voinovich's Mad Chicken Eggs Poem truths Jun 2nd
Mad hatter Speaks of Mad Cat Poem truths Jun 2nd
Tom Gjelton Poem truths Jun 2nd
New Zealand Mass Murder Poem truths Jun 2nd
Animal Rights and the FBI Poem truths Jun 2nd
But Only If Poem unrulyspring 1 Jun 2nd
DOES ANYBODY KNOW? Poem chris Abstract Jun 3rd
driveway Poem danesdad Breaking Up Jun 3rd
Sudden Affection Poem ericaca525 Hidden Love Jun 3rd
Underlying Forces Poem ericaca525 Jun 3rd
Bruised and Broken Poem innocentwhispers 2 Jun 3rd
It's About Time Poem innocentwhispers Jun 3rd
Thought Poem jenfool Abstract Jun 3rd
Eigenartig Poem jgupta Culture/Society Jun 3rd
احببت شيطانة Poem nile_heart Jun 3rd
Selfish Man Poem onelilartist 2 Jun 3rd
what waiting is Poem paradisealone Jun 3rd
Decoration Poem perception 2 Fury Unleashed Jun 3rd
Burning Poem perception 1 Hate Jun 3rd
Collection From a Siren's Call Poem phil_carcione Word Play Jun 3rd
Sweet Love Poem poetjewnita 2 Jun 3rd
Finaly in love Poem poetjewnita 3 love Jun 3rd
Good things come to those who wait.... Poem poetjewnita 1 Jun 3rd
Today was the day Poem poetjewnita 1 Jun 3rd
Heat Poem radanax 1 Abstract Jun 3rd
Paralyzing Pools of Empathic Pain Poem saiom Jun 3rd
Noah's Ark Poem saiom Jun 3rd
Messages From Angels, Dumpster Miracles Poem saiom Jun 3rd
Tara And Tarana Poem saiom 2 Jun 3rd
For Mr. Kiddy Poem stephanyo Dark Jun 3rd
The Untouchablez...the higher Gothia Poem stephanyo Dark Jun 3rd
The Care Bear Poem stephanyo 1 Jun 3rd
@ Hell Poem stephanyo Dark Jun 3rd
Real Me Poem Vamprose 2 Jun 3rd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU JUNE 3, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 3rd
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU JUNE 3, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 3rd
Charles Colson Poem truths Jun 3rd
Refused Poem truths Jun 3rd
Caps Off Paint Tubes Poem truths Beauty Jun 3rd
Mad Eggs Poem truths Jun 3rd
Orkin Nation Orchestration Poem truths Jun 3rd
Vanunu, Sununu Poem truths Jun 3rd
Exorcism Poem truths Jun 3rd
Murdoch's Pyrrhic Victory Poem truths Jun 3rd
NPR's Lies 3 Poem truths Jun 3rd
Scalia And Jefferson Poem truths Jun 3rd
The Truman Show Poem wnature 1 Jun 3rd
My Fault...I'm Sorry Poem blaqkmajik 2 Jun 3rd
I Love You Poem blaqkmajik 1 Jun 3rd
Drifting Away Poem blaqkmajik 2 Jun 3rd
The One Poem zendog8 Jun 3rd
Starlight, Starbright Poem amphetamine Lost love Jun 4th
Same Sky Poem angelcrane Weather/Environment Jun 4th
beautiful Poem chelsie Jun 4th
Speeches of the Wasted Poem choirgrrl Speeches Jun 4th
Cock Candy Poem connie 1 Jun 4th
Urchin Spells (It's not my gig) Poem cornaflakegrrrl Jun 4th
Silence Poem cornaflakegrrrl Jun 4th
Slating Poem cornaflakegrrrl Jun 4th
Symbiotic Notes Poem cornaflakegrrrl Jun 4th
In Abstraction Poem cornaflakegrrrl Jun 4th
... Poem cornaflakegrrrl 1 Jun 4th
In/consequence Poem cornaflakegrrrl 1 Jun 4th
This Moment Poem cornaflakegrrrl Jun 4th
Studyhall Poem ericaca525 1 Jun 4th
Cry Poem ericaca525 1 Jun 4th
رُقْية لطائر الله Poem esmat11211 Jun 4th
the good life Poem hushbaby Jun 4th
burnt siena el camino Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 4th
i see you and dreams Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 4th
come to know Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 4th
se a r c h*********** Poem inditanu Jun 4th
JUST ANOTHER DREAM OF YOU(lyric song) Poem ladydp2000 Music/Musician Jun 4th
FEEL THE LOVE (song lyric) Poem ladydp2000 Music/Musician Jun 4th
RAINBOWS IN VIEW Poem ladydp2000 love Jun 4th
WE MUSTN'T Poem ladydp2000 Pain/Sorrow Jun 4th
SINCE THEN Poem ladydp2000 romance Jun 4th
**WARNING ON PAGE CONTENT** Poem lillep Jun 4th
The Situation Poem lillep Jun 4th
A Tale Poem lillep Depression Jun 4th
The Long Walk Poem lillep Depression Jun 4th
In That Moment Poem netter2_98 1 Jun 4th
Museless " Poem onelilartist 4 Jun 4th
learning Poem ontheverge 2 Decisions Jun 4th
My Baby Boy Poem poetjewnita 1 Jun 4th
Say It Aint So Poem poetjewnita 1 Jun 4th
"i'm sorry"(they know) Poem rayjax12 Jun 4th
Make It Poem roadgrog 1 Song Lyrics Jun 4th
Blooming Heart Poem saiom Jun 4th
Mother Tortoise Poem saiom Jun 4th
Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) Poem singmoriah Jun 4th
Bittersweet Dream Poem starlite 2 Jun 4th
The Phantom Poem stephanyo 1 Jun 4th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU JUNE 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 4th
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU JUNE 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Jun 4th
37 Chicken Haiku Poem truths 1 Jun 4th
Keep Mothers and Their Children Together Poem truths 1 Jun 4th
Infant Or Prague Poem truths Jun 4th
Haiku Attempt: 78 Million Baby Boomers.. Poem truths Jun 4th
78 Million Baby Boomers Poem truths 1 Jun 4th
Billionaire Bloomberg And Bronx Arrest Poem truths Jun 4th
Corporation Taxes Very Low.. People's Taxes Very High Poem truths Jun 4th
Jesus Was A Convicted Felon Poem truths Jun 4th
How The West Was Lost Poem truths Jun 4th
Baby Alive In Dead Mother's Arms Poem truths Jun 4th
Jessica Lynch Poem truths 1 Jun 4th
NRDC Poem truths Jun 4th
Walmart.. Opponent Of The Small Businessperson Poem truths Jun 4th
Mad Fish Released Into Pacific And Atlantic Poem truths Jun 4th
Vieques Poem truths Jun 4th
Auschwitz Litany Poem truths 1 Jun 4th
The Lie In Lieninger of Buckeye Egg Farm Poem truths Jun 4th
Future Church Poem truths Jun 4th
FDA Inaction About Mad Chicken Mad Cow Practices Poem truths 1 Jun 4th
Occupier Censors Poem truths Jun 4th
Rudolph Poem truths Jun 4th
God Protect Dennis Kucinich Poem truths Jun 4th
Me Too Poem ultimprv 1 Jun 4th
Just Another Whore Down The Hall Poem amphetamine Betrayal Jun 5th
Breathe the Colour Poem angelcrane 1 Abstract Jun 5th
[] هايم في سماك Poem asaihati Jun 5th
DEFINATELY A MATTER OF TASTE (EROTIC) Poem TeagueLChesed 2 New Love Jun 5th
Go! Poem bigluv21 6 Jun 5th
Inside My Mind Poem brnqueen love Jun 5th
Still your Perfection Poem cjhickman68 Poetry/Writing Jun 5th
Mother's Hope Poem cjhickman68 Poetry/Writing Jun 5th
Sacrificial Faces Poem cjhickman68 Poetry/Writing Jun 5th
Sweet Mind Rapist Poem cjhickman68 2 Poetry/Writing Jun 5th
Stay Poem jenfool Abstract Jun 5th
Colombes de l'amour Poem myrataal 1 love Jun 5th
"She" Poem oh_so_odd 1 Jun 5th
Maybe Poem oh_so_odd Jun 5th
My Gamble " Poem onelilartist 1 Jun 5th
Charade Poem onelilartist 3 Jun 5th
My Hero Poem onelilartist 2 Jun 5th
Two Poem pgeihm 1 love Jun 5th
Blanket Poem pgeihm love Jun 5th
Sea of Love Poem phil_carcione Sexual Jun 5th
Congradulations Poem poetjewnita 1 Jun 5th
* WaterFalls * Poem poetvg 3 Jun 5th
These are the ramblings Poem rashmiitz Abstract Jun 5th
Christian Woman Poem respectedpoet 1 Jun 5th
Jasmine Petals Poem saiom 1 Jun 5th
Peonies Pianissimo Poem saiom Jun 5th
*Random Poems 68 Poem saiom Jun 5th
Geranium Cheer Poem saiom Jun 5th
Maker Of The Meek Poem saiom Jun 5th
Trillium Trinities Poem saiom Jun 5th
A Love Meant Not Poem stephanyo 1 Bittersweet Jun 5th
Love Poem stephanyo 1 Jun 5th
The Little Girl Poem stephanyo Jun 5th