she could be anyones bowling ball

And then ill sleep, sleep till tomorrow
and thats fine with me, ill sleep through the sorrow
ill see the end, the end of it all
and ill watch, watch as these walls fall down
down into rubble and ill cry, cry as the pain enters me
and ill see this world for what it really is
the pain, the pain that enters the void
the sorrow, the sorrow that lasts till tomorrow
and ill sleep, sleep till tomorrow
and ill laugh, laugh as it all falls down
and withers, and burns, turns into ashes that i hold in my sorrow
ill watch as you all fall down
helpless in bed i will sleep till tomorrow i will dream until the end of all days

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to say i wrote this, i sort of did & i sort of dident, i actually dreamt this song, i was sleeping & this beautiful woman in white came to me and sang this, i woke up in tears because the way she sang it was just so beautiful words cannot describe.
so in a sense, i only wrote this poem for everyone to see, but the woman in white in my dream actually came up with it.

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Of the disheveled remnants of horrific encounters,
Of the shadow caste, fabricated in haunted recesses of our minds,
Worries, fears, nightmares; block everything but misery,
An amalgam, this horrendous brood of all kinds

Shaking, shaking hysterically, fear uncontrolled.
Frightened and frozen we linger, trapped, alone
Sweating tears of blood; smells of rotten flesh,
A presence, abhorrent; our skin crawls away from the unknown

Hands! Paralyzed, heat leeched away,
Cold! Eyes wide, spasms; waves of pain,
No air; can’t breathe, erratic bass sounds in our ears;
Struggling, must break free, straining…strain…

Alert, awake, upright in bed.
Sweat beads on your skin,
Still frightened, senses still heightened,
Terror. Horror’s conjoint kin.

Silence makes her appearance,
Limbs filled with needle and pin,
Lying back down to sleep,
Trying to avoid dreaming again.

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Not Just Another Country Life

Well I knew God since I was three
Side-line sitter was fine with me
But that’s not where He wanted me to be
So He gave me just another country life

Well, I forgot God
Went my own way
Didn’t think how much I’d pay
The route I traveled was plain to see
It was based on only me
Lost my family
Lost my friends
But that’s not where the story ends
Even my dog, and my girl
They were all gone in a whirl
And the only person left was me
And I’m not very good company
And it’s real hard to be filled with the Spirit
When I’m full of me
I can’t even hear it
So I left God for pain and strife
Just another country life…..

Just another country life
Lose the dog, lose the wife
Lose all you got just for yourself
Live your own little Hell
Never go back, never prayin’
Never admit the Good Lord’s savin’
Spend all I have just on me
Cry some, never being free

Then I changed route…

And I headed back
No more “Me”
Want to be back in God’s company
Want to be filled by the Spirit so sweet
Tellin’ good news gives you beautiful feet
God gave me back my dog and girl
My friends and family around me twirl
No longer gonna live for me
Cause how boring would that be?
I’m fully God’s and His to use
In any way that He’d choose
So full of life and now I’m free
To live more than just another country life

Not just another country life
I found God, love my wife
Give all you got and give yourself
Never gonna go to Hell
Never go back, Always prayin’
Never forget the Good Lord’s savin’
God’s given me eternity
Cry some, now I’m always free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another attempt at a Country song.... Enjoy!

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My Love

Alone again
Nobody near
Or are my eyes just closed?
Luminous strangeness
Shifting shadows
A world undiscovered
A life not yet lived
A new beginning
My own imagination
A torrent of light and shadow
Existence and demise
Agony and ecstasy
Heat and ice
A look into my heart
What am I?
Light or dark?
I am whichever I feed
I am whoever I want to be
But who is this?
A new picture
Someone else
Someone I love
A beautiful person
A beautiful dream
Then I wake
There she is
Still asleep
And I smile
Thinking about you
And hoping by some slim chance
That you’re thinking of me too.

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Somewhere between the sand and the sea,
remains your thoughts and a likeness of me,
remembering you renders dreams so deep,
deep enough to make me want to sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It means whatever you want it to.

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Light and Dark

Light turns shadow
Shadow grows darker
Brightness has left from my eyes

Light has left me
Darkness calls me
As I sink into these lies

The world has called me
And I will answer
As I fall into this void

Sleep now takes me
Life has left me
Now I lie dead and cold.

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Sleeping Soul

Summer, Autumn, seasons end,
promises made
in yester year
never die.

Though I be evil
do not remember me
as what I am
only as I was.

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Old Projector

Beneath the pinkened dome of me,
there sat an old projector.
For many days it was unused,
and those days soon became weeks.
From time to time its reels would spin,
only to run dry of film;
leaving it a relic that
had little in the way of purpose.
Then there came a recent night
where flickers came and whisked away
my conscious and unconscious mind,
revealing images of you.
The cradled box had gotten hold
of strands of hair from 'top your head
and fed them through each cylinder.
I reveled in your fairish glow.

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My mind is awake
it never sleeps
Keeps me awake at night
and in the day, weak

I can't control
where it goes
My morbid thought
only my mind knows

The messed up things
I like to do
I turn my heart off
when I go through

the things I drink
The things I take
the happiness
I try to create

My bleeding nose
My darkened eyes
Hide my apathy
Behind lies

The edge of cliff
way past the line
and no one can save me from me
this time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last year for a friend of the family. rip.