The Night

The darkness arrives
And yet something wakes.
The sun goes to sleep
Covered in the blankets
Of the horizon.
The moon wakes up 
To take the sun's place.
Where the sun once watched over,
Now the moon does the same.


The creatures below sleep 
Both in comfort and discomfort.
The creatures move about 
In the shadows
Untouched by the moon's light.
Quietly they sleep.
Stealthily they crawl.
The night is quiet,
With silence the night wears on. 

Deceitful Rain

How deceitful is rain? 

like on a hot summers evening

when the drizzle looks ice cold

but upon walking outside 

you find it hotter than the air. 

Or when the droplets look like satin 

falling gently to the earth

but when they touch your skin

it feels like you'll be left with bruises. 

My favorite is when a storm rocks you to sleep

then jolts you awake with a crash of thunder! 

Rain tempts my deceitfulness as well

because even though a nighttime storm is my favorite lullaby, 

I pretened it scares me to death so that I can cuddle up in your arms

and curl against your warm body, that protects me from my "fears." 


Maybe that's all the rain really wants, 

to be cuddled up and protected…


but then again, how can you trust rain? 



2 knives, in each side..
2 eyes burning through my heart..
empty fragments, words drifting in & out of the past
memories turn to ash as we sift them around the palms of our hands..
crippled & gone.. time to move on.
to solidify my dreams..
hate myself.. waste of space, waste of air..
I dove into hell.
God please pull me back together, stitch up these ripped seams..


you're like the blade dragged across my stomach
or the scorching flame against my bare skin...
I want you out of my life
I want you up from under this skin
demons, demons, I can't let you win..
for I am not your kin...


everthing I want, I cannot have.
all that I reach for, I cannot grab..
the rainest of days bring me back to visions i've attempted to smudge out with you..
I guess it was easier on the other end.
but who's to say where & when...


covered in blood, pushed into the mud, I will stand up again.
open scars, out of breath, I must remain relentless.
shadows chasing me, run run, but they consumed all the light..
crouched in fright, nails dug into my back
they're trying to pin down these wings...
hoping i'll never take flight.
using all my energy to break away, fight them off with all my might, all my will...
but they keep whispering "kill... kill.."


legion, you've defiled me,
for you are the fallen, in unity.
this cross lays heavy on my back..
I think i'm starting to crack.
my barriers are thin & I wish I could let God in
but there's just one set of footprints in the sand
no savior to hold my hand
freezing cold.
the ocean looks like a black hole..
if I were to set sail, how could I ever return?
i'd be spun around in circles, triangles, squares
what would I learn?


even though the sun still shines
even though some of the grass is still green
even though there are plenty of trees
I cant stop looking down.. down on me.
the hail is sharp from this dark cloud.
storm hovers above.
I try to clear it out, but I can't with no love


depleted but not empty
awakened in the midst of deep sleep
dead in this life
strife impailed
left hung, waiting to burn..
I never dug my own grave
I only ever cried to be saved.


Ahhhh! I yawn

from this fever it seems I can't run

Yehhh! My body aches

What now can I take

or do to regain my lost strength?

Nothing now, it's already late

Wouldn't it be better

if I rest my head on the sofa

maybe I'll be a little bit better.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling feverish... sign of fatigue#

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Hominid Quest

Crossing the boundaries
Imposed by human thoughts,
Outstretched in infinity,
Yet at one with nothing,
One single desire,
One single motive,
One single spark
Holds by be-ing,
And gathers the light of the aeons,
My body left in a cocoon
Of luminosity beneath this astral place,
Unseen through waking eyes,
But sensed through the cords of space,
Extending out to touch the face of gods,
A mortal soul returned to Earth,
I awaken through this never-ending goal,
As another day is birthed.


12:19 PM 6/3/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Beware The Lady Mare

Beware the 'mare spectator,

who hurts you as you sleep.

She'll mould your dreams to nightmares

and cackle when you weep.


Beware the fear creator,

She'll crush your wracking chest.

She'll torture you 'til morning says

that Death is for the best.


Beware the dream invader,

When you yawn, retire with care.

With every nightmare, she creates

a knot within your hair. 

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Lying in Bed

I was lying in bed

I had something stuck in my head

please someone pull it out

please someone pull it out


I was sitting inside the fire

I didn't scream I just let the flames burn higher and higher

I couldn't talk

I couldn't talk


I fell asleep inside a cloud

I slept for a hundred-thousand years

I didn't make a sound

I didn't make a sound


I was lying in bed

I had something stuck in my head

please someone pull it out

please someone pull it out

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The darkness split
And reality tore
All the thoughts of my mind
Were forgotten once more

All my problems and troubles
Appeared in the new
Working out answers
And leaving a clue

All my good feelings
All of them alight
Stopped all the shadows
And brought light to the night 

Until white hit my eyes
With life's subtle call
And my sight recollected
My awareness stood tall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my favorite poem out of all the ones I've done!

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let the fountains fall asleep

i suffer right like that 

i should
you are due dodo bird

we are exacting beasts
tic-toc-tic-toc goes the lioness-heart

do it slow like lung-trees

it will come on the shaking train
inside the ides of march

do what you want to
what you go to
what you can't go back to

looks like every street
let the fountains fall asleep

i feel it on the back of my neck

a key

die straight up and free
smiling back at the man-in-moon
go get a grave
go get a grave 

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