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I am a mom, poetic visionary, that has been crafting poetry and songs for over 40years, now. I write on controversial themes, but my work tends to stir emotion. I have been reviewed as being spiritual in nature, but not afraid to take on more cosmic imagery. I am working on my own site, which will feature my repertoire of already well known works, as well as custom designed.
Anything else? Just ask.

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All the songs, poems, stories, graphics design, the videos made, and the performances of my adult children. They will always be my inspiration.
I play baby grand piano. I love crossword puzzles, my God, my progressive spiritual walk, my keen observation, my research capabilities, my counseling techniques, my cats, taking down old paradigms. My fearlessness of character when facing persecution of those I love. My sarcastic wit, my flamboyant personality.
I also happen to like the vein in which I write. And, making new friends, is paramount.


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