Where Do I Go?

 Where do I go from here?


I was so close,

So near.

I could see a happy ending in my head,

the vision was so clear,

But now I'm left incapacitated by this growing fear.

And it's not even that I don't know where to go,

I actually have an idea.


Well, a few options you could say.

The first few involve me going out of my way,

Working my ass off just to make ends meet each day,

But at least I can be around the only ones I call family.

And that would make it all worth it no matter how little the pay.


And the other choice?

I'd have to cast aside the voice telling me to stay.

Just to make a comfortable living with a few extra bucks,

But I just feel that isn’t my way.


How can I be comfortable or content without my family?

This is the end of college,

The start of life.

I'm suppose to feel free!

Yet, that feeling just won't come to me.


Because I know what I have to do.

I must leave.

I must say goodbye,

This is our end, and I cant even clearly justify why.

I'm so sorry.

I really am.

But know that I won't be happy.

Each day I will die,

little by little,

life escaping with each sigh,

And I still cant justify why...




- The Craziness

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my ode to belief


Your beliefs create your reality

You choose4 your beliefs definately

Means you choose everything

That shapes the current you


A belief is a mirror of

The current state of your lot

You see what you believe

Beliefs create your reality


If something isn’t manifesting

Some belief or other is standing

In the way of what you want

But you model all your lot


Simply change your point of view

Your belief manifests for you

Anything you want at all

Just manifest and have a ball

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My Work

Cobalt storms; not azure skies,
predict changing seasons.
Vague ambiance of lies,
waltz with fated reasons.
So tug upon the corners,
try to veil the smile.
Gather all ye mourners,
weep for her awhile.

He knows that she flows,
rivers channel deep.
But ocean's floor below,
caress his troubled sleep.
Golden pair;wounded dreams,
silently entreat.
Moments slide between the screams,
stranded in the heat.

She can't draw inside the lines,
of howling winds deranged.
And up ahead; ominous signs,
the highway looks so strange.
But he can hold her brave will;
in his hands so tenderly,
not even strong enough to still,
his mind she cannot free.

He is the lust to breathe and fly;
his wings stay unused,
within her voice; an angel's sigh,
but the melody, confused.
When questions birth insanity;
saline begs for more.
But he can only hear and see,
the vision behind the door.

And he will toss; and he will turn,
until his eyes are bright.
But in the loss of orgasmic burn,
the other sighs in the night.
He cannot wait; the world is open,
quiet, he leaves the bed.
Heart is faith; pulse is broken,
but his soul must be fed.

With trembling hands;he gasps to feel,
her curves and body light.
Silken strands and he must kneel;
to deliver here tonight.
He hears soft cries;for all too soon,
the other is in pain.
As his soul dies; behind the moon;
denying need again.

Have you ever had to choose;
one over the other?
And you knew that you would lose,
giving up one lover?
Life is a composition;
he strives to hear the source.
He must create; orchestrate,
passion is the the force.

When you read this piece of art;
you may think me wrong.
But I've heard the rhythm of this young man's heart,
and the music keeps him strong.

As he grows closer to his wife;
it's the stuff dreams are made of.
But from now til the end of of his life;
he's alive in guitar love..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My son, in the Air Force, loves his new wife, but oh my.....that guitar beckons in the moonlight.