In Their Company








In Their Company


Violins aren't

just the ones that make those sounds

How about cellos?

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Updated on 07.10.2020


I have added the hashtag Karolina Protsenko in the hastags after discovering her violin playing and musicality a couple of days/weeks back.  Thank you.

Never Close The Doors


In our mundane lives, we are often told
In so many unspoken words that the mind is dead in spirit,
Could it be that it is the very heart of our earthly human existence?
The main entrance to the spirit that adorns our very soul?
Inklings of thought slithering every waking hour
From the obscurity of our subconscious,
Pushing the envelope at every chance to inspire creative ways
For us to open our eyes to the tasks our soul is longing for.


Why do so many damn the mind?
Does cursing what we choose not to see, hear, taste,
In this world of wonderment and intricate fascination please us?

Or is it that the status quo is more important to us
Than our reason for coming here? 
Thoughts are the doors to our self actualization,
And we need to leave the doors open
With a stable and harmonious blend of life
To balance the scales within us, using the uncomfortable truths of life
To evolve as a compassionate species.


Emotions can take control of humans easily in this age,
And can distort our vision in a way that deceives us, grieves us,
Because they pass through us like nothing but waves on the beach
If we allow them to flow along their merry way,
But we listen to words of intrepidation and horror,

And we attach emotions to those thoughts,

They become very powerful and then
We somehow find that we feel safe in the hands of a ghostly reality
That tells us to beware instead of telling us to simply be aware,
To hold our heads high, accept what is, and trust the quiet voice within,
To leave the door open as much as we can
So that there is room for love to flow through it.


Love is not emotion, and emotion is not love,
Control the emotion through a continuous cycle
Of feeling, letting go, feeling letting go,
Because love...well,
You may think you can control it,
But you will only be fooling yourself.

Once you love, it never ends, and is never wasted,
It will return to you in some way, even if it is not the way you would like,
And chances are, if you choose to think you can control it,
You might never realize when you are being a channel for it,
Which is the part of loving that is most enjoyable.


Everyone will hurt you in life, even if it is only a small insignificant hurt,

Just choose people who you know you will be willing to accept the hurt from.




11:21 PM 5/6/2013 ©

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Words on the beauty of open-mindedness.

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The Subconcious Parting Gift

Have you ever experienced a moment of death?

A moment some may believe to be dreadful,



The thing is, it's not.

In fact it's quite the opposite.

Never can there be another moment in life as beautiful,

as warm,

as blissful.

Never in life can you experience a moment that truly shows the bond between you and your own body.

Your body, something you disregard,

Thinking you have complete control over it.

But it works on its own.

Separate from yourself.

It protects you.

Relieves you in your final moments.

It takes your mind away from the pain.

Sits you down and and explains this is it.

If anyone else but your own body were to explain, you wouldn't except it.

You would deny it.

Only your own body can bring that wave of relief.

Only your body can show you comfort in that moment.

Only your body can help you find acceptance in your fate.


It will bring you to a dream,

Where you can look back and laugh on all your memories,

Because only your body has been through everything you have.

Feels what you have felt,

Shares all your strengths and pains.

It can show you all the “what ifs” and any future you would have desired to live out.

It brings you the peace of mind you need as you part ways and move on to whatever may come next.


It could be on to greater things,

Or it could be on to an eternal nothingness.

This may be why our body helps us in such a way.

They don't know where we may be going,

But they help us experience the greatest moment of our lives as a parting gift.

A congratulations because you will find out what truly comes after life,

Something our body, which we spend our entire lives with, can not accompany us to.


In this moment, you and your body meet for the first time.

A moment where you can truly meet yourself.

You've known each other all your life yet never have you had the moment to meet until that time comes.

And it leaves you with a warm embrace.

A feeling that I can not even attempt to describe.

Then you're on your way.

It all starts and ends in just a brief moment.

The most beautiful moment of life.


- The Lazarus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another piece that has to do with the body's subconscious and how powerful it truly is. I think I'm going to make a new series out of these scientific poems I've been writing.

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The Voice Of Ambiance (Science and Poetry)


Sometimes I just sit with my headphones on,

Listening to the ambient sounds in the background of music,

The the mumbled voices that pass me by,

The creaking of the walls as the breeze rolls over,

And I can make out these sounds,

these voices,

calling out,

escaping the ambiance,

Begging to be heard.


And what do they say?

I hear them say what needs to be heard when I need it most.

I hear “hold onto hope,” “hang on, you've searched for so long,”

“You will find it!”

And I trust them.

They are what helped me find the line between right and wrong

But just as soon as these voices come to be, They're gone.


It's why I continue to listen,

song after song,

Trying to pick out these words telling me to search on.


Though I know It's all in my head.

It's amazing what the human mind is capable of.

We try to make voices out of every sound we hear,

Faces out of every image we see.

Every image and sound we take in is bent to be what we want it to be.

All reality... is subjective.

Based on our subconscious desires,

What we truly want!

It's beautiful.

A combination of science and poetry.


And just what is it that I truly want?

Just what could it be?

Well, every voice that I hear does sound like a certain somebody.

And every person I see in the distance resembles her in both face and body.


Maybe I'll just throw my headphones back on and get lost in the sea of ambient sound.

Let my subconscious talk to me through the background of the music until my answer is found.

Just waiting for the subtle whispers to... Wait!

There it was, this is it!

Her voice.

Now my Voice.

But what am I saying?

It's so unclear, I wish I could just dive into the sound-waves and see,

Please! Speak up, give me some clarity!


Then I hear it.

I hear my mind telling me what I need to hear,

and I agree.

It says “Only with you can I truly be me.”


- The Insomniac


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would really like feedback on this piece in particular because it is currently my favorite one I've written so far.

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Woke Up From A Dream

Personal Favorites

5:36 am ... again.
The faint honey-lemon like impression
you are all to familiar,
I remember you.
Almost every night you are mine
The world seems right
Until 5:36 am... when you depart,
with love, with my heart.
Fading... again.

I struggle to find meaning,
each time, each dream
I smile because to feel you once more
was to be in reciept of a miracle
even if only dreaming.
I sometimes wonder do I?
Are you laying in bed,
at 5:36 am?...
I doubt it,
the final fleeting images evaporate
at 5:38 am, another day.

Killing Cain: A poetic prose

A journey through the narrow path--I wonder through time and space,
searching for an answer that cannot be found.

Different spirits along the way keep the conversations through out the
day--I meet a simple plebeian with a tender heart; hitchhiking on Hell's

"How's it going stranger?" I ask. "Not bad, not bad at all," the stranger
replies. "Where you heading," I ask again. "I'm just trying to make my
way up to the highlands," answers the stranger.

"Don't mind if I join you...Um," (looking at him as if saying,
"I haven't got your name yet.") I have asked.

"Oh, pardon me, where are my manners," the stranger says...
continues, "My name is Cain, and no I don't mind the companionship."
"Why thank you, along this path I am known as the Lost Poet," I have

"Shall we continue?" I ask Cain..."Lets," he answers back--

Along the way we meet many fragile spirits, easily broken by words--
acknowledging this weakness, Cain takes advantage of these spirits;
manipulating their minds, putting doubt in their thoughts. Suicidal
actions end their misery.

"Why do you bother the meek, Cain?" Asking him (I turn my stare at
his eyes) "Mind your business, or I will kill you like my stupid brother
Abel!" he states with a harsh tone.

Cain then says, "You see this sign on my forehead; it condemns me
to roam around the world with no salvation. No one can harm or kill
me! So what are you going to do peasant?" Vengeance in his eyes.

I act scared and apologize. I cross the road and continue to walk...
so does Cain.

Slowing down my pace, I let Cain proceed further. Thinking to
myself, "I will kill you son-of-a-bitch!"

Days have past and this Odyssey continues; still keeping my distance
from Cain. Premeditated murder; it's your fucken time to die--fuck your
curse, the pain I inflict on you will feel worst! My vengeance is rising!

By this time Cain has forgotten that I've been following him. A few
drinks and dirty women have him spinning...continue the walk; feeling
sick Cain goes to the side of the road and spews his sins out...

I creep behind him with a wooden club in my hand. His eyes saw my
approach--he turns and to his dismay, I strike him in his face and
shatter his brains--

Blame me for killing Cain; my subconscious is now dead!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Killing your subconscious welcomes sins...

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