Psycho- Confessions


Volume One





I find myself staring at the stars in the night's sky

remembering those days when I was on an endless high

and wishing I would die, Instead of saying goodbye

the tears run down my cheek, looking into the past with just a peek

If only you would have told me to speak

I wouldn't have hid away

now I struggle through each day

If only I had stopped you, reasoned with you to stay

Now I pay, I so much I had wanted to say


"You taught me how to kiss and it was bliss,

You taught me how to feel and that was a great deal,

you took my heart upon your hands with every

curve of your fingers, these feelings still linger"


I find myself staring off from dusk till dawn thinking of you,

I didn't realize how scared I was until I had lost you

but if only you knew, all this pain I'm going through




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Look into my Eye's

Volume One



Look into my eye's”


Look into my eye's

and tell me what you see, tell me who to be

gather towards my mass, break and shatter just like glass

weaving lies into dreams, starting at the seams


The pain seems to grow and never enough

twisting and turning making you tough

hurting, bleeding for the forbidden desires

fueling the emotional fires

Trapped in my world

trapped in my cell, compared to heaven it's hell

Never ending, forever sending, even more demented

pushing me deeper down

look into my eye's and tell me what you see

look into my eye's and hide from me

Look into my eye's, Look deep past the lies

Look into my eye's for what you seek, you just might find



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Lost "Love"

Volume One



Lost 'Love'”


Demon scar, throw me far

hope of light, hope of delight

fear of night, the steel of fight

just a strike, as love is lost

and hate is tossed, in a world of pain

can there be anything to gain

All I wanted was to make you happy,

but I found I made it sappy

I was lost to a dream, that could never be

I don't want to lose your love

but when I think about it, I never had your love

just a dove, a sign of what was up above

Fear of hate, now just used as bait

scar me now, don't kneel and bow

stand tall and proud

I don't want to hurt you now, not now

or anymore


"Darkness here; evermore"


"You can't see, but death shall set you free"




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Volume One






Feel my heart

it's only beating because of you,

feel my love

it's only out to get you

feel my pain I want you to

reach out for me and you will see

the love in-which, I feel for thee,

so kind and gentle you are, your

loving touch your loving voice

because you are my only choice


love me now even though I don't know why

but I love you so I can't die

I want to be your hero, your knight in shinning armor

through all the pain that was fed

you were the one that said


"I will always love you"


like I said; so kind you were, so loving

you showed and all the pain was real

and I wanted to feel, I wanted to heal you

because I love you.





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Volume One







You left with one goodbye

eye's full of tears about to cry

Lets hold on give it one last try

'the sky seems so high'

but at least were on the ground

No matter how hard I fought

No matter how hard I sought

the words I tried to say, were the words I thought

I would listen, Just to hear you speak

I would look, Just to see you care

but its all over now, just a memory

In my battered head of confusion

I once thought it was my mission

to make you happy, in the darkness, in the night

the smallest light, gives me sight

nothing seems to last

cause everything is in the past


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Mortal Dreams

Volume One



Mortal Dreams”


I dream what every mortal dream's about; Happiness

but as time passes that happiness turns to sadness

'To dream, To wish, To want'

To scream for our love is to bug

knowing that no one could ever love me

I am that which is diseased, knowing

what I love I pollute with distaste,

'You hate me, I hate you, you disgust me'

The time has come to pass, deal with me or push

me off to the side. It doesn't matter

now!, I am the man that you created and tried to hide

Mortal dreams, what a pathetic excuse, for I

am the evil you accuse of corrupting your sons.

I am the misery that you cry out from the plague

Mortal dreams are for the weak at heart. The

world is my garden now. The world is my trash can

now and forever. Destroy me,

Run from me, I will keep coming back

For I exist in "Mortal Dreams"


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My Art

Volume One





My Art”


The Pain becomes my words

The knife is my pen

and my body the canvas

my sedative is my Cannabis

and everything else is just material

A life so unreal, to numb to feel.

Murdered before I was born

pray to god my heart was torn

why is self-mutilation so taboo?

the sky is not always fucking blue

I write what I feel, and I cut to heal

this is my Art

A picture of the moment

A picture of the torment

The pain will always be there

weather on paper or not


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Never Forget

Volume One





Never Forget”


I will never forget your face

lighting up at night as if a star I could trace

the memories of you stuck in my head

tied up in a giant spider's web, some say its time to let go

time to crawl out from below, I can't keep living like this

where I'm still wishing for your kiss

some people say I should move on

time I should start over with a new dawn

but I will never forget about you

life will continue weather I'm ready or not

A life I never really gave a second thought

I guess it's time to find a new way

to struggle through each day

but you I will never forget


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No One Knows

Volume One





No One Knows”


I have nothing worth living for

a life I don't want anymore

I lost everything when I lost you

how much I loved you, I wish you knew

all I have left is your ring

and all the comfort it would bring

but now it's full of pain, and its all the fucking same

you were all I ever wanted

and for that I'm being haunted

I'm dreaming a lie

I should just give up and say goodbye

But I can't let go, its the only thing I have left

I must be pathetic, but its all just one big headache

No one knows how painful it is, how hurt I am

how miserable it is, how alone I am

She was my Angel

my love was my Religion

her love was my heaven

I have nothing left

a life I don't want anymore

a soul numb and sore

rotting away to the vary core.


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