No One Knows

Volume One





No One Knows”


I have nothing worth living for

a life I don't want anymore

I lost everything when I lost you

how much I loved you, I wish you knew

all I have left is your ring

and all the comfort it would bring

but now it's full of pain, and its all the fucking same

you were all I ever wanted

and for that I'm being haunted

I'm dreaming a lie

I should just give up and say goodbye

But I can't let go, its the only thing I have left

I must be pathetic, but its all just one big headache

No one knows how painful it is, how hurt I am

how miserable it is, how alone I am

She was my Angel

my love was my Religion

her love was my heaven

I have nothing left

a life I don't want anymore

a soul numb and sore

rotting away to the vary core.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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