Look into my Eye's

Volume One



Look into my eye's”


Look into my eye's

and tell me what you see, tell me who to be

gather towards my mass, break and shatter just like glass

weaving lies into dreams, starting at the seams


The pain seems to grow and never enough

twisting and turning making you tough

hurting, bleeding for the forbidden desires

fueling the emotional fires

Trapped in my world

trapped in my cell, compared to heaven it's hell

Never ending, forever sending, even more demented

pushing me deeper down

look into my eye's and tell me what you see

look into my eye's and hide from me

Look into my eye's, Look deep past the lies

Look into my eye's for what you seek, you just might find



Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Elfy's picture

Iv looked into your heart,

Iv looked into your heart, and one day hope to look into your eyes,
to see you. All of you, the darkness, and the light, the good and the bad, the lies, and the truth.
I want to see, so I will not hide from your eyes. They are the most beautifull thing on a human body, man or women.
They tell the storys, they tell the emotions, and they tell when someone is lieing or not. :) They tell more, sometimes then the mouth. lol. I hope to find what i seek. Very good poem, enjoyed this.


MatthewWayne's picture

Yeah I'd say yours is much

Yeah I'd say yours is much better :)

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne

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