Mortal Dreams

Volume One



“Mortal Dreams”


I dream what every mortal dream's about; Happiness

but as time passes that happiness turns to sadness

'To dream, To wish, To want'

To scream for our love is to bug

knowing that no one could ever love me

I am that which is diseased, knowing

what I love I pollute with distaste,

'You hate me, I hate you, you disgust me'

The time has come to pass, deal with me or push

me off to the side. It doesn't matter

now!, I am the man that you created and tried to hide

Mortal dreams, what a pathetic excuse, for I

am the evil you accuse of corrupting your sons.

I am the misery that you cry out from the plague

Mortal dreams are for the weak at heart. The

world is my garden now. The world is my trash can

now and forever. Destroy me,

Run from me, I will keep coming back

For I exist in "Mortal Dreams"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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i agree
with you
on this piece :*) .