From nightmare to nightmare ,

wake up from a nightmare,
 And enter this nightmare,
 it's never a dream,
 if ever at all ,
I stand I fall, 
Berate befall,
It's Never a dream ,
Control is a lie,
I live I die ,
L. E. V. I.,
It's never a dream,...(there is more but to slowly unleash the damn of me is taken well)

Oh No, You're Dead


You anger me so much,

I want to kill you.

But that would be too easy,

there's torturing to do.


The blood on my hands,

feels so nice.

The touch of your corpse,

cold as ice.


Oh no, you're dead,

just like I'd bet.

But don't you worry,

I'm not finished yet.


Kidneys, liver,

stomach and lung,

but the fun has only

just begun.


Brain, heart,

need I say more?

I am truly a fan

of blood and gore.


A couple hours,

of disembowling,

soon the wolves,

will be howling.


I think perhaps,

I'm finally done.

And it seems the battle,

and war, I've won.


If I were to go blind,

it would be for the best.

For I'd only want this sight,

no need for the rest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This entry for today is my anger manifested into writing. Sorry about that. My thoughts get kind of twisted when I'm angered. Anyway, leave any criticism and I'll see you all tomorrow.

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Hello, Random Imaginary Person


Hi random imaginary person! What did you say? I can't hear you.....Oh, you said Cheeseburger lemon-aid? Ok, that's cool. I got ya! Remember to flush the toilet when your done curling your hair. Please and thanks. Oh and also, don't forget to run the bath water and put tissues in it. Thanks again. Have a good apple! Bye!

Hello Imaginary person. It's me again. How's life? Sexy? I see. I understand that you like pigeons. I think they are gross and silly. Say what? You're under the sink? Why is that? Oh, you found some peaches? Give me some! Thanks! I like blankets. Do you? No? That's too bad because blankets are like Jesus. Imaginary person, what is your name? You never told me! What's that? You're speaking too soft, say it louder. Ooohh I see. Your name is Freddy. Come again? Say what? Oh ok,You said you are going to go to go camping at the morgue. That sounds fun! When are you going? At 13 o'clock? Damn that's late. I hope you have fun. When are you going to put that picture of you and the lamp on facebook? Tomorrow, at doggie time? Ok. I've been waiting for you to do that. Yeah? What's that? You're leaving? Awe man! I'm going to be so bored when you are gone! Alright then. Talk to you later. Have fun at I Hop! I'm just going to sit here and wait for something to happen....

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Glitter Salad and A Little Bit Of Glee


Eggs, Bacon, Pickles and Shoes. Birds, Cheetahs, and Big Balloons. Smoke it, Toke it, Light that shit up, just don't forget to put cookies in your cup!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't ask...I was bored...

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It's Just One Of Those Days



I cannot make the words come out.

I cannot translate these thoughts into a language that

anyone can understand.

Living in my head is a heaven in hell;

the one place I can't escape,

the one thing I can't hide from.

I feel like I'm trapped in this body and limited,

when I (we) just want to break out

and be set free..

It's a constant mosh pit of emotions,

rubbing and smashing into one another.

If I'm not, then there is always someone thinking in my head.

Always functioning...

Always wondering...

Always dreaming...

Always screaming...

Always begging me for my attention...

Always dragging me into its colorful pit of bittersweet confusion..

A whirlwind of insecurity,

A storm of questions,

    A yearning to know why...

Why can I not answer these questions based upon myself that I of all

people should know...

They say that no one can know you better than yourself..

But that's hard when you are more than one..

When "yourself" consists of many pieces to a puzzle that do not fit each other..

Thus, being because these pieces do not belong to one individual puzzle,

But to many individual puzzles with their own unique pictures, pieces, and thoughts..

When will all the pieces fit?

Do I really want to solve this puzzle?

Will I ever?

Or am I destined to remain scattered, unsolved, and abstract?






© Rachel Aleta Livingston




Author's Notes/Comments: 

(A Note from the Author, Rachel Aleta Livingston: I have to say that this "Word Of Art" is by far the most Meaningful Work of Art that I have ever Written. "It's Just One Of Those Days" is the most Personal, Deepest, Beautiful, and Meaningful "Words Of Art" that has ever come to me from Deep Inside of my Innermost Feelings, Thoughts,and Consciousness. This is my most Cherished Work of Art... Thanks for Reading...)

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