No Angel



Stitched wings

Attached to frail bones

Darkened eyes

Lifeless as stone

Halo teetering

By uneven horns

Once a smile

Before being born

No color shown

Pallet a pasty pale

Never any sunshine

In a world so stale

Lips crusted over

From the words unspoken

Corrupted mind

In a soul that’s broken

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Warped Existence

Self Loathing



Never been the one

To stand and fight

For the dreams

That sore so high


I’m the one that hides

With fear inside

Living on burnt memories


Can’t seem to find

A fresh start

A new beginning

Without hindering hands


That grasp my sanity                      

Preventing me

To take a stand


I’m hurting and bleeding

From self-inflicted moods

When will I learn to love?

And heal these open wounds


How can I stop dying on the inside?

Rotting and withering away

Picking up my shattered pieces

In hope, that they’d stay



Breaking free from this hold

No longer listening to what I’m told

I’m sold on this future, meant to be


All these thoughts

Crashing down

The storm’s coming

And I’m here waiting


Can’t be hell bound

Chains wrapped around me

Screams with no sound


Sold on stories told

Silver linings and sun shine

Coming after the rain

Please erase this pain, warring


Ripping off this sorrow

Like clothes off my back

There can only be a better tomorrow


So let the rain come

Wash me clean

Swipe the things off my plate

That keep me, from me



Under Skin

Self Loathing

These demons inside me

Stretch this body; so worn

Wearing me like prideful skin

Comfort is never born

Damned a daughter of Darkness

It leads, whenever I stand

"Come with me" it whispers

As its slowly giving a hand

Ripples under skin

Tingling down my spine

Where is the light so needed?

Where is the divine?

It's slithering through my veins

Beating with every thought

"Rest your head" it whispers

"I'll give you everything you've sought"

Fighting within myself

Will it ever go?

Or will I be lost forever?

The Darkness loving to sow

I feel like this is the end

How can I spread this out?

Justifying my passage not clear

Still swallowed by its wrathful clout

oh loaded gun I thought you were the one

Them hearts be breaking
Them winds be shakin
The walls down
Down to the ground
I'm stumbling
I can't move steady
I'm high off the ground
Just when I thought I knew you
You blew out a gun and said I'm going to shoot you.
Bang to my head because I let you out if my heart
So you had no choice but to attack my logic instead
I can't believe that this is the same person that I share the same bed at night.
Once I'm nursing my wound caused by his loaded gun I'll be alright.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I will leave room open for interpretation

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Day Of Un-Embraced

Used and Abused, taunted and not flaunted as a wife to be

Nor as the mother of our child, is the permanent stones of mistakes

That I have made as the points, in a place where he lives

By what he is capable to create. Debated daily about the truth,

Frustrations, enforcement to be silenced.

Transformed my easy forgiving heart is abandoned

And more than just torn apart. Each day for

About two years now and finally I just became hateful towards

Those who lie behind lies..... As to being a young woman independent,

Attending school, making payments on a ride, along with

Raising not only one but two of her own babies

That suddenly seen this psychic lady that had not only warned

But secretly had planned to keep my life torn in order

To take what I was to be blessed with out of  jealousy, my life turned

Completely down a twist leaving me to be launched off a cliff...

                                                                                          Marcelina Flores

                                                                                         -June 30th 2014-

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The Fallen Angel (Tornado)

                                                         Now and then, an angel falls from the sky,

                                                               It's wings have torn, We don't know

                                                                        Why, The bed of golden earth

                                                                               Below, With open arms

                                                                                    To cushion the blow,

                                                                                          This rumbling, a

                                                                                            familiar sound,

                                                                                                My life, once






Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tornado's rapture.

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