Waiting for you

Waiting for me

Waiting for Abba's

Perfect will


Waiting for love

Waiting to see

Waiting for your touch

You holding me


Waiting to hold you

Waiting to be held

Waiting to hug you

Holding your hand


Waiting for clarity

Waiting for empowering

Waiting for the anointing

The holy bonding


They that wait on the Lord

Renew their strength

Their expectations are met

Yes, I'll wait for my God

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Forgiveness is something I just cannot give!

            Forgiveness is something i just cannot give

They say I must forgive them to move on with my life. 

But how does one do that when they caused so much strife

What I went thru when I was a just a child no one should relive

So this i say to you forgiveness is something I just cannot give

And when I got married to him and his vicious violent way

All they would say was he's your husband come what may

So I endured his wild and angry fists till i didn't wanna live

So this I tell to you forgiveness is something I just cannot give

So after the divorce I met someone online who promise to be kind

Well that turned out worse then I thought for love is really blind

So when you say I must forgive you must be damn nieve

Again I say to you forgiveness is something I just cannot give







Author's Notes/Comments: 

This has been a poem I've had inside of me since the young age of ten when my life started to decline and it took me 39 years and a lot more strife before I could truley write it and get it off my chest 

      Zoey cup

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*Today You Begin To Breathe*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Today you begin to breathe

It's the day you begin to die

You know you're getting older

You begin to cry

The tear that just dropped

And landed on your shoulder

Has already began to dry


It's getting harder to move

Your bones you begin to hear "pop"

Minutes of your life you're starting to lose

Praying your heart doesn't stop

Depression begins

The number of days lived drop

Stress is out beating you.... it wins


The day you begin to live

Another heartbeat has gone by

Yesterday is just a memory you can't give

You ask yourself why

Each breath you take

Another day you try

Praying the next day you wake

Angels above you fly


They wait until the time is right

You feel their presence is strong

To live you will put up a fight

Your time is not up they are wrong




Not Done

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem isn't finished ..I got writers block.. I'll come back to it 

A sonnet for Shannon

a sonnet for Shannon 
You first captured my gaze.
Intriguing, curiosity what I would give?
What I was waiting for with one life to live?
A quick glance to one another, my soul wherein?
My heart follows my gaze herein,
A single second to relive?
Do my feelings misgive?
Your heart I want to win?
No! Break the gaze and question no more.
Free yourself and continue on.
I can't let my guard down again.
My heart I wish for you to restore.
Even though my gaze I have withdrawn.
My love for you will still remain.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

how I met Shannon and what I felt at the time. Confused, shy, curious, engrossed, but careful. She had an air of mystery to her when I first caught a glance of those grey eyes. I wanted to know more about her.

a princess





a real life 


doesn't usually

have need 

for castles or 

knights of 


armor. she 

carries a line

of bullshit 

that'll make 

your head spin

and sell your

own shoes 

to you without

you knowing

it so she

can give the

money to the 




"she bad".



5:07 AM 7/9/2013



inspired by desigre

Author's Notes/Comments: 

princesses...know how ya know 'em?....