Qui de la belle fleur ou de la rustre graine ?

Eclaira l'esprit d'un certain Darwin

Et comme un puissant coup que l'on assène 

Fit sortir le raisin de la vigne ?


Qui, de la méduse ou de l'hermine

Posséda en premier l'opsine

Découvrit les couleurs de l'arc en ciel

Et donna à la Terre son étincelle ?


Qui, de l'amibe ou des derniers hommes

Brûle la forêt, massacre l'oeuf encore chaud

Chasse l'hermine et inventa Dachau


Consume la planète, leur mère

Celle qui les a vu naître tendre

Et les verra disparaitre dans la cendre.

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What is the purpose of beauty without creatures to charm?

How can the moon awake passions without the black sky of the night?

Where would swallows be going without a winter making them fly?

Why are you afraid of the darkness if you experienced the light?


We are born in pain, because it is pain what proves us alive.

We must master the fall before we learn how to walk.

We can only accomplish success if we experienced the fail.

You are worried, I see, use this friend’s ear, let’s talk.


I hope you believe me, my friend, your worries will pass.

You will endure the pain, you will soon understand.

It can’t be always the same, it can’t be back as it was.

But your night will be over, making place to a brighter dawn.


The phoenix has risen from ashes infinite times.

The flood of punishment passed for resurgence of life.

Our ancestors strove struggles to bequeath us  some peace.

You can make the future brighter. Stand up! Do not abdicate!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Transformations can be painful, pain makes us grow, growth has a purpose. If you ever asked yourself: Why is this happening to me? Hopefully you'll get some relief understanding the metamorphosis of the caterpillars. I used a metaphoric title to describe in one word what all of us go through at some point of our lives.

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Tinsel Threads

Tinsel Threads

                 by Odin Roark


Twisted desires spin endlessly,

Neither destination or affixing important.

Like a mountain of miscreant spiders

Struck immobile by anomalous  gluttony

They neither advance or retreat.


Such is our species’ go-to mind set,

Where ravenous cravings blind

Eye and mind alike,

Making feel-good choice

But the reckless flinging of tinsel threads,

Foolishly trusting anchor will be found.


Such folly not even the meager spider would trust,

For it knows of direction,



And connecting,

Have always been necessary for survival.


One might do well to gaze upon the patient arachnid,

Where lessons learned many century’s past

Continue to serve both shelter and nourishment well,

Their web of security coexisting with nature,

Giving little attention to man’s covetous-spangled weaving,

Thriving on its eight-legged-three-hundred-million-year-old wisdom,

Knowing full well man’s tinsel thread pursuits,

Will but wait out the loss of its glitter,

Collapse and become

Tomorrow’s dust,

Taking up residence beside yesterday’s other vanished species.



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The Game of Struggle

Dusk's Rule

While falling into a dark hole,

Hands out--uncertain where's the floor,

Just waiting to land a roll,

Thoughts of after, being sore,


Pressure building, pressure crushing,

It threatens to crack and split,

All fibers of spirit and breath,

Sense of permanent rushing,

Losing the mind, losing wit,

It is either life or death,


Fight back, rise up, resolve, 

Either let the pressure break,

Not crack, but craft willpower,

Do not devolve, simply evolve, 

Don't give in, just take,

It shouldn't be the final hour. 


Challenge the fall, the descension, 

Reverse the course, set sail,

Drive to be upon acension, 

Death no longer strikes pale, 


The face that is cut to stone, 

Mending all the broken bone, 

The spirit, mind, will found strength, 

To strive beyond all length, 


The markers of limitations,

Of the possibilities,

Against all disabilities,

Building new foundations, 


Out of the intense pressure, 

Carved out of the rough,

A diamond none fresher, 

One that will resist all scuff,


Not by avoiding being cut,

But as one to abuse the rut,

And become something more,

--Always finding another door. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To meet resistance should be matched with equal resilience. 

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The Summons

Deja Vu means something "already seen",
And when it happens to us,
We experience an awareness of something
That calls us to become the observer,
However eerie at times it may be during these moments,
Or perhaps a feeling of wonder, with some element of mystery or suspense,
What is it?


Could it be that as we expand and contract,
Within the many different planes of consciousness,
We travel in and out of dimensions of the psyche,
To test the waters of our existence in ways that move the soul,
To greater knowledge and learning?
Or is it some soul inspiration that arises in an effort,
Churning the cosmic wheel to raise us higher
Than the sordid depths, where we wallow in an earthly existence,
Without the fires that fuel man's evolutionary aspirations?


Perhaps it is the soul in these moments that thrusts it's momentum onto us
After a feeble will of human self-pity imposes an attempt upon themselves,
In writhing suicidal escape, desperatly, a fettered fragment of itself in a different dimension?
And Deja Vu, a manipulation of time and space by hands unseen,

Belonging to the soul,
And spirit unacknowledged, that speaks to us
Through this awareness, this conundrum, Deja Vu...
   ...could it be, that what it is, is an offer to tear down the walls?

To remove the veils?


Deja Vu...

Deja Vu...

Deja Vu...



   ...an offered cosmic breakthrough?



12:18 AM 5/12/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what is deja vu to you?

Expanded thoughts on a variation of the same idea--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfdEdE96En0

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The Animal Called Man

The animal called man, reasons, aspires, climbs great heights,
He conjures up storms in his mind, his passions, his righteousness,
Makes blazing fires that steal the night, turns days into weeks,
Wraps them up tight, inventions sometimes bewitching his sight,
His creations can mold him, grow old with him, or control him,
And time, that exists not, his domination of all he's got,
Moments of pleasure wane with his age, as he forgets
The importance of what is still, and has always been within,
And what once was a dream of melodious, resounding rapture
Grows stagnant in the well of his heart's desire,
A hodgepodge of clutter,
As the beauty of his spirit turns from golden sparkle
To greyish hues that brandish him an outer view that begs him,
Enticing him to change what has rendered his world askew.
He arrives in a place of understanding,
And in the final hours the light shines through,
Too late, as he bids it all adeiu, his final words,
"I wish I knew".



10:30 AM 4/17/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Humanity and industry.

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That's Why I Pray

This world’s going to Hell
Cause parents won’t teach their children
The difference between right and wrong

When those towers fell
I didn’t see one person
Whose heart wasn’t movin’

How quickly we forget
The past and how it
Kicks us in the back today

This generation’s in a fit
Like a child who don’t get his way
Spoiled brats who’s gotten everything handed to them

Always looking, never full
People ain’t got no aspirations
Why be more if you’re just an animal

Work just ain’t for us
And we don’t want to know
How much some people want it
To give their families a home

This world’s gone crazy
They think You’re gone
Little do they know
That they’re dead wrong, God
They’re dead wrong
They do what they will
And hurt those who go or stay
So until this mess is cleaned in Your good time
That’s why I pray

Gunfights, city lights, murder on the streets
Bombs exploding, blood is flowing under another human’s feet
School’s teaching lies, ‘cause the people tell them to
Our babies losing lives to play the whims of the few

America the giant, now only giant sideways
The glory past, now coming fast, is the time to pay
Declarations of freedom to tax the people under us
Send our soldiers to a war, then bring them back, just because

This world’s gone crazy
They think You’re gone
Little do they know
That they’re dead wrong, God
They’re dead wrong
They do what they will
And hurt those who go or stay
So until this mess is cleaned in Your good time
That’s why I pray

That’s why I pray

So if you’re a God-fearing
America loving
Child rearing
Government shoving
Good ole’ boy
Or city guy
Join me and I’ll tell you why

This world’s gone crazy
They think You’re gone
Little do they know
That they’re dead wrong, God
They’re dead wrong
They do what they will
And hurt those who go or stay
So until this mess is cleaned in Your good time
That’s why I pray
That’s why I pray

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I see the forebodeing coast
This storm is one i've seen coming longer than most
It will be a shock
The plot will manifest and soon the clock may stop
But not for us
Just the thought is ridiculous
They are the few, We are the many
How many willing hearts?
I see many
But no matter how challenging or slippery the steep
No matter how cold or warm the water's inner most deep
We are no longer afraid and asleep
Awaken we have
The Lion finally refuseing the path
We can see that
We're it leads
Its so shocking its almost funny
Killing one another over un-backed money
This Control System must end
It will
It has a finite life
Real life never ends
It doesnt need to hide or lie in order to pretend
It simply lives, breathes, and plays with anything it sees
Regardless of the quiet vices that hold us in subtlety
We are unique, wild, beautiful and free
The time is right to take it back
Thats what sounds good to me
But before I close my eyes and wait
For the gorgeous mystery of my dreamscape;
Just know its never too late
To take the eggshell of fear and give it a break
Literally of course is the course
Typing and speaking until my skin coarse and voice hoarse
Imprisonment or freedom?
We have the power
The choice is yours

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The Yellow Monsters

If chickens brain activity rapidly increase by more than 50% there is a chance they'll take over the world. Partly because their number is ridiculously high, but also because they are evil little creatures in innocent costumes. Behind those yellow feathers masks lies a ruthless monster.


Nothing that sweet can be without a mission.


Of course argues can be made about their interest in running the world, since it's mostly contains hard work and dedication, which the little bird might lack. However you should never ignore the possibility nor the plausibility, how slight that may be. For when it comes to power and greed you would be surprised how much someone is willing to loose to seize it. And you have to remember, they do have a vendetta. Wouldn't you rise against the slaughters of you race?

Let's just hope for that evolution still proceeds to look at us as its favorite pet and grants us the privilege to stay ahead, till that day we accidentally blow ourselves up.

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